The Most *EXPENSIVE* Fortnite skin is…? 💰

The Most *EXPENSIVE* Fortnite skin is…? 💰
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T K skattyboi02.5

Mad ting 😮😮😂😂


Bro I got neo versa from when I got my ps4 and it is not on the list

Alfie Sharples

Wow these are expensive


I got the eon skin from my aunt and I still play



    SUNSET on YT

    Yooooooo wasssupppp



Ike Bye

Bro I wish I could even dream of having any of those skins lol 😆

    Amed Azad

    I got galaxy


Me checking my locker then me realizing i have alll of theese and i need to get a refund


Double helix sells for 2000 dollars now


I didn’t know my skins are worth THAT much.

    lol phenom

    It the devices u need to get them like with the galaxy skin u need to buy a phone


The fact I have 2 of these skins

Mike Dub

missed out on WILDCAT i have – eon – glow – royal bomber – stealth reflex and the galaxy


I hope they make a free special skin for the switch again

    Alfie Eidsforth

    Yeah I used to play on switch but I got hacked with the skin and couldn’t recover it


    I dont even got the skin at all, how do I get it

NLB Ravener

R.I.P Wildcat…


I didnt even know royale bomber was expensive ill have to actually start using it then

Anonymous Anthropos

A couple days ago i was killed in fortnite by the galaxy skin😂😮


In my country the galaxy skin would cost me 18k


Wild cat left the chat…….

SLBxLegend Gamer

They were all 1 cent off 💀


I bought my Xbox series s and it came with the glided hunter skin so that is also worth 300 usd

RJ Studios

I have 10 & 9

Did you know the Dark Vertex could be bought 2 ways? I got a controller that had the skin with it. It was around $50 but it didn’t come with the pickaxe or glider

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