The Future is Here and it’s FASTER

AnkerMake M5 just got even faster with its 500mm/s Fast Mode! This lightning-fast feature can cut your printing time by up to 80%.
The rabbit you saw in the video you can now print it in just 1 hour and 20 minutes in Fast Mode – that's 30% faster than the normal mode!

Get 15% off until May 7th.
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Tyler Piercy

The Timelapse is key for diagnosing failures lmao


    it would nice to actually use the printers camera for the timelapse, instead of a super expensive camera full of bells and whistles.

Ryley Ronnow

my favorite part of unbox therapy is when he skips the unboxing part

    Josh Cochrane



    “you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”


    @Filip Giskeødegård more like just “un”

    Eli Wolkenstein

    About to say this

    Iyke Hova

    Not Unboxing Therapy 😂

dylan shields

In my uni course, we have access to 3d printing for our projects. But the last thing I printed for fun was a model of the dark saber I was working on. Full scale. It came out really good

    Merlijns Wondere Wereld

    Sounds like you’re using a belt printer (creality cr-30?). It’s so great that you can basically print anything you want with 3d printers


Can you scan things with the printer to print them? Pretty cool tech 😊

    Geoffrey Ward

    3d scanning isn’t really there yet, unfortunately


    @Geoffrey Ward camera based 3d scanning is pretty good nowadays if you are not going for ultra high accuracy. There is always laser scanning for rest of it

Vivian Rivera

would have loved if you guys showed the setup and tuning. Thats the biggest part of the unboxing for FDM printers


    lol who needs that when you can get a plastic peal from the screen /s

    Corey Suffield

    definitely missed out on running the auto-level routine, to showcase the level of tuning automation, and would have looked good on video instead of the printer just sitting there idle


    Tbh i don’t think there’s any setup and tuning. It’s got auto bed-leveling, most likely default temperatures for different types of fillaments and those prints on the app are propably also default.
    This seems like a build and press play machine. Not like an Ender 3 or other printers where you need to actually know how the printer works.

    Corey Suffield

    @Rasmus yes, auto bed-leveling is where it would use the z-probe to take measurements over the whole bed, at least the printer would look like it is doing something


I sat in front of my first 3D printer for 2 days being amazed. It is amazing what we can do with these things.

Julia Cora

3D printing can make things so organized. It’s crazy if you own one you can do it yourself.


This is awesome!
I have a few 3DP’s in my home but this one looks super sleek and very well thought out.
Heat sinks, color screen, mobile app.

I wonder if you can allow another person to print remotely from your printer.
This would be a very neat way to share a 3DP with a friend whom is many from another state etc.

Just the idea of this being possible has me excited!

    Geoffrey Ward

    You can, you can share the printer to other people via the app


    @Geoffrey Ward WHOA THATS AWESOME!

    Kiki Chen

    Thank you for your kind words and excitement! That is a great idea and we’ll be sure to pass it along to our team. Let us know if you have any ideas or thoughts. – Kiki Chen from the AnkerMake Team.


Any printer with Octoprint can achieve more than pretty much any built in software – for that price I’d rather go with a better printer that doesn’t come with as many features out of the box (Bambu P1P, Prusa Mk3S)

Looks like a good printer, but badly priced. Also not sure what’s the part situations if it breaks, being able to just go grab what you need from a store when you need it is great.

Urban Noize Music

The clipping of the bunny, the rattling of its parts, while jazz music plays can put anyone to sleep lol. That was relaxing. Just need a whole new channel for that lol


I remember 3D printing for a class back in the day, nearly 20 years ago. It was like an oven, and it had to run overnight.


The end was actually relaxing like Lew had hoped

rushil jalnawala

3D printing going more and more mainstream awesome!!

emiliano rucaj

Isn’t it amazing when you create things! Not with just a 3D printer but in general 🤩

Joaquim Gonsalves

Glad to see it’s finally out. Anker is a promoting manufacturer. Excited to see how this one pans out. Seeing how far things have come since 2014, in the 3DP space is really cool.


Man, it’s nice to see you back! Hope to see you and Willy back on Lew Later. Hope you’re all doing well.

Rome Royce

My favorite part of this episode is the THERAPY treatment. So peaceful indeed.

Jason Vergara

As a me mechanism I imagine this would be super useful to me if they could make the files available to print the plastic parts for doors and other uniquely styled clips and parts that break all the time


As someone who has a part time business 3D printing things this is amazing to see on your channel

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