Google Pixel 7A Review: New Price!

The price went up, as part of Google's new strategy. Is it worth it?
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Phone provided by Google for review.




Impulse • 15 years ago

Google really is the Tom Holland of keeping things private 😂

    B A


    Deepak Kumar

    Or more accurately, Google has Many Tom Hollands working for it😂

    Harsh Lakhwani

    Ig lives man😂


    Who cares


    🍓 🍓


“Google is the worst company on Earth at keeping things a secret” is one of the most accurate sentences said in history


    they’re not even trying to keep it a secret

    ᗴ 𝔪 𝒶 ꪀ 👑

    That’s marketing. Tbfh.


    I agree, Mr White

    Saptarshi Roy

    Google is Marie Schrader.

Adam Niton

the fact that you almost dropped the phone at 2:26 and still you managed to make it seem as if nothing happened is impressive 😀

    Ollie Magee

    You could see in his face tho it looked like he was so relieved 😂

    Piyush Gupta

    I thought there was a joke coming 😛

    Dhruv Patel

    Fastest man alive off paper


    I was gonna ask if we should talk about that or not. Mans got reflex! 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    🍓 🍓


You should really make a video analyzing why companies still don’t give plenty more years of updates to all their lines of phones. As you always say, cheap phones are getting good, so why can’t they handle the same OS version and most features than top notch smartphones? They should be able to take the latest version and adapt 95% to all their latest phones and then take some more work with the high end. Or is it just to make them not so appealing?


    It costs money to update

    Joy Singh

    ​​@Filbao Exactly this. Engineers around the clock have time to optimise for only a few select amount of phones and just because say you have a galaxy a72, it’s not going to be updated with software all the time. It’s why they prioritise Galaxy S series phones.

    At least here, it’s a safe bet for it. Google only has few phones it needs to optimise and that’s a good thing.


    @Joy Singh 👍


    ​@Joy Singhexcept that they do offer 4 generations of One UI and 5 years of security updates on A33+, A53+, and A73 which, as far as i know, is longer than Google supports any of their current pixels

    Jose luiz Lima neto

    They can handle

Ericxon Samuels

I guess we’re all going to pretend we didn’t see Marques on Hot ones again 🤔🤔





    Ehsan Kia

    They’ve had the phone for less than a week so it must’ve been very recent too!

    नीलाभ श्रीवास्तव

    What are you talking about?


Couldn’t agree more with the intro, Google is the WORST at keeping things secret and it’s not on purpose!




    The leaks contributed to it being one of the most discussed mid range phones out there. It makes it possible for tech people to tell their relatives and friends who don’t want to pay a ton of money, hang on, just wait because Google is going to come out with something awesome for much less than the cost of other phones.


    How could it not be on purpose. You think they’ve got employees leaking things and they’re not found out and being fired? It’s on purpose 😂😂😂



    M. Irfan –

    If they cant keep their own secret, how about user data privacy 😂


Can’t wait for this to beat the 14 pro max and S23 ultra in the blind camera test

    Top Tenz

    We all know the 7a will beat their asses

    Elliott Wright

    S22 Ultra ?


    @Elliott Wright its a blind camera test

    Dave McIroy

    You can.

    Morgoth Bauglir

    Even with its 0.4 in sensor, it matched the 13

    With this new 0.73 inch sensor, it’d destroy even the 15


The only reason I love any keynote is I know MKBHD will have his impressions right afterward.

Retzvad Tsigo

Used a Pixel 6A for a short time. The UI is just incredible. I loved it instantly

    mark williams

    I’ll always get pixels now. The OS is the best android and the Google assistant is excellent. No more spam calls

    De Techie

    Wanted to buy a Pixel 6a. Settled for a Pixel 7 instead

    Mrunank Bathe

    ​@mark williams no more Indian calls tbh 😂


    ​@mark williams I’m still getting spam calls

    Dinkar Fowkar

    Im using Moto and gotta say stock Android is peak


I’ve had a pixel 4a 5g for about 2 years now i think, and this is the first phone that has actually made me consider upgrading. I used a galaxy a50 before the pixel, and it noticeably slowed down after about a year, but the 4a is still going strong with no issues. I just know it won’t have support for too much longer, so I’m starting to keep an eye out for what i want to swap to next. If i can find a normal pixel 7 on sale I’ll probably just get that, but most of the benefits it has I don’t personally care for enough to spend extra money on.


