Google Made a Foldable Phone – Does It Suck?

Full hands on with the Google Pixel Fold – including battery, camera, specs and price!

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Domi Plays

Througout the years my perception of foldables kinda changed. When the Galaxy fold came out, I thought that I’d never buy one as I’ve seen it kinda impractical. But as the tech progressed and more and more companies make them now, I kind of want one. 😆
The Pixel Fold seems like a nice one too.

    Robert Clark 🎸Atmospheric Guitar Exploration

    I remember the large phablet releases. I embraced them. At that point I never needed more at hands or arms length. I actually prefer 6.1 ish to 6.4. Sweet spot. I’m glad I have no desire for anything larger. If I did I would buy a legit tablet.

    Robert Clark 🎸Atmospheric Guitar Exploration

    I am glad they went 1440 tho on the inner.

    Domi Plays

    @Robert Clark 🎸Atmospheric Guitar Exploration Yea, truee. I have a Note20 Ultra, and it’s the perfect size. I’v held the S23 Ultra but I think it’d be just almost uncomfortable for me

    Domi Plays

    @Robert Clark 🎸Atmospheric Guitar Exploration yupp that’s the sweet spot there too. And I like that foldables are now usable folded up. I really didn’t like the aspect ratio of the front screen on the Fold and Fold 2.

    Damiano Ragozzino

    I thought the same and now bought a Fold 4 instead of the Pixel 7 Pro i was initially considering. Let me tell you, the pixel fold is great, but the Fold 4 is just on another level in terms of practicality and features.

Ezra Boisvert

I love how Arun took something most people would avoid in their artistic process and just worked with it 😂😂

    fitness cat

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    E T H E A R N O S

    @fitness cat ironically doing the same thing here

Sithara Roy

The phone seems like a good start for Google into the fold series but there’s still a very long way to go.


“I think she is checking out his hardware” Yo arun 💀

    Max Paladino

    Yo there WELCOME❤

    Szymon Olszewik


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Kids today don’t remember how cool it was to be able to flip a phone open 😎🛸


    Kids today?

    Man Im Dead💀

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    I’m a kid and I’ve seem flip phones and touched it

    Mo Tausif

    Everytime i flipped open THAT phone it honestly felt as good as listening to CHOCOLATE RAIIINNNNN


Clear calling is awfully underrated.
Just last week, me and my brother were at a concert. Both of us have pixel phones. Every time we got separated and wanted to find one another we would make a call. Even next to the stage we could hear each other’s voice clearly with virtually no background noise from the blasting music.
Sometimes the line between magic and good technology really is blurry

    Super Mega Pikachu EX

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    I was like “ain’t no way someone with a pfp of someone’s butt cheeks has made a comment like this” and right under it i find the original. The stolen one has 60 likes though so that’s sad

    Animator Tuber

    I thought a bot is spamming this because say it two times

    Super Mega Pikachu EX

    @Ros botted likes so its near the top

    Malik Kelly

    Apple’s voice isolation is great as well. I’ve tested it next to an active blender and the person couldn’t hear anything but my voice. Love functional tech like this

    Edit: Albeit it doesn’t detect noise on other people’s phone if they don’t have the feature or don’t have it turned on and minimize it on your own end

Elliott Henderson

Having been using the Fold4 I have to say one of the best things is the narrower screen when folded. Makes it much easier to use one handed and if I need a wider screen, hey just unfold the phone. Though I do like the look of the pixel fold over all (aside from the stupid bezel camera).

    Rain man

    Exactly. This pixel fold is designed to use with the main screen, wondering why anyone would bother opening to watch content on a slightly big display. Maybe because they don’t want people to see that ugly bezel inside a lot of time lol

    93 mb

    I think id prefer the thicker screen with a thinner body like the oppo or pixel fold. I find my fold 4 too skinny when closed

    Elliott Henderson

    @4039byrne  fair, I honestly prefer it, went from the s22 ultra to the fold and being able to use the screen comfortably one handed is awesome.

    Declan Hodge

    The outside screen on the z4 seems to be either loved or hated by people that have it

    Gustavo Assis

    Me too, it’s just easier to manage everything with the narrower screen, and if I need more space, I’ll just open my phone.


