Bramble: The Mountain King – FULL GAME

Here is the entirety of Bramble The Mountain king for you
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Shaheli Nag

Three hours long gameplay on a Saturday night!? Sean really loves us


    Was there any doubt?

    kynan collins

    we love him too



    luxurious lia u_u



    Correction. A Saturday morn


As a nordic person, I always get so happy when our folktales and cultures get appreciated!


    @Funky boi Agreed! 😀

    Sho Ken

    you said you were offended ,now you say it’s satire after people corrected you on you over reacting and misquoting what jack said ,you missed where 11 minutes he he started complementing the game and it’s culture. But yeah your offended,or a lier especially from the fact that multiple swedish and Nordic comments told you jack wasn’t being serious.if your gonna back peddle just find your earlier comment and delete it ,other wise when people read your comments they’re still gonna come after you.


    @MajaPP Okay thank you for the clarification, so yeah my original comment about him calling Hansel and Gretel “Nordic” being incorrect still stands.


    ​@SacredGamer420 Oh please dont take it so personal😂😂 And out folklore is a bit weird, lets not ignore that🤔 And imo that’s just the charm of it🇸🇪


    ​@MajaPP It’s not unusual to make that mistake. I dont know every country in America, asia or africa. We can’t expect people to know everything, especially if we are bitter about teaching them about our cultures, which i see alot of younger generations are these days for some reason🐢


I’m seriously crying to your reaction of me singing ”Den Blomstertid nu kommer” while meeting the hedgehog by the pond. It’s been an honor to be a part of this game❤️🦔 Love, BJOERN


    Ah! I generally dislike that song cus I have sung it every year in school (I’m Swedish!) but this was really beautiful (and slightly chilling cus it’s in the game!) thank you!


    hit me like a train too, beautiful singing

    Sascha Strange

    It was beautiful ❤ didn’t realize why it sounded so familiar to me until I remembered that we have a danish version of this song as well. We sang it in my childhood and didnt realize it wasn’t originally danish. Lots of love from Denmark ❤🇩🇰


    Same! 🥹

    Harlequin Herveaux

    Wow! Your voice is so beautiful. 💜 ‘Den blomstertid nu kommer’ brings back so many memories from the last day of school before the summer break.


as someone who worked on the game, a huge thanks for playing it and I’m glad you liked it!

    All Honesty

    I enjoyed this more than I’ve enjoyed most feature films. Well done!


    i love you man

    Kasidis Phuthanasaengthong

    I mean, not to ruin anything bro, but are you real?


    @Kasidis Phuthanasaengthong just to put it on the record incase anyone else was wondering yes i am indeed i worked at Dimfrost for a year im in the credits under interns, Niclas sjöquist 🙂

    Nori Vixen

    How long did this take to make because it’s AMAZING


lmaooo at 55:52, right when the troll is about to literally eat the child, an ad abruptly cut in with super jolly music that just said “this one is for the mom’s!” 😆
truly a great shoutout to all the moms, just a troll eating an innocent child.

    Royal is here!

    I got one about McDonald’s fries 😅

Heather Barrett

I love how light and cheery this game started off but then how quickly it becomes dark and gruesome. So fascinating to watch as the story progresses.

Pastel princess

Sean worrying about the gnomes as if they were his own kids then the gnomes getting killed made my jaw drop ngl the beartraps probably wouldn’t even toutched the gnomes they are so tiny but I wanna cry cause the sweet things got killed anyways


    Oh no, the traps get the gnomes. Learned the hard way.

Rebecca Wildman

I am awestruck by this game and the folklore! The imagery and music are so powerful and gave me chills, both good and bad. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and I’ve gained a deep appreciation for Nordic culture too. As always your commentary is a treat. Thanks for sharing this, Sean!

Michael Cochran

“He will buff out in the wash” Literally made me burst out in laughter. I love the sense of humor in these videos.

Joleen Gonzales

The gnomes avoiding the bear traps and then getting crushed like 4 seconds later made my heart drop 😭


    a part of me died that moment

Michael D

I love how physically aggressive he got when he saw the little gnome.


Hey Jack! Those orange berries you see 20 minutes in are Swedish Hjortron, cloudberries or knotberries in English. We call those berries ‘the gold of the forest’ and they’re super jummy 🙂


Jack is the first person I’ve seen to actively avoid those beartraps with the gnomes following him. Other people don’t even really try, they just keep watching and watch as the poor things die 😭

Aizik Vara

50:37 when jack threw the gnomes into the cesspool and didn’t realize then the achievement popped up with “bait” I laughed so hard


Anyone else laughing hysterically at Olle just absolutely obliterating the pinecone leader at 48:50


    the poor little one that just faints 💀


    Pine cult pine cult!

    Rep Rep

    Where did the crown go 😂🤦‍♂️😬

Jeremy Wright

At first I didn’t realize the piñata was an edit. I was so fucking confused at why he was so scared and Jack was saying “No, not again.” Like…Damn piñatas, they’re always after me.

    Cyber Runner

    Same lmao I thought I was the only one ahdjs I was so confused


    @Cyber Runner – I just posted a top-level comment suggesting he might like to consider using less ambiguous ways of showing censorship. Feel free to like/comment on it! 😀


    I was really confused at first. I really thought it was part of the game but I was like, why would they insert a piñata though lol it’s so random


    I thought the explosion was real 😂


    Well I had no idea either, was wondering why there was a piñata in this game, and the gnomes. Makes sense now.


Jack saying “Don’t go into the bear traps” to the gnomes emits the same energy of a parent saying don’t to their child attempting to commit something minister


The absolute chills I got when Den Blomerstid nu kommer began the first time. The Finnish rendition of the song (Suvivirsi) has played such a huge role in my childhood from being sung in everywhere from schools to funerals. I love feeling this connection to other Nordic cultures and people via stuff like this


I absolutely love that they played In the Hall of the Mountain King for the final boss battle, it’s such a banging song

T. Law

I’ll be honest the Piñata threw me for a loop for a second 😂

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