Is the Nikon Z8 the best mirrorless camera yet?

Nikon's newest $3,999,95 mirrorless camera, the Z8, has a full-frame 45.7MP Stacked CMOS sensor that, thanks to the Expeed 7 Image Processor, can shoot RAW photos at 20FPS for over 1000 frames. There is also auto-focus readings up to 120FPS and impressive video specs: 12-bit N-RAW at 8k 60FPS or 4k 120FPS. And if all of that sounds very familiar it’s because the Nikon Z8 is almost the exact same camera as the Nikon Z9, but in a much smaller body and even lower price.

The new Nikon Z8 will be available on May 25, 2023 for $3,999.95 and the external MB-N12 battery grip will be available in May for $349.95.

0:00 Nikon Z8 who?
0:39 A bit about the Nikon Z9
1:25 Z8 Hardware
1:55 Z8 software
2:40 Things Nikon should have fixed
3:50 Things we don’t know about the Z8
4:19 Overall thoughts on the Z8

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The Verge

Who is winning the mirrorless camera race now?

    Vivyn Rekha

    Sony forever 🫶 sony is almost always ahead in terms of the technology which goes into it but canon does have a better finish and optimisation 😊

    Durgeshkumar Sharma

    Fujifilm I say

    Johnny Cash III

    @Vivyn Rekha I shoot Canon and agree. Most especially because how many types they have. There’s a camera for just about everyone who needs one.

    Rubén Ulloa

    Nikon Z9/Nikon Z8

    John Ekow



🫡 👌🏼

    Becca Farsace


Jurry De Vries

Will Z8 while out Z9? Dont know. The Z9 has 2 elements that I like very much: 1) the big form factor to me means it is also more impact resistance. I’ve dropped my Z6II twice and it had to go to the bin, I’ve dropped a D850 10 times still working fine. The other, perhaps more relevant, issue is the sensor curtain. The Z9 has that beautiful curtain that rolls down to protect the sensor when you remove the lens. I live in a very hot desert climate; which means changing lenses once will already result in dust spots on the images. With the Z9 that is a lot less. Couldnt see if the Z8 has that same curtain or not.
Apart from that: I belief Nikoin has positioned this Z8 spot on, both spec-wise and price-wise.


    The nikon Z8 has a dust curtain, you can see it on Kai W’s review


Becca’s camera reviews just hits different

Igor Moreira Temneanu

I think it is competing directly against the Sony ARV. How do they compare?

Limage Picture

Nikon Z8 > Sony A7RV but because of the rear screen, it is a No-Go for me. The Sony is a better Option for me 😢


    There are bigger issues with z8…😮😮😮 No mechanical shutter.. did they cut corners.. What about artificial light banding issues accustomed with electronic shutter… Is this over glorified smart phone camera with high res Sensor.. Why not keep the shutter with silent shooting option😂😂😂.. like the other cameras.. lol .. Man I was sold until they removed the mechanical shutter … this is not a real camera … I’m sticking with Sony as well!!! Cheers🍺🍺🍺


3999 USD for a stacked sensor? Wow! I want this!


I love the rear LCD screen, I think it’s the best in the market. if you tether with your camera a full articulating screen is very limiting.

    Limage Picture

    I don’t think you’ve ever used a Sony A7RV to write this. 👍

Johnny Cash III

Yes, here to more Becca >>>

Phil Knall

Not the target group for this particular camera but I’m watching to the end anyway because Becca is the best.

    Becca Farsace


    Phil Knall

    @Becca Farsace you know it bud

Christian Ernest Hizon

Pass for these freaking huge mirrorless like Canon and Nikon. I’m staying with Sony and looking for Fuji

John Ekow

amazing review. thank you

Keith Johnson

Indeed the nikon naming for their auto focus options, ugh. I’m still wondering which one I should be using.

Mads T

I’ve already sent my pre-order. All the bits I wanted improved in my z7ii and no bloody battery bulge. If I need more battery, hooking up to a usb-c powerbank seems an obvious choice.

Eagle Eats Monkey

nikon z8 look is so very beautiful, however their new z lens tough good but looks so crappy. Hope Nikon will bring back the look of their old ed lens.

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