Google finally announced its first foldable phone giving Samsung some competition in the US #shorts

Google is finally giving Samsung some competition in the folding phone space with the Pixel Fold, a device that transforms between a standard smartphone and a small tablet by folding in half.

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moved channels

no pen support 😢 they really missed out with that…

    Jake’s YouTube Zone

    How do you go for the moleskin form factor and leave that out??? Crazy.

    moved channels

    @Jake’s YouTube Zone wdym?

    Jake’s YouTube Zone

    @moved channels I’m talking about google, the device is the exact dimensions of a pocket notebook and they neglected the feature that would let people use it like a notebook, sorry if it felt like I was criticizing you or anything

    moved channels

    @Jake’s YouTube Zone oh you’re good bro and yeah a big let down. they never make the right decisions tbh which is why no one ever adopts there services now this


Honestly, I don’t mind the thickness of Samsung’s Fold devices. I just wish they had built in S Pen.

DeFi Macrodosing

Wow, great investment!


These fold phones still seem kinda ghetto


What would you do if you had a 1800 dollar phone? I’ll tell you what I’d do, man: two apps at the same time, man

    Taylor Guy Manning

    Yeah, I’d rather carry two phones. The rich are getting a little opulent.

Kigozi Musazi

They want 1800 for a phone that doesn’t even have stylus support. Yea no 😂


Is everyone done pretending that the silly crease is ever going to go away? Cause I don’t care for a phone with a major screen defect right down the middle.


i find split screen cramped on my 11” ipad, i cannot imagine it being any useful on such a small screen


No thanks


I just want a small phone that fits my palm nicely


I’ve had 2 flip phones and they both broke. I’ll never buy another flip phone

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