10 STEAM features you didn’t know about.

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Steam is used by millions of people every day, but most just barely scratch the surface of what Steam can do. We look at 10 Steam features you might never have seen before!

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
Video Link:
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Artist Link:

Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
Video Link:
Listen on Spotify:
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:28 Remote Downloads
1:04 Hidden Games
2:23 Local Network Transfer
2:56 Storage Manager
3:57 Remote Play
5:22 Family Sharing
6:00 Better Screenshots
6:35 Favourite Servers
7:10 Small Mode
7:45 Steam Input
9:19 Outro



Linus Tech Tips

Which one of these secret steam features do you find most useful? Let us know below!

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Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group.

    Pawit Sahare


    Everything Brothers

    nice video bro

    Everything Brothers

    prob my favorite one was the fps counter one i didnt actually know that!




    Btw, the UGREEN and ASUS ROG links are the same, links to the ROG unit. Might want to update that.
    Same error can be found in the video description as well.


I can’t imagine using Steam without that built in FPS counter. Been using it for years and it’s so convenient.


    You know whats even more convenient? RTSS


    i wish they had a built in gpu temp tracker as well

    Iker Pineapple!

    when i started playing without it i started to have more fun

    benny andersson

    Since I use custom fan curve in MSI afterburner and a little OC I just use the FPS counter there. Lets me see more things then just fps.


    @Chocolate Husky because installing steam is more convenient? RTSS Takes like 5 sec to install and you never have to worry about anything after that. Works with all games. Don’t need to add non-steam to any library, and it has fps limiter scanline sync, all kinds of tracking for every component in your system.


For Family Sharing, if you put your steam into Offline Mode you will be able to play your games locally installed on your computer and your kid/family can use your library.

    Andrew Voigt Design

    big brain move.


    😮😮 best tip right here. Had no idea this was possible


    @OutatimeTV iirc you could at one point even play games that someone shared with you whilst you were offline and they online but that got patched after a while so now only the original owner can play them in offline mode

    A Z

    I think a lot of people forget that offline mode even exists.


    @machuncz That’s why I block steam in the firewall. It works but if the owner is playing a game before you block it it wont work


Steam Remote Play Together is rather underrated in its own right.

For games that normally have only local multiplayer and no online mode, you’ll be able to stream it to a friend over the network so they can play the game with you, and vice versa. It streams the video to the second, and their input is separately sent back to the first player.


    I didn’t know this. Thanks.


    My friends and I use Remote Play Together a lot. Just make sure that the host has a good enough upload capacity. My 10mbps is only good enough to stream to one player without lots of dropped frames. (could be that I am on wifi though)


    Remote play is good for playing a game with friends.
    But if you want to full control from another machine steam link is better.
    For example you can 100% mirror your steam deck to your computer, not just a single game. That means emulators, desktop mode, everything works

    So Vo

    Unfortunately, Valve puts remote play availability up to the developer, for some games with local multiplayer you must use an external application to do it.

    Özgür Haberci

    @So VoOr you can just share your entire desktop, instead of a game.

Captain Complain

In my experience, most people dont know about this feature.

While in your library, you can go to “advanced filtering” for searching through your games. In that menu, you can input the names of people on your friends list to the filter games you have in common, but unlike the long used “compare games” feature, you can put in more than 1 person’s user name, making it filter to games only each person on that list owns.

It makes for very easy deciding on what game to play when you have a group of friends online, but didnt plan in advance what to do.

    Austin Click

    big thumbs to this one. Didn’t know I could select multiple people, but yes comparing games when you’re trying to see what to play is so nice.



    Still sounds like too much work to justify socializing. I’m not looking to “go far” I’m just looking to “go fast”.

    Too many good games to get stuck on the treadmill of obsessing over just one lol

    Mr. Songib

    You are a good friend.

