This Folding Bike Lock is Secure and Compact #shorts

This has to be one of the most compact bike locks we have seen. #Cycling #CyclingGear #Tech

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Heather McGuire

What does a Security level 10 bike lock looks like ?


    I have the Abus BORDO GRANIT XPLUS 6500. It’s way bigger and sturdier than the one in this short. ABUS rates it at 15/15.
    But the security levels are set and rated by the manufacturer.

    The folding lock’s have their weakness in the nuts, and can be broken with a simple tool. But they are way simpler to attach to something that isn’t right next to the frame and the object doesn’t have to be that thin. Mine is the 110cm long version, so quite big and heavy to carry, but can be attached to almost anything.


Lockpicking Lawyer is the only review I trust.


    Get out of my head lol. I was just thinking that.

    Matthew Datcher

    @reezdog Me too.

    Jonathan Ball

    Came here to see how many ppl have acknowledged this hehe

    Derek Euchner

    If the video makes 5 minutes…I might buy.

j r

Now to wait for the LPL to open this twice in a minute, it’s not a fluke

    Timothy O’Donnell

    I came here to say the same thing, but you beat me to it. Thanks to the LPL, I assume all locks are trash unless proved otherwise.


All the rivets are weak points with a rigid frame easily leveraged with a stick to break the whole thing.




Level 7 difficulty. Yeah lemme just break a joint like a big stick.

The Gadget Guru

I feel like they should include all types of screws for bikes for 70 smackers🤦‍♂️

Aefzhe Valai

My main problem is that those flat surfaces look quite easy to saw off


CNET discovers folding bike locks

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