I Took My PC to Geek Squad for a “Tune-Up”

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In many areas, GeekSquad is the only recognizable name in the PC Repair game. Is getting your computer tuned up at your local BestBuy actually worth the money?

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:44 The Drop-Off
2:12 What's in a Tune-up?
3:40 Ain't got no RGB
5:46 Don't do this
7:21 Taking out the Trash
8:17 Clicking Next
8:41 Was it Worth it?
11:08 Outro




Is the color grading in this video on purpose?

    Tomasz Korytkowski

    @Linus Tech Tips That’s at least… weird… I guess you tried to achieve something like HDR, but… isn’t this like youtube’s responsibility to provide right video type? Is this a regular video edited to look like HDR? It doesnt look good on a regular HDR uncapable screen, even on me phone’s OLED


    @Linus Tech Tips If people need to ask, you probably did it wrong.


    Looks fine too me. Your PC needs a tune up.

    Tomasz Korytkowski

    @Pyroteknikid Surely, It was and is fine in all the other videos, this one is not. My pc is an issue, my phone and tv as well.


    @Linus Tech Tips I love the color grading on this, it finally looks like I am watching a video and not a video with a filter on it

NC Hawks Fan

As a former Geek Squad employee, it just like any chain…. The results you get are dependent on the quality of employees at that store.


    @Travis Poulin – truthfully, I don’t consider any Windows PC “better” than a Mac. And you’re behaving like a Microsoft screaming fanboy just proves the point that Windows users are far more obnoxious than Mac users, and with far less reason to be!

    If you want to think it’s spite, after putting up with that bully, Steve Ballmer, for so many years, well, that’s your damage. I finally had the money to get a Mac so I got one.


    as an actual viewer of this video.. this is exactly what they said


    Yep same. Really depends how much that person cares.


    Used to be geek squad, certainly it varied based on who was working on your computer. If the computer was actually broken we did a pretty consistent job fixing it. As for the optimization service that you got, it’s very much automated and could vary wildly for how impactful it was. My manager told us not to sell that by itself because it really wasn’t a cure for much. You’d have people bringing in 10+ year old systems and wanting miracles for $30, and we’d typically recommend they buy a new PC instead and have us transfer their files. But some customers wanted the cheap “fix” and hey it’s their money. Idk what you realistically expect for the PC you brought in

Rathesh Sabapathipillai

ICUE could have been for a keyboard or mouse that was perhaps not plugged it. I think its fair they didn’t mention it.


    Yeah, it would cost then more to remove that and leave their customers’ peripherals unusable


    ​@Skylar seems entirely reasonable to me.


    Could you not just go to the startup options in control panel and uncheck ique or…?


    @omgBeckeh no. we get too many people who would come back to us and say “you broke our computer!!!”

    we deal with clients who don’t know much about computers and prefer to leave the applications they use untouched. any slight modification and they straight accuse us of breaking their computer when nothing is broken.

    Jamie Rees

    100% agree


I want Linus to go into a Best buy and seek help from the geek squad and I want to see their reactions


    “Sorry Linus, my supervisor won’t permit us to allow you to expose Best Buy to lawsuits.”


    “I know more than you”


    @Alasdair You will never master my level of stupidity…but don’t blame yourself: I haven’t been practicing very long.


As an ex Best Buy employee, I can say that Geek Squad does have passionate computer nerds, and they were the ones who always delivered the best experiences to customers. There were also the fair share of “normies” who didn’t know anything about technology at all who were hired on as well, and although you go through multiple online trainings (that a lot of people just skipped through and texted on their phone for most of it) doesn’t really teach them anything or give them the motivation/passion/knowledge to do a good job. Again, this was just at the store I worked at, and all the comments saying “It really depends on the store” is super true. I will also say, at my store there wasn’t really much of “following the script” outside of trying to sell Total Techs, protection plans, etc. I mostly had free reign on what I was allowed to say, recommend, etc.

