Google I/O 2023: Everything Revealed in 12 Minutes

At Google's I/O 2023 developer conference in Mountain View, California, the search giant announces a slew of new hardware products and software updates. See it all wrapped in under 12 minutes.

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CNET never disappoints.

    Chandarong Nuon

    But Google does

    Milton Fludgecow

    If it’s their own content they do. Google is a separate disappointment.

    Darren Dyson

    It would be crazy for them too. They are essentially the cell phone and computer tech version of IGN for video games.

    Adrian Lucas

    CNET did nothing. Congrats on sharing the google stream.

Alex Beaver Productions

7:44 No way!!! That’s so cool!

    Nathan Edwards

    I wonder how well this will work in practice. I’m guessing it will be like the magic eraser. It does pretty well and is great in the right situation, but can also have weird results.


    Kinda cool and kinda gimmick in my opinion.

    Maciej Ślusarz

    however for me it hurts my eyes to see the shadow stayed and is shifted after the change…..

Isaac Elisaldez

I hope they come out with a razr style foldable.

Isaac Elisaldez

This AI stuff is a whole new world. I feel like this will soon be the Wild West 2.0




That speaker dock is very interesting. Looking forward to seeing reviews on it!


It’s great that you guys were able to condense this in 12 minutes, which is about how long it takes for Google to abandon a project once it’s released.

    michel nguyen

    That’s because they like to fold




    geez man lmao

    J. B.


James Jones

Like the tablet with the base, the phone is fine, new map feature is cool, however, everything else has me concerned.


CNET is spot on with these quick summaries.

Alex Hall

Looks like I’ll be upgrading to the Pixel Fold from the Pixel 6!

Kent Purdy

impressive device indeed

mista maog

I think they nailed the pricing of the Pixel Tablet, plus it’s cool that it comes with that speaker dock! Makes it an even better value

    Asian Dramas

    It is just upgraded google home

Chris Perry

The birds on maps was a nice touch.


That Bard trick where it generates a witty caption for a picture really hit home for me. Wit and quirkiness are a big part of why social media is interesting. Now we are giving everyone the tools to circumvent any need to come up with that wittiness. This might well make social media even more braindead than it already is

    Jacques malarkin

    Well you’re gonna have to up the bar. If that’s the one that hit home. You’re gonna have to hit the bar. People are going to be able to design all kinds of crazy things and solve a bunch of problems. If you’re using ai for a caption. 😂 You’re really going to be left behind.


    @Jacques malarkin I mean, for me it’s not about competition or “hitting the bar”, it’s more about people gradually losing every incentive to be creative and use their head. I’m apprehensive about what it’ll do to our brains and to the way we consume media. Losing trust in what’s real is bad enough already.

    Generalist AI has the potential to get into our head like nothing ever has had, its ability to communicate in a way that feels human triggers us to trust and project onto it. It’s literally the best candidate for actual automated thought control, even if it’s not intentionally built for it. It feels like we’ve finally built a technology we can’t handle

Jamaican Me Crazy

So are we just gonna ignore the fact that it’s too expensive?


I want to see how the Pixel Fold will do against the Z Fold 5, Oppo N3, Vivo X Fold 2/2 Plus, Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 3 and Honor Magic V2 later at a very expensive price for the specs it carries

    Sloppy Toons

    It’s really only competing against Samsung. Those Chinese phones aren’t readily available in the west, and the ones that are, don’t get a lot of support.

    The Oppo Find N foldables really nailed it with size and proportions. Not sure I would want to deal with it if something goes wrong while I’m enjoying the Australian sun 😂

Chester Martin

Tablet with dock seems pretty reasonably priced

Sloppy Toons

The problem with the pixel fold is that as you read the specs it all reads like a fantastic compromise to get the price down… then you see the price. 😮

Pete Oliva

As a Z Fold 3 owner, since that phone launched…I’m honestly pretty much sold on the Pixel Fold. I love the aspect ratio of the front screen, and I love the hinge design and just overall aesthetic of it. I don’t mind the bezels, either! And that front/inner-screen simultaneous functionality with that translation feature is INSANE. I love it!

    Chris B

    Wait for the reviews. As a Pixel 7 Pro owner for a month or so, the 5000 mHa batter lasted around 5-6 SoT. The Fold has the same spec but a smaller battery and a bigger screen. I would guess 4-5.5 hours SoT under average load. Also I doubt the thermals will be sorted either.

    Pete Oliva

    @Chris B Oh, of course… I’m just showing my hype. At the end of the day, I’m a realist, not a fanboy. ✌🏼

    Chris B

    @Pete Oliva Hype is always a good thing. Especially when the Google Fold rumour has been around this long. It does look like a good device, let’s hope it holds up in the areas it needs to.


I love these supercuts. Thank you because I don’t have two hours to watch the full thing.

Jacques malarkin

Ive used bard for a while and it felt like an assistant and now its a next level assistant. Quickly ask for a refund, fixing photos, finding photos, replying, setting routines and planners. Help with code and maths. Couple gimicky things. Google seems like its going the right way. Amazon has a good bussiness ai system apparently. What does chat gpt do again answers questions and write stuff?

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