I’m fully invested in Sean’s descent into insanity

    Elijah Tucker

    same bro


    Aren’t we all sir

    Crack TPirateRex


Laney Elric

There is absolutely no way the devs are taking this seriously anymore


    they never did. its basically a glorified merch ad targeting children after poppy playtimes success.


    @SoullessKuribohya and sadly it’s kinda working


    @SoullessKuriboh No, it has absolutely been serious. If it was supposed to be a joke game, there should be no reason they have lashed out at creators the way they have. The first two chapters were completely and wholeheartedly unironic. You can maybe convince me though that this current chapter was made ironically and they’re finally starting to get in on the joke.

    Hanna Maria

    the „puzzles“ are so weird and frustrating that it’s not even fun. plus it doesn’t work most of the time (just the drone mechanic alone is a fucking disaster lmao) it’s way too complicated and just overall bad. i thought they were joking from the second game on because they improved absolutely nothing. everything just got worse and more annoying and the „story“ seems like what would happen if you gave a 4-year old a writing prompt. if this is meant to be a serious game i’m actually worried..

    Your friendly neighborhood demon R3D


LightWarrior Kaz

The fact that both Matt and Jack had their mouse stop working while playing this game is absolutely a sign from God.

    Damien Godair

    Ya XD

    GreenGamer JD

    I thought back to when it happened to Matt too 😭
    At this point, Chapter 4 will break their keyboards and Chapter 5 the whole computer


    Exactly what I was thinking too lol

    Lord Fartquad

    He’s telling them to stop playing

    A Tiger-Shark

    Does Sean is Matt?


This game was actually only developed to drive Sean insane, it just wants you to think otherwise. It’s genius


    I thought so too when I watched SuperHorrorBro play it too rofl

    chicken nugget master

    Who is Sean?

    salem b

    @chicken nugget master sean is jack’s name 🙂


    @salem b but jack is sean’s name

Sophy Kitten

6 mins in and I can safely say watching Sean play this is so different from watching Mat and Ash. 😂

Cole Kiesler

You gotta give Jack credit the second he saw the Stinger Mobile it felt like it was the first time he actually was enjoying something in the game.


    The existence of Stinger Mobile proves the existence of Stinger Man (not stinger flynn) and Stinger Gotham City and Stinger Joker and other Stinger villains in the multi-stinger-verse.

    Okay, hear me out my theory is that Stinger Flynn was a army veteran who committed several war crimes and was on the run but got distracted by a hot octopus (I know he’s a squid) and wanted to do the deed but her boyfriend Stinger Man who is weird cuz his girlfriend is a octopus and he is a squid, so for revenge he sets up a enormous factory (kindergarden) to get richer than Stinger Man to win over his girlfriend but he gets impatient and kills Stinger Man and makes him sign the deed and hand over everything he owns but… due to the death of her boyfriend that hit octopus commits self-die and now Stinger Flynn has nothing to live for and wants peace but then he sees a hot human and now wants to be a human and so the story continues. I know I sound insane but it’s just a Theory….. A *STINGER FLYNN* Theory

Tori Bug

I’ve never actually been mad enough to tear my hair out but omfg this nearly did me in, that was beyond terrible

Chan K

Every time Seán mentions some medical issue he has I’m baffled because I have literally the same issues/am on the same medications for these issues and it’s weirdly so nice to hear somebody else feel like their body is just crapping out on them because I sometimes think I’m just melodramatic… So like, thanks for the openness Seán. Truly.

    Cool kid Ig

    Right? Its so strange that so many of us have this set of issues. Its like every issue I have, he mentions he has it like a few months later

    Blake White

    Same! Like the adhd and the inhalers and acid reflux and stuff im like oh sick dude we all out here

    Edi Baramov

    Wierds attract

    Placeholder Blank space

    this was me with the whole asthma thing when Erin lost her Inhaler in The Devil in Me

    Husko Le Husky

    i have a friend who’s colorblind so it was a pleasant surprise to hear that sean does too lol

Kriss ®

There’s only one way to go from here… AND THAT’S FORWARD.
You need to play part four now. It’s just gotta happen.

    Mega Sparkle Goomba

    Exactly, he’s in too deep to quit now


    This games series bad, to much puzzle and uncontrollable drone.
    Cheap apperence monster, and flawless world design.

    Should not recommended to play it again.
    Its just following the trend agains poppy sh*t-time (but great game thought).

    Jack Dog

    @SussyDrac69 all the more reason to play it.

amren murray

Jack, I think you became the “Garten of Banban guy” after doing only the best BanBan voice the internet ever did hear.


Poor Sean and his colourblindness making this chapter more difficult than it needs to be XD


Who else loves watching Sean’s sanity slowly lower into the pits of hell

Kyla Jensen

31:10 Link paragliding into the light killed me. Wonderful editing


    It caught me so off guard, I completely lost it 😭

Derek Requiem

I think Jack would’ve rather handed over his pancreas than to keep replaying that tartar bird part.

SkyrimtheGamer Cool

What I love about jack is how he stays funny and committed even through the anger.

Daniel Menard

Man each version of this game is like watching the descent into Madness combined with the many Stages of Grief. Wildin’.

Beautiful Man Stan

I love how this game gives so little to work with in terms of commentary that this is basically the equivalent of Sean trying to make jokes out of a brick wall for an hour

    Ben Fletcher

    The game is objectively terrible. 0 effort, 0 care, 0 fucks given about making a good game, it’s just terrible.

    Pastel Doll

    @Ben Fletcher YEP! but is very fun watching Jack play a terrible game sometimes XD


    @Ben FletcherI was mentioning that if Jack didn’t play it I would not care at all about this game. It’s just so lazy and is straight up just made to ride on Poppy Playtime’s popularity. However these videos are quite funny to watch and is the only reason I even care about the game.


    @Ben Fletcher Honestly, only reason i keep up with it is to find out what the hell is that giant broken face about.


    ​@Divinity Gotta give credit though, the creators able to put out trash and still make money from it.

Michael Byrne

When Link jumped out was probably the biggest jump scare I have fallen for in the longest time!!


    31:07 lol i actually yelled




I stood over the stove eating a cucumber while I watched Sean completely mentally buckle, and it’s the happiest I’ve been in a long time.


    That sounds wonderful 😂


    Why are you standing over the stove, while eating a cucumber, and watching YouTube?

    Smol Baguette

    ​@DaysofKnight why aren’t you?


    @DaysofKnight who isn’t

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