Also, the ICUE thing Linus mentioned is kinda unfair. If they were to delete it or disable it on startup, and the customer has a Corsair keyboard/mouse/headset/etc, then their settings are messed up and their hardware will be wacky. But also informing the customer that, “Hey, Corsair products use ICUE and ICUE slows down your PC.” is a quick way to make a customer not want to buy Corsair products anymore which is not a great thing to do at a Tech store. Which is kind of unfair to Corsair since ICUE doesn’t have a noticable impact unless you’re on a lower end device.
The best thing to do, would be to ask if they have any Corsair peripherals and then if they don’t tell them that, “I’d recommend deleting the ICUE software as it’s unnecessary if you don’t have any Corsair products.”
Still something a little over the top to test Geek Squad for when there are so many factors and complexities, especially if it is a mother or grandmother bringing in a PC for their kids who don’t really know much about their kid’s setups.

    felix jochems

    Almost completely agree. It’s also about what the customer is expecting. 26 to 20 second startup time sounds like a huge improvement, but doesn’t feel like one. Managing customer expectations is one of the most important things imo. ICUE really is bloated garbage though even on high end machines, the daemon it runs on the background takes way too many resources. I usually setup my keymapping/scripts and then move them to onboard memory and disable iCUE again.


    @GTXMedia  Yeah that’s understandable. My Best Buy had consultations if the customer wanted them. Sadly, most of the time, at my store, it seemed like most customers just wanted to drop it off immediately and be back later. There were a couple of really cool guys back there. Almost always got good rep from customers.


    I am astounded ppl actually pay this amount of money for something a very young person could do blind folded

    felix jochems

    @burrfoottopknot It’s also about comfort,trust and responsibilities. Yeah most kids could probably do some of this, but what if they brick your windows install? Or even worse delete personal data.


    @felix jochems ty for the reply, yes I agree about those points you make. Just the price for services rendered seem frankly very expensive.


At least it looks like they can handle basic software maintenance 101 that most people that are the tiniest bit tech savvy could do themselves. Now I’m curious to see a follow up video where they’re tested on handling a real problem like a hardware failure, borked OS, etc. That’ll be a true test of their capabilities.

    Joshua Powell

    @UnjustifiedRecs If you work a job where you interact with the public daily, you start to wonder how some people are able to tie their shoes on their own, let alone expect that they know how to use basic computer functions

Yaco Taco

I like how you can see his eyes reading the sponsor segue while trying to hold in the pain

Sleepy Dragon Zarinthal

Considering I backup my files and reinstall everything from scratch every 6 months, I am the geek squad for my family. Thankfully, my service includes documenting everything I do and emailing it to said family member, along with links to videos and software, so if I’m ever unavailable or they just decide to do it for themselves, they have all the tools. Maybe I should do it as a side hustle, would be pretty fun anyway.


    I hate being the family geek squid. I keep a clone around just so I don’t have to bother. Re-download all the malware you want. I’ll see you in six months anyway bitching about something I couldn’t have possibly done.


I just imagine Linus walking into a Geek Squad and the employers be like: “wtf are YOU doing here?”


I worked for Geek Squad from 2005 to 2012, starting out in the store and then moving on to in-home work. I left for a lot of reasons, but suffice to say, Geek Squad became a mere shadow of its former self.


    It’s really sad. The culture has almost died entirely. Although the mobo of shame and the badge ceremony are really the only highlights in recent years. Often, people won’t do push-ups for “losing” their badge and no more space badges, sadly.


As a PSA: Geek Squads are extremely different, depending on where you go. I worked for one while obtaining computer sci degree and my boss was a tenured employee who had multiple network security certifications. We, naturally, were excited to see “weird” cases and dug into them. Some malware, we even (yes, illegally), took home and reverse-engineered. He got me into security, where I am today. We did everything we would do for our own computers, to the clients, and they loved us. We took more time with people than we were “supposed to” because we genuinely loved explaining computer stuff to laymens.

Fast forward a bit, my wife wanted to go from being a teacher to web development. I told her to build a base in computer support and she started in Geek Squad. That place was absolutely moronic. Their GSM was fired and a new one hired, twice. They had someone that they couldn’t fire for “legal reasons” and he did nothing. I spoke with the agents, while dropping her off, and found that none of them knew anything about computers. It was a complete 180 from where I started.

So, yeah, Geek Squad is great… If you get the right one. Sometimes you can have far over-qualified agents like I had on my team; sometimes you can have random kids on the street that don’t want to be there and do a very sub-par job.


