apparently my wife is TOO ATTACHED #shorts

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Expired Mechs And Mints

Just the daily life of H2O Delirious

Rex Noyes

You should make the vtube thing your webcam.

    John Samuel

    No please DON’T

Raging Javier007

I wonder why he sounds so different in some videos.

    Not important

    This video was made a while ago, back when he was playing Resident evil Bio-hazard to be exact


    Some of his older videos used a better quality mic, which he later changed back to a lower quality for the classic delirious sounding mic

Ray Draconus

When she asks for chocolate but you get white chocolate instead

    β™Žπ•„π•šπ•”π•™π•’π•–π• π•Žπ•’π•₯π•–π•£π•€β™Ž

    White Chocolate is delicious fr

JoAnn Latimer

Delirious I like your like character Mahal a lot it really is really like animated. Plus it looks super good.


I remember this being the first play through I ever watched of yours and it still makes me laugh years later.


When he tries to save wifelirious delirious goes through heck saving her normal we be like screw this we not risking our life for this but a little bit of pain never hurt anyone right sees hand getting cut off get stabbed eaten AAAAHHH I WAS WRONG FORGET THIS HHHHEEEELLLLPPPP


That’s cute

Amy Rose the Hedgehog

That screaming was so terrified and genuine lol also love the vtuber model Delirious

Caleb Degruise

I miss this voice

slowly passing away

Delirious went from “WifeLirious?” to “you’re not my wife!!” really quickly LOL

Cassie Barber

Man everyone is becoming a Vtuber lately


For a sec I thought he was talking about Liz Katz lol

Aaron Stein

This was my first RE and it’s my second favorite of all time I just wanna say thank you delirious for the years of good content these vids are my childhood


I’ve played 7 enough times to know immediately

troll face

for a split second delerious’s vtuner model almost makes that one face that you see i certian anime’s


I thought YouTube changed they’re Community Guidelines so you’re able to cuss without getting restricted. So I don’t think you need to censor the cuss words anymore unless Im wrong which I 100% could be.


Vanoss Should make a twitch account


When your Wife gets that cake cravings and you get her the wrong cake πŸ˜‚

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