I’m On Observation Duty 5

Stare into the cameras long enough… and something might just stare back.

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Ryan Knutsen

I love how some are “cup moved” or “item vanished” and some are *“naked hobo t-posing and shaking violently while getting closer to the camera”*


    Nah.. thats just the neighbor

    Don’t read my profile picture

    dont read my name!


    I mean thats kind of the beauty of it, you start to look closer and closer trying to find the tiniest anomaly and then BOOM naked dude

    Kris 4 Infinity

    fr xdd


    @Don’t read my profile picture ok

GayGhostGuy 👻

Moral of the story: when Mark says that he’s done with the game and he’ll never play it again, it means he’ll definitely play it again.

    Maxton Hughes

    Except Getting Over It!

    Donovan Parchment

    *welcome to the game 2*

    Artful DAHJr

    I Am Bread
    Getting Over It
    Pogostuck…the cycle is unending.

    E. D.

    Looking forward to the Metro and School.


    He’s only doing it for monetization, he has no other choice. Can’t make money if you don’t upload daily.

Artur Bovkun

Observation Duty with an “eye tracking” system would be fun to watch how Mark’s eyes are flying all over the rooms


    it wouldn’t pick up his movements 🤣


    @N3k0! because he’s asian, I assume


    ​@Pokerface4222 I think they meant “because he’s looking so fast”…not…not that




    @Pokerface4222 lol ofc not you are being really racist instead of thinking someone else is racist


Mark really used 100% of his brain in this one. I think he unlocked new neurons that he never even knew he had. He has ascended

    Anuj Arora

    Ascended Markiplier 2

    Ashton Actually

    @Anuj Arora what’s ascended markiplier 1?

    Roomert DLive

    @Ashton Actually Powerwash Simulator


    It honestly seems like he’s 100× more vigilant when playing security games


    He just maxed out his stats

jordan juracek

I would love it if lixian made an edit where mark was freaking out about missing things and the things he was missing were circled


What these games need is a “What changed” mode after the game ends, where you can watch each room separately and see how things changed in your previous playthrough and how you responded. It’d help a lot in playing.


    Yeah, I’ve been playing Para Eyes and it at least tells you what you missed afterwards, which really helped a lot learning the levels. Otherwise I’m sure I’d never become aware of some possible changes…


    then the whole purpose of the game would just vanish


    i dont think it needs to spoon feed you what you’ve missed afterwards, especially if you’ve lost [although it’s unneeded when you win]. maybe it counts how many anomalies you missed in which rooms at most? to hint at which rooms you need to focus on more, but them again this game is supposed to be difficult, no hints no nothing.


    @RayneTheDork No, it needs the option. If you don’t want to use it, select “Go to main menu” or “Play again” rather than “See what you missed.” That way, rather than deciding to tell people who need or want the help to get fucked, everyone can have what they want.


    @iAmL No it doesn’t. It provides aid to those who need or want the help.


Whenever mark gets excited and WWWooOoqoOaoaaaaHH
I’m frantically looking around the room like : WHAT WHAT IS IT

    Evie 0h

    Pet owners be like


    i read this comment at the exact same time he made that sound


    Same as robbodude 😆

Sho Ken

Love when mark plays games like this they’re always fun to watch


honestly, this is so fun to watch, so entertaining to see Marks eyes zipping all across the rooms while his brain is trying to pick up every detail while he slowly drives himself insane. Top Teir entertainment right there. Love your videos Mark!!

A Fan :D

Mark has memorized that house so much he could live in it and know when any possible part of it is chipping or breaking down, he’d know in the blink of an eye


    Except the ghost but we let it slide

Karla Medina

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such terror in Mark’s face before at 7:17, it scared me so bad too 💀


    I also let out a brief loud “Ah!” Hope my neighbors don’t get bothered by it

    James went


    Flair 16

    I startled so hard the only reason I didn’t fall out of my chair was the fact that my chair is sandwiched between my bed and desk

    Karla Medina

    @Flair 16 I was eating and almost stabbed my eye out with the fork


    That’s prime thumbnail material right there.

Yasuo Main

I love watching Mark play games where he’s a security guard handling supernatural forces beyond his control while maneuvering surveillance cameras until 6 AM.


    is that a jojo reference

    Big Chunkers

    @DHRUV yeah

    AnArn B

    J ive
    O ights
    J at
    O Five Nights at Freddy’s

    Nick Em

    omg fortnite reference 😆👌

    Markiplier Trash


Raven RaeAnn

I could watch mark play this for so many hours I hope he never stops posting these videos lmao

lemøn lime

i love when mark plays this, it’s a super entertaining game to watch people play


Mark: “That is it! I’m done with this game and I’m never playing it again!”

Also Mark: “Alright! Let’s get right back into it!”

    Xochitl Nunez

    and i love it


    @Xochitl Nunez After one month in giving up, Mark’s genius brain grew three sizes and has gained an extra neutron to succeed both observations! 🧠💥💥💥


mark reliving the glory days of finally making it to 6am

S. V.

Mark having a bigger reaction to a water bottle moving than a person appearing is the best

That Guy With A Hat

Lixian is hella smart for hiding jumpcuts between camera flashes

    Aiden R

    I know he’s so cool 🙂


This is somewhere between a rage game and a major anxiety-inducer.


This game series has to be one of my favorites I’ve seen Mark play so far

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