Testing Waymo’s Safe Exit Feature

The feature is designed to prevent riders from dooring cyclists and others on the road.

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Rebecca Lyin

This video is so informative, thank you for sharing!🍒

Wyatt Noise

Elon Musk in shambles.

Igor Marcos

trains and busses are a better “self driving” alternative
autonomous cars are a waste of space and should be banned


    I disagree. The tech should be developed to the point where normal people should never need to drive.

    Jim J

    No. Better to have lots of tiny EVs like the Seat Minimo concept.

Technology Man

It would be cool to ride in those. I never have. It is a little creepy how the steering wheel turns by itself, though!

Goran Ibrahim

فديت الهيتية 🇮🇶

DEM’s Biking Adventures

great informative video!


Abrar great video. well that fake American accent by the German guy is a bit weired…

zebonaut smith

When will Waymo come to the East Coast?

Rick Flub a Dub Dub

I love her she’s a great journalist

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