    Same. I love my 4a but I’ll probably upgrade to 7a later this year.

    Samarth Vaidya

    I am still pretty unsure how the tensor holds for long term. You had a snapdragon chipset in your time. I too have 6a btw. hopefully, it lasts.


    i just upgraded for a pixel 4a 5g to a refurbished pixel 7 pro, was well worth it

    Noah Mayer

    Same here. I always did lower midrange phones that needed replacement after 2 years, and the $499 4a 5g was a stretch for me. Totally worth it. I don’t even mind only 2 years OS upgrades, I got everything I need. I’m keeping this as long as I can get security updates, then I’ll find a used/older Pro model with a zoom lens.


    i had a 4a5g that died on me last year, but i loved the phone so much i bought a 5a on amazon. i just need google to make keep making updated versions of the 5a and im set forever

Thais Bogea

The problem is: Google does lower prices during the year, like in April the pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro were $150 off, meaning you could get a pixel 7 for $449. Therefore I would either wait for a promo or pay the difference.

    Luke D

    Yeah doesn’t make sense. By the time the A releases, you can get the non-A for the same price or cheaper. Anyone buying this is insane.


    It’s not good for both the company and the customer who’ve bought the phone at launch. Kind of makes it worthless come trade in time


    Yep, I got my pixel 6a a couple months ago for $299. Although that was probably more for clearing stock for the 7a.

    Un Listed

    If you have Google fi you get exclusive pricing, probably.

    Kim Edora

    even better, you can wait for the 7a to go on sale as well, meaning it’ll be cheaper than a base 7 on sale


The king of battery life was the 5a. Absolutely insane. I’d upgraded to the 6a and received a solid performance boost, but my God do I miss the battery life. The 6a based on my use case needs a charge everyday at 6pm, the 5a would go all the way to 11 with 10% left, under the same use cases.

    Son Fatju

    How about pixel 5 ?

    James Evangelista

    ​@Son Fatjuloving my pixel 5 the battery lasts a day for me.

    muhammad zinc

    Agreed. I regret trading in my 5a for my Pixel 7. I eventually got rid of the 7 and I bought the Samsung A54 which has better battery life and display than 7.

    Mrunank Bathe

    ​​@muhammad zinc what about the cameras of the a54 compared to p7? Here in my country the pixel 7 was going for sale for $499 but the a54 is nearly in the same price range. I am thinking of buying one, which one is better thinking that you’ve used both

DJ Vidual

I consider 500 bucks on the edge of midrange. Its really messed up that the companies keep nudging the prices higher and higher every time and the consumer don’t think about it at all.

Rohan Rubayet

Let’s see if it can hold up to the legacy of this lineup by beating the flagships in the blind test or not! It’s sure gonna be a tough thing for the new kids though(sensors)!


Marques just casually showing us the new auto focus subject and a hot ones apperance in a phone review like it’s nothing 😂

    Brandon Bauer

    Was he recently on hot ones or is this a teaser?


    @Brandon Bauer teaser

    moksh ahuja

    time stamp

    Mario Vega


Viktor Georgiev

Just ordered the 7a, currently you get free buds with it so for a limited time it’s a better deal than the 7. If you miss that definitely go for the 7.


These new sensors are making me wonder if it’s a preview of what the Pixel 8 & 8 Pro will have. Still looks incredible

    Kyle Castellino

    Yea I think they’re using the 7A to trial the new sensors to see if it was a good decision or not


    @Kyle Castellino Yeah, agreed. This year is going to be exciting for Pixels

    Kyle Castellino

    @DiamondMaster115 fr man. I have the 7 pro and am loving it. Unfortunately I have to get a replacement cause the charging port got loose but I’m getting a replacement at no extra cost 🗿

G Four Gadget

The upgrades are worth the price hike tbh, but with this price I would definitely top up and go for the Pixel 7.


    Agreed 👍

    ATOM9 W

    or wait until October and get the pixel 8?


    Well that’s how they get you 🤣 going from may aswell get an A series to the main series then the pro/ultra series coz they’re close enough in price


    @Ahmet well said!


I don’t even look at phones like I use to back 3-5 years ago but I always come back to your reviews of anything new coming out. Love the content and thorough reviews. I would say keep on keeping on but with 16+ million followers I think you know what your doing 🙂


You outdid yourself with the easter eggs and funny stuff in this video. From almost dropping the phone to asking google assistant if there are Pixel 7A leaks to the Linus Tech Tips mat 😂

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