    As someone who knows about computers a decent amount without any formal training, I actually wouldn’t mind working in a Geek Squad setting. As a person who hates humanity, I could never actually work for Geek Squad without a boss that knew at least as much about computers as I did, because holy hell it would grate on my soul to “follow a script” when I already knew the exact thing to do. I followed scripts selling computers at Dell and I couldn’t do it for long.


    I had the worst one when I was in high school. Reformatted the drive and backed up a bunch of useless files onto a CD-R. If I wanted to reformat the drive, I could have backed up all the stuff I actually cared about (game saves, music and homework) and reformatted it myself.

    Cost: 200 bucks. I never once thought about using them again.


    I would assume at the very least I won’t find a stack of questionable substance in my computer. Retail, the last bastion of trolling the public face to face. Malkovich Malkovich!


    @Eddapults Tab The job is temp until GPT matures beyond giving customers ways to kill themselves with a wall brick.


    @BroxigarZ The wording sounded more like they extracted the malware at work, then took its code home for detailed analysis.

Coalition Gaming

I worked in my local Geek Squad from 2008-2013 and we originally had really good technicians, bu this time period saw a pretty bad decline in Geek Squad department functionality and quality hires and eventually the changes pulled me off of actual repairs and turned me into a glorified customer service agent that didn’t touch the computers after they were initially checked in. The management style change during this time is what eventually caused me to leave as things got way more pushy in terms of offering services or products, making me more of a sales rep than a tech. This pushed me away but at least opened the door for me to get into my current IT career (and YouTube tech channel efforts). Geek Squad CAN definitely be decent, but really depends on the quality of the techs that any store in any area hires. Just like the quality of service can vary from location to location in any other business. It’s just unfortunate now that the way they want agents to push stuff makes it rather off-putting. I’m not sure they still offer ADRs (Advanced Diagnostic and Repair) but the 1 year ADR for $200 that would let a user bring in up to 3 different devices for unlimited repairs during that 1 year timeframe…that wasn’t a bad deal at all if you think about it.


    Yeah the push for everyone to be a salesperson is a big put-off for Best Buy and other stores, at least for me. I constantly would have people go “oh well you’re a tech person so you should work at Best Buy” but it seems like so often the incentive is not really to help the customer, but to sell product above all else. Wish it was easier to figure out how a particular store is run.


    It is basically the same thing, $200 lets you bring in as many PC’s as you own, or anyone in your household owns for “data transfers, tune up, clean up, running diagnostics, software install, upgrades”

Kai Anderson

when I worked geek squad, we definitely took some liberties when it came to fixing computers aka, we didn’t always stick to the “approved” list of programs. The tech lead would often turn a blind eye cause he knew we knew what we were doing and would often have it back to the customer working much better than what they walked in with. It’s all about who you get as a tech cause it’s a mixed bag.


Sounds better than the repair I got for my computer back in the day, where they just reinstalled Windows, something I could have done even back then. (Though they did at least give me a few extra programs.)

Ben Nezerol

In regards to Temp files – Windows has a habit of releasing update files based on time passed. It’s entirely possible GeekSquad overlooked Windows Cleanup and the system files, but it also might be on MS.


As a geek squad agent, this was hilarious.

Thanks, Linus. <3

Sethander Wald

In regards to the Corsair software not being removed, I think that’s actually a good call. Sure, the case might not have rgb. But what about peripherals?


    Exactly that was my thought as well. I have no RGB in my case but I have icue installed because I have a K95 Platinum Keyboard


    But as Linus said they could’ve at least mentioned about it. But simply deleting it without asking is a huge no-no.

    Joshua Powell

    This was my thought too. Usually that program is only going to be installed if something using the software is used (peripherals, hardware, etc.) If someone is using Geek Squad, I wouldn’t expect that telling them about it would be useful


iCue also works for Corsair’s peripherals (headsets, etc). I wouldn’t have removed it either just in case the customer had one of those.

Storer Boat Plans

Time for the Linus one hour tuneup video! Or do you have one already?

What software, what options are safe and sensible.

Jack Miller

I think the whole community would appreciate a “system clean up” tutorial from LTT


    I wonder if it would be: “Check the Task Manager for your startup programs, then run the Windows cleanup utility.” And maybe an antivirus scan.

    Steve Schweitzer



    … the correct way is to backup anything important, and reinstall the OS

    Tyler Webb

    I wouldn’t take much advice from this channel, it’ll be pretty vague and only temporarily useful.

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