Squirrel Stapler

I'm finally back and so of course I decided to play a nice relaxing game where you staple squirrels to your formerly alive wife! Lovely! Made by the same guy that made Iron Lung.

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A year and a half from now: *markiplier presents: squirrel stapler*


    You say that as a joke, but I think if you did it right, a horror movie could be made on this premise that could actually be good.

    Laden Bark

    Lol I thought this was an old video until I saw the upload date😂😂😂


    I’d watch.

    Lesang Anthony Nkwe

    ​@demogordon buckle some more👟?


    Starring Amy


Not exactly the game I expected for his return, but it’s a very on-brand move for Mark

    Mark Stadix

    He is the king of squirrels after all

    Black Lockhart

    never expect anything


    Same, but it was a horror game nonetheless. He probably wanted to play it out of respect for the guy who made the movie

    Potato #200

    ​@Engaging He’s King of The Squirrels, it’s only natural he’d play a game about his subjects!

    Angie C

    I was expecting RE4 or maybe even Dredge, but I agree, this is very Mark of him.


Markiplier the King of the Squirrels, now uses his loyal subjects as a sacrifice for his beloved. How sweet.

    Sam Smith

    No you’re right! it’s from a way old vid but in that game you play a squirrel to play another card and I imagined his highness commanding the army of Olde or something haha


    Demonstrating his authority over his subjects.

    Dave Smith

    @Sam Smith I know how the game works I just forgot it


    Omg I hadn’t even thought about that! King of the Squirrels!

    I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶

    Mark vs link

    Squirrel king vs serpent king


That’s gotta be a really interesting idea for a game collection. The interactive and atmospheric setting instead of the simple and generic little interface looks really well done

Firestar EX

Those squirrels sure we’re stapled. Congrats on getting your squirrel stapling license, Mark.

    Fabio Pauli

    What are you doing here arent you busy being dead?


    @Fabio Pauliwell he’s gotta do something besides sit in starclan all day😂😂

Jani Palonen

As a hunter i can say that this is totally accurate depiction of us. We do be stapling squirrels to our loved ones.






    dont forget we also accidentally discharge our firearms into the ground when we arnt sure its loaded….

    Imperfect Pixel

    I don’t hunt, and I do that all the time


    @Imperfect Pixel Well I thought that everybody does!


Been waiting on this one for years. David’s been goated at small horror games for a long time.

Jean Stephens

mark: *gets hurt by weird circle*
mark: *goes back in*
also mark: i’m not a masochist guys

    John the Phenomenon

    Stop bullying him 💀he likes to be bullied and see how much he can handle 💀




    it’s a game character…


    ,I’ve oo. oo o. oo,o, o. oo Km t😢t😢

    Gio’s Technology (Giovanny V. Rico S. G.)

    13:45 is that a squirrel ghost???! XD
    14:10 oh good sirenhead is going be part of this xD
    15:56 uuuh that’s a bad circle…. why?! Oh why though?!?!?! but why?!


Games that start off so quietly and slowly progress into madness are some of the best games, I swear. They just lure you into a false sense of security, making jumpscares 10x better, no matter how cheesy it might be


with these kinds of games it’s not the actual jumpscare that does it, it’s the dread, that feeling that you know one’s gonna happen soon


“And so I will cover her….in the…..squirrels of the wood” hahahahahaha those pauses made me laugh so hard


    thank you for joining markipliers channel subscription

Nick Coffey

Love that Mark has 2 4090s and plays games like this. What a gem of a human being.

    krishna s

    game uses only 1 since other one is for streaming


I gave my wife the squarcass treatment and she absolutely LOVED it! The rejuvenating oils of a squirrel’s pelt did wonders for her skin! It’s incredible the kind of nutrients a squirrel’s antenna can absorb while rummaging around in the dirt. Plus all the urine haha! It did cost an arm and a leg, but luckily the squirrel’s regenerative abilities have us covered!


    ​@DFox no it isn’t

    King Cole

    @DissonantSynth source?

    top hat

    @DissonantSynth clearly you know nothing.

    Legendary Destroyer

    ​@top hat I agree I know the Medical treatment too he Doesn’t know about it that’s why

Scaredy Bat

The GOD IS HERE jumpscare at the end got me so bad I cringed and ended up cramping my sides for a minute or two. This was awesome to watch and creepy as hell. The build up was making me paranoid and it still got me.

Alex Weldon

“Your squirrel call is freaking out my chinchilla.” has been added to the list of things I didn’t expect to say today.

Taco Miester

Iv never seen somebody so brazenly stare down a weeping angel and immediately turn their back to it without a second thought


    What that ol thing nah its docile as a puppy

    Allinory Dfg

    Same 😭


    Omfg ik right, even the doctor wouldn’t turn his back




    I too agree with this, at first I thought he didn’t know what it was but I remember him playing a game with them. And so.. Welcome Back To Another Episode of, MARK BEING FUNNY


I like how Mark spent twice the usual time to play this game but somehow managed to miss the entire story about the witch


I used to be a fan, but after watching this masterpiece, now I’m a whole air-conditioner…

    Bertram Venatich

    What tf is hecker doing here? 😂btw whens your new vid
    Out ? I’m waiting ..




    Great f noZz

    Ali khalil

    We are happy to know 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀


    Yh true same

Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

“My wife needs stapled squirrels” is the best line out of context I’ve ever heard.

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