Best Tech Desk Setup For Under $500!

Time to finish building out our new Tech House! So let's start with an affordable desk setup!
Check out the new LG Gram and LG Ultra PC here:
LG Ultra PC 16 –

LG gram 14 –

Find everything below or embedded in the video –
IOTXY Simple Wooden Writing Desk –
DAWNTREES Non-Slip Felt Desk Pad –
LG 27MP450 Monitor –

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aman dhindsa

Was waiting for this. Thank you! Great video as always!

Greg G

Hey there Jud, can we get a solid and affordable monitor recommendation to go with a max mini?

Jesse Bruffett

Where did you find the desktop background?

Monte Dred

Props on the new set up! Wishing you more success!

    Sai Pulivarthi

    This video is a giant advertisement lol

Chicken Fried Corgi

definitely could go with a monitor stand or a fairly cheap vesa mount so the laptop screen won’t be blocking 1/3 of the monitor lol.


    Just put ur dictionary below as a stand

    Till Nachtigall

    16$ Vesa wall mount would be an amazing upgrade

Tommy Dawson

These are my favorite videos, love the affordable stuff.


I was looking for a nice cheap desk for my daughter setup and the one you got looks like a winner.






Does the felt desk mat block the laptop air vents?


What about the desk itself. Can you provide a link to that desk?

enrique gm

Love the Saturdays of UAC!!

Mr. Guillotine

We have very different definitions of “affordable” lol. About the only thing in your setup that I’d consider for my setup would be the speakers, but even then, I’d get the v2 off of amazon for like 20 bucks.


I would split the room down the middle. One side being budget, the other side being budgetless. Best of both worlds, less hassle trying to restructure the whole room for filming. More of a showroom vibe really

Nashir Mohammed

we need the cheap PC option video…make it happen for the avg consumer!

Lightning Gamer

I love setups like these, with more a focus on function and practicality while being mindful of the price. I like the fancy setups but honestly a budget setup has gotten me through most of my life so it’s just something great to see a market for still.


I have the M650L and damn that’s an underrated mouse. People often cover the MX Masters series but, M650L is incredibly ergo. And the scroll wheel is so satisfying and horizontal scroll setup is so dope…
I have the Masters 2s but I usually gravitate towards 650 due to its low weight.


Those pebble speakers are surprisingly good.

Manoj Raut

Lovely set up

La’Darius Curry

What store were you shopping at? Looks amazing

G Four Gadget

Now that’s a CLEAN setup for an amazing laptop. Setups nowadays have became so over the top, and it’s nice to see a simple yet functional one, with a decent budget.

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