Unboxing the Flagship killer OnePlus Pad!

The OnePlus Pad was recently announced, but is it better than the iPad? Could OnePlus be the brand to rival the largest, most popular tablet… Check out our full review of the OnePlus Pad here:

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Andrew Agustin

So much for No compromises

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

I need to find work. Hiring?

Dalek Cat

Seems decent if you want a large tablet with stuff your phone likely can do.

That’s 1 area I as an android fan give Apple credit for. They have the best artsy possibilities for a tablet.

Can’t see many people giving many Fs for a tablet with actually functional cameras and good charging

    Amal Joe

    Android tabs are closing the gap. Most new tabs support stylus. There are dedicated software features for tablets like a taskbar, different UI for notification shade and recent apps, ability to use tab as a second screen for windows PC etc. And apps like Lumia Fusion are now also available in Android devices. Also all of the google applications have different UI in tablets compared to phones.

Mohd Danial Akmal

Does it have the a13 taskbar tho? Like almost all that i watch on yt doesnt mention this.



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