I love watching these videos as a person who’s had the same Galixy s10e with a huge black chunk and rgb lights covering 15% of the screen since the phone came out. It really highlights the luxuries I could be enjoying but cant because I have no money 🙂


    ✔ ✔

    Hayyan Almemsani

    Lol same. Still rocking my j7 prime from god knows how long ago, but the thing is when the phone is still performing fine there isn’t much of a reason to upgrade. You do get bored as hell when you’ve had the same phone for 5 years though


    @Hayyan Almemsani j7 prime is was a goated phone though

    Hayyan Almemsani

    @MATEUS dude it’s so good! the performance is still rock solid.

    Miguel Angel

    I loved my s10e but damn the battery was horrible


Loved the new set!
The refreshing natural beauty is far better than any studios ngl 💚

    Daniel Leonov

    And this couple in the background is a cherry on top lol


    couple in the back also love it

    Haru Yanto

    ​@Daniel Leonov so much nature

FTV Prima

Great review, like the new filming locations instead of just using the room. It´s really nice to see someone being this creative


    Other than the couple , yeh LOL

    Samuel the Techno Kid

    @MochiDoodli “Other than the couple” That actually added a slightly more comedic touch! But seriously, why would you do that on a public place…


    @Samuel the Techno Kid “do not ask why my child, ask why not?”
    – Master Oogway


    I think that’s because his setup is being renovated or something like that?

    J M

    @Samuel the Techno Kid young, no car, parents at home… Circumstances my friend, circumstances…

Gustavo Assis

As a Fold 4 user, I’m so glad Google is pushing the industry forward, this may encourage more companies to do Foldables. Samsung has done an excellent work til now, but a lot of features are still exclusive for us, while the competition is still years behind. This might change soon. Competition is always good for customers.

    B Flesher

    Yeah and I expect the fold 5, and especially the 6 to be pretty big upgrades thanks to increased competition

    Joshua Cheng

    Yeah the Pixel Fold is like if the Oppo Find N2 and Surface Duo 2 had a baby. 😁

    Lone_Wolf Adventure Camping and Exploring

    Agreed I love my fold 3 I can’t go back to a regular phone

Peter Starzynski Tech

I gotta say the fold they got looks impressive. They really flattened it out.



    Hacker Killer

    The fold looks great! The mark it leaves, not so much

    Yourven Parianen

    Those massive inside bezels are so ugly in 2023 though


    @Yourven Parianen agreed

Brad Pate

I would argue that you don’t need any dedicated selfie cameras. This form factor allows you to use the rear high end cameras with the large outer screen to take better selfies than any inner camera could. So ditch the 2 selfie cameras, lose the bezels, drop the price and make more room for battery capacity

    Sreejith KS

    You kind of want that for video calls and meetings though bro…


    @Sreejith KS No. Use the outer screen for that.

    Adventurous Loner

    Somebody is thinking 👍


Arun i just wanted to say, completely unrelated to this video but your recent lifestyle transformation videos that you made really helped me to take a step back and alter some apsects of my own lifestyle. I’m now at a point after consistently working on it that i can say thank you for the motivation, my life has genuinely changed for the better and I would’ve never thought to take a look at myself without watching your videos. Big love and appreciation, keep up the hard work ❤

G Four Gadget

Ah yes, I love thick bezels in 2023. Despite that, I’m glad Samsung is finally getting some real competitions in the foldable space. This will push them and everyone else to make better products 🤞


    I’m honestly a sucker for big bezels, but these are still a little too big for me. Oof

    ron gerhart

    I love thick bezels and i cant not lie. 😂


    ​@Ashr. I’m alright with bezels if they’re a constant thickness all around the phone. These bezels are actually disgusting and I think it will really cost them sales with how dated it looks

    Muhammad Kharismawan

    thats how you get the thin profile, basically they copied Microsoft’s idea and put the hinge on the top and bottom border of the screen instead of behind the screen,


    I feel like the bezels make sense. It’s essentially a table and you need somewhere to hold onto the device without accidental touches or interrupting the screen

Sam P

The one thing I’ll say about the bezzles is that for people who have longer nails that might be pretty nice, since fingernails can danage the inner screen if you push too hard. They give you a space to use to close the phone that wont get damaged


I do appreciate the fact that Arun is trying out new backdrops for each video, but on the other hand, I could see Arun in pale light in several instances in this video as compared to the brightly lit studio he usually films in. Also, I adore the fact that he polishes the corners before uploading a video. Love that.

Dhruv Singh

Arun makes videos so much more fun to watch even if it’s virtually the same content as others.I literally watched 2-3 other videos explaining all the same things, but his was by far the most entertaining 👏👏

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