    Jasper Williams

    This is a fairly new feature that my friends and I just found a month ago.
    This wasn’t possible a year ago and it is absolutely great

    Tobi Won Kanogy

    Fancy … you can copy an installed game folder and rescan it on another machine , most data will be unchanged and some small updates may run for the rest. you just saved installing a new game from scratch. Network transfer lets you do that in launcher???? ok nvm he discussed it .


I loved the hardware Steam Link, the easy setup and its small and sleek design. Never got the Steam Link app running quite as easy and reliable no matter which platform I tried it on. There’s always something to troubleshoot, be it performance or input compatibility.


    I use the steam link almost every day to cast my computer on my main TV : very easy and fast to boot 👌


    It’s so seamless! I can’t believe they discontinued it.


    regret not getting a few when they were selling off the stock when discontinuing it, same with steam controllers


    @reddevved The steam controller is great too, but honestly : not essential . You can always use a wireless mouse or a gamepad on a computer or steamlink so …


It depends on the game, but some games that have regular new content updates that break savegames will make old versions of the game available via the betas tab in the game config (which is itself worth a note). That way you can keep playing in an older patch version until you’re done with your playthrough. Paradox interactive is a studio that really heavily uses this feature across most of their titles, and I wish more developers did it.


    Also, it would be great, if it would possible for mods to do the same
    (Without irony mod manager)


    That is a really nice feature. Arma 3 updates regularly break savegames. Does this work for every game, or do the devs need to support it specificly?


    @CRM-114 Devs need to support it, but I don’t know how much work it is. It shouldn’t be much, as you should only have to tell steam, add the beta, with that name, as that “file”


    Witcher 3 also did it after the new gen update


I remember using Steam’s inbuilt music player when downloaded music was more normal. Being able to control your music whilst ingame (especially if you didn’t have media keys) was a godsend. It sounded better than Windows Media Player too of I remember correctly, so I actually used it as my default for awhile.

    Alex and the watermelon

    never knew this existed, thanks!

    My Vision Is Augmented

    Oh yes that is so cool and it is so game friendly with the popup and easy in-game controls. I remember the struggle with windows media player flickering in the corner above the full screen game and had to make them windowed to see the popup which I wanted to see and do quick control. Of course it always made the game either minimize to taskbar when clicked upon or would disappear just when I tabbed out or not show up at all. It had it’s own life and moods I swear. Holy crap I am becoming frustrated remembering it.
    Hope I’m giving some nostalgia to others with that.
    Will not explain steam music, long story short, shift+tab and easy to scan,responsive music folders without copying. Absolute godsent.
    This is why I love Valve. It’s a bunch of geeks with the same problems. They love what they do and we love them for it.
    Gabe Newell is my spirit animal.


    This also got a semi upgrade in the new Beta of Steam with it now defaulting any bought soundtracks on steam to the player so you can easily play them

    E Æ

    It’s completely broken now sadly. And the beta limits it to soundtracks only.

    Stanisław Borsa

    foobar2000 and global shortcuts are my way – it works everywhere, not only while playing Steam games.


Steam Input + Steam Deck built in inputs = Most crazy/useful custom configs I’ve ever seen. Some are so good they’ve become “my default” for any controller. Others are niche and only even possible on the Deck’s controls due to the touch sensitivity thumbsticks+gyros & touch pads.

All of them are awesome❤


There are a ton of steam features I really love. Gabe has done good things. Hopefully this means that the platform will be around for a very very long time.

David S

Interesting timing for this video, Valve is going to be releasing a pretty significant UI update fairly soon. It’s already available in the latest Steam client beta


    Thats 100% why they made this video


    ruined small mode tbh

Dit Zuboq

Adding the audio delay at 4:09 was a genius stroke of editing. This editor deserves a raise.

    Matt Roberto

    I thought I was seeing things! Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that


    I remember Linus ranting about comments like this one time. His argument was that employees who are just doing their job don’t “need a raise”.


    @ℚ𝕦𝕒𝕔𝕜𓅭It’s because he actually pays them reasonable wages in the first place so nobody actually needs a raise

Tim Carr

The new steam beta has a bunch of new features like an in-game notepad, accessible from the steam overlay, that can sync your notes between devices. Great for chucking in-game passcodes, number combinations, or other info in that you might forget between play sessions.


    still needs a bit of polish ime

    Petr Švůgr

    Yeah but unfortunately it removed custom skins option and also I think the video was made before the beta was released


    @Petr Švůgr The new ui has been introduced to the steam beta client almost 2 weeks ago, they only covered the features already available in the stable release otherwise it wouldve confused some people.

    Rip custom skins, ive been using metro for years but the new in-game UI is just too good

    Akim Ezra

    Oh wow, I should switch to beta hen. I seriously need the notepad feature

    Tomasz Ożóg

    ​@Akim EzraYou can also pin it to see it in game without steam overlay opened!

I Saw A Bear

For the hidden games segment, you can also do this to install previous game versions (de-update). Did this with Skyrim after Bethesda updated the game (by surprise) a broke a ton of mods.


A video comparing steam’s new local transfer feature to a proper cache server setup (like LTT used for the LAN party recently) could be pretty interesting



    Jiri Jirka

    Already tested that. Depends on how fast PC is. If you have gigabit network and internet it’s actually faster to download it from Internet. Your PC must compress it back in order to send it to secondary PC, local steamcache have it already compressed so it’s much faster. My old PC was able to get max 200mbit , direct internet 800mbit


    @Jiri Jirka So I guess it’s not really super useful, tho if you’re on a metered connection or limited by X gigs/month downloads, saving like 50-100GB or sometimes even more of downloading could be extremely helpful.
    So it’s still a neat feature, imo.
    Allowing you to transfer big games on your own network quite easily.


    ​@Ztygs Or if your Router can transfer 300MB/s, but your internet is only like 2MB/s

    Jiri Jirka

    @Ztygs Its very usefull, when you have slow OR metered internet. When you have 1Gbit/s internet or local steamcache, it can actualy be much slower due to need to pack the game to small compressed chunks to be able to send it to secondary PC. But original question was if steamcache is faster = it is by a lot! If you have slow internet and game is already cached there 😉


I cannot emphasize enough how underrated Steam Input is. Whenever I play a game on controller that requires aiming, I set the aim button to also enable gyro controls on my PS5 controller for fine-tune adjustments. Super useful for other things too, such as setting radial menus on the middle trackpad for additional buttons.

Luke Fuller

The family share feature reminded me of playing oldies like Age of Empires II on a CD. My brother and I would load the game on one PC, then with the game in memory, pop out the disk and load it on another PC, then play over LAN with one empty CD ROM. It was like magic.

    Stan Dapp

    Hahah oh yeah in high school I used to carry a USB with Warcraft 3 TFT and the latest DotA map installed, it turned the PC lab into a 3v3 LAN party real quick


    there are a couple of fun new features about family sharing though, 1 two accounts can’t play the same game at the same time, and 2 publishers can opt out of family sharing whenever they want, this means you usually can’t play games with your family/friends through family sharing, and on many AAA games it is simply not available


    I was always baffled on how lan tournaments worked like if everyone needed their own CD or buy several copies of the gane.

Steven Fellows

One useful thing that might have been worth a mention is, some of those older early 2000’s games, if you got it on disk and if Steam allows it. You can put the serial code from the disk into Steam for a free digital copy of that game. It doesn’t work with all games but I still think this is a useful feature. I recently bought Medieval II Total War on disk this way, because buying the disk turned out to be a cheaper way of getting that game instead of buying direct from Steam.


Not sure how many people do it but in your library you can set a shelf for “all games” and sort it by a ton of really cool options. It could be set to % of achievements completed or even metacritic scores if the games have one.


Dynamic Lists were a gamechanger for me! Being able to see all installed games on top of a library containing more than 1300 games is a blessing!

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