Google Pixel Fold Hands-On: Samsung Has Competition

Google’s first foldable has some advantages over Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold when it comes to