I’m Changing My Name – WAN Show May 5, 2023

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Andrew :)

Congrats to the happy couple!

[0:00] *Start*
[0:05] *Topics*
[1:22] *Intro*
[1:49] *Topic 1: Discord Usernames*
>2:08 Background
>5:00 This doesn’t make sense
>8:37 Counter argument
>10:51 How would you run it?
>13:24 Discord vs Slack/Teams
>15:51 Why is this happening?
[19:03] *Topic 2: OBS supports AV1 Streaming*
>19:58 Why this is important
>23:15 H264 vs AV1
>25:59 Floatplane AV1 and updates
[33:00] *LTT Store Update*
>33:29 New t-shirts
>34:42 Cyber Stats Mousepad
[36:55] *Merch Messages 1*
>37:00 Future of Handheld Gaming
>44:03 LTT’s Audiences
[53:14] *Topic 3: EA Woes*
>55:22 Ultra settings in games
>57:15 Dubious claims
[58:13] *Topic 4: Pixel Fold*
>1:00:24 Phone stats
>1:01:04 Foldable phone woes
>1:10:07 $1700
[1:17:12] Sponsors ft Hot Wheels Rift Rally, Zoho One, Squarespace, Thourm

>1:21:31 Proposal Pt 1

[1:25:10] *Merch Messages 2*
>1:25:13 Biggest crowd mishap
>1:28:00 Favorite South Park episode?
>1:29:02 Young vs old in tech
>1:31:46 Justice for Dan’s christmas album
[1:33:08] *Topic 5: Open Source AI*
>1:39:12 The problem with rumors
[1:44:20] *Topic 6: AMD 7040u*
>1:46:40 Chip specs
>1:47:56 Microsoft Hardware

>1:54:41 Proposal Pt 2

[1:58:25] *Topic 7: Biofire’s Smart Weapon*
>1:59:59 Luke’s gripes
>2:01:25 Linus’ smart weapon idea

[2:02:12] *WAN Show: After Dark*
>2:03:17 Private chef
>2:07:08 8 gigs of VRAM
>2:11:21 Computing Competition
>2:12:39 Bird Seed
>2:13:01 Liability
>2:15:28 Licensure in tech
>2:17:40 LTT products flops vs tops
>2:21:13 Future tech
>2:23:44 Parrot video calls
>2:25:21 WAN show format
>2:27:54 New channel ideas
>2:29:53 Big and tall LTT store
>2:30:31 Windows File Explorer
>2:32:10 Workplace communication

>2:35:25 Linus’ 10 points for good videos

>2:42:06 Sponsor disclosure
>2:43:12 Big business
>2:45:30 History of tech changes
>2:46:15 Speakers practicality
>2:47:26 Gaming now vs then
>2:50:40 HR software
>2:52:02 Custom screwdrivers
>2:52:46 Videogame soundtracks
>2:55:21 Roast of Linus
>2:55:55 Leadership skills
>2:57:19 Ultrawide monitors
>2:59:09 Windbreaker variations
>2:59:47 Folding phone woes
>3:00:02 Bigscreen Beyond
[3:01:34] *WAN Show: Rapid Fire!*
[3:04:26] *Outro*

    Chesty McUnderpants

    So, Linus smart weapon idea is basically Skippy from CP2077?


    My hero

    Like Bot

    @NoKi1119 Well thank you for your service so far 🙂 This bot appreciates it hue hue hue

    j Whi



12:00 Linus just describing what MS did with Teams


“But what if you get goo in your tubes?” – Luke Lafreniere 5/5/2023


Twitter: we are going to charge for user verification to stop spoof accounts.

Discord: we are gonna make it easier to share user names by removing random characters (trust us bro we are totally not introducing chargeable check marks we swear)



    I Like Pingu

    @Sir.Craze- musk > tencent


    @I Like Pingu some small fraction tencent > completely by musk
    And I’ll be honest, not by a heck of a lot.
    But I’m also somewhat confident tencent is BOTH a neferious sudo-wing of the CCP as well as a company trying to make good investments.
    It seems impractical for them to force a company like discord to do much by investing an uncontrolling amount in any company.


    discords probably gonna allow people to change the username as much as they please


    I’m just going to change my username to my old discriminator if I can’t get the original. peacefulprotest#5964


Lol, I used to be able to get through the WAN show when my wife took a nap.
Not so much anymore 😂

Zhikai Tang

1:52:10 Just as a correction the 11th gen surface studio is an update as the original was 7th gen intel and the Mac Pro has been updated with new gpus like the Radeon Pro W6900X

Michael Rogers

I am very surprised that there is not more content about the development of the lab

Michael Phillips

Tuesday/Wednesday is the best day to push new changes


One great thing about Discord that I’m really surprised that other platforms like teams just seem to not be able to incorporate is Screen Sharing at high Refresh rates.
Like Honestly if a community driven free service like Discord can let you share screen at 60FPS, why can’t a multi-billion dollar company like Microsoft make that possible for something like Teams.


I loved all the Brian The Electrician videos, he was awesome 👌


For Discord the number are great since then you can have any name you want, Blizzard uses something similar and it’s great not having to fight over names and have the one you want

This change is just for the sake of change and it’s really backwards

Luka Šauperl

Blizzard does numbers in the handle, which made me very happy because I could finally have a name that I wanted, without wasting time thinking of names that weren’t yet taken.


    This is exactly why companies like Bungie and blizzard use this system. So the names can be unique even if someone else has the same name. Going back on this is incredibly dumb


wow great show, I watched from start to finish. Ty for tech stuff.. btw intel has new processor line

Fire Falcon

Is it just me or has the wan show gotten quieter? Usually I only need 1 tick to listen on my ear buds, but now I need 4 or 5, same with my PC headphones. I know my hearing isnt degrading abnormally but I didnt know if it was just me.


    its not just you

Estrobeda Axios

Would be so easy for discord to just continue support for both username types

1: choose a username
2: [optional] choose a handle

Case #1 (no handle)
Auto generate a unique handle through the old system.

Case #2 (with specific handle)
Try to use said handle

Case #3 (already registered and want the new system)
Change handle within the account


    Yes that would be great, and with no handle you cant be searched, Since discord is a pretty private messaging application. Direct dms, calls, private groupchats. handles make it more of a social media but theres no account frontpage to ‘tweet’ ‘update’ ppl on.

    But those that choose to get an @ handle can be searched without needing the numbers


Linus as a Canadian Southpark character would be hilarious! I didn’t know that I need it until now!

my dog’s butler

is it my imagination or are Linus and Luke starting to look more and more like vikings as they age?


I loved the pizza warmer PC video, they should do another one, with two 450 watt gpus, they could probably actually warm the pizza now


The proposal was so wholesome

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