These gaming mice keep getting WEIRDER…

We picked out five different gaming mice from the past few years for Plouffe to get his first opinions on- and they keep getting weirder and weirder (and more expensive!)

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The weirdest part about these mice were the prices.

    mxxxsu0hana .

    heyy~ funny comment, made me smirk but tbf prices are not only consisting of material costs~~ :³ yk wym and I won’t bother discussing over this. Liebe Grüße

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    @Dill he did do the “:3”, so pretty sure it’s exactly what you think it is.


Good reminder you dont always get what you pay for…


Interesting to see a different POV, because the Starlight and M1K have a decent reputation in the mouse community (more specifically the M2K because that model has a scroll wheel).


    @Alex Mahon Yeah, we found what I’d call a pelican – a person who blindly swallowed and follows marketing department’s ads just cause he can, not because it’s a proper approach.

    Anas Sn

    @Alex Mahon NOPE, its been years that pro players are not needed to use mouse from a brand that sponsors them, most pros use brand like zowie just because thats what they’re used to.

    Anas Sn

    @Horizon yea there is a lot of that those pro that is an enthusiast as well, especially in valorant (not so much in csgo)

    Sajid Karim Aninda

    @Paul win You know what brand makes peripherals for that said “professional” target audience you mentioned, and still makes mice better than whatever trash products finalmouse puts out? Logitech. G Pro and G Pro X stomp pretty much all of the competition including the finalmouse lineup, other than a few offerings from brands like Pulsar or Razer which are neck and neck with them.

Mr. Moʀɖɛռ

I had a mouse with a velvet outside and fan inside to cool your hand through holes in the palm.

Frog with Sunglasses

“Pointer Instrument” tells you everything you need to know about that _pointer instrument_


    And the fact the concept is leather and gold

Zach Larsen

I may have spent a ton of money on mice I’ll never use, but the tail lights light up. All worth it


A carbon fiber case handmade (presumably in Germany). That’s how it is 300 bucks

    Ace “Stella” Kuznetsov

    At least the M2 has a scroll wheel


    Germany is correct! Zaunkoenig is a company in Germany that handmakes their mice and are limited production. The mouse itself also has some astonishing tech in it despite its appearance, which is another reason for the price.


    @Horizon “astonishing tech” Yeah, calm down, they put a sensor in a carbon fiber case.

    It does exactly what it’s supposed to do : Being the lightest possible mouse.

    The price comes from the materials and production model. There’s nothing ground breaking about it.

    Thunder Arch

    ​@기린 yeah, like finalmouse putting a 30 bucks mouse in a magnesium chassis and selling it for 200 bucks, lol


pro tip: if you want a really good deal on a good mouse, Amazon sells barely used products at huge discounts
I got a deathadder v3 wireless for $70, which is under half price, and the package was in basically new condition and nothing had even been used before getting put back in

    Devwardhan Kothari

    ​@clawwwie just get wired if you can. Cheaper and objectively better than wireless in terms of performance.


    @Devwardhan Kothari theres no real performance difference for high end mice

    Avoid The Void

    A deathadder mouse for 140$? Imagine paying this price for a wireless Razer mouse which is not even flagship when you can get a Superlight

    Avoid The Void

    ​@Devwardhan Kothari Objectively better? How then the best performing mice consist primarily of wireless options?


lmao starlight12 does not feel cheap at all


    as he said, its because its light, most people are kind of conditioned to feel like heavy things have more quality in them.


    @Sakexz tbh I have one and even tho it’s really light you feel how much strong it is, it’s very hard to bend and apart from the plastic bottom it feels overall premium


    Exactly, I’d argue it’s the best gaming mouse on the market, but maybe only pros will value it’s lightness.

Hans kalisvaart

Porsche mouse looks like a cool 5 euro mouse for a young boy.

Alexander Regan

The zarkonneg or however you spell it was made to be as light as possible and v2 adds a scroll wheel


    Zaunkönig (german name, wren in english). It’s a type of bird, very small. Hence why they used the name, probably.


i would give a raise to the person who called apple mouse a gaming one. that’s the comedy, top notch


I can’t believe they looked at two of the best light mice on the market and went “eh, feels cheap” and “it’s so dumb”


Fun fact, Zaunkönig is the German word for the bird wren
Literally translated, it means “king of the fence”


I was actually looking at the leather one,glad to have someone else fork over the money to try it


The first one has amazing battery life and super light weight. It really is a great mouse. Not cheap whatsoever. Great quality product. Final mouses are worth it, however, If you’re broke buy something else.

Danilo Allen

from experience using the Apple mouse, the battery lasts ages so you don’t have to charge often, maybe once every 2-3 months with daily use. It’s stupid design – but in reality not that bad of an experience. Also combined horizontal and vertical scrolling (diagonal scrolling) is great to have in image editing.


The Zaunkoenig doesn’t belong in this video, it’s actually the best one of everything listed in terms of performance, even if it’s a weird shape. Superb Switches (Japanese Omrons), Carbon chassis and man-made and tested. It’s almost impossible to get a terrible one. Note: I use a Pulsar myself, but I still feel like this needed to be clarified.


Think I’ll stick to my ROG Chakram, it was a little pricey but has been going strong for over a year, which is more than can be said for all the corsair mice I had before it, each one succumb to the double clicking omron switch bug, the last one was the Dark Core RGB Pro which started double clicking only a month or so after I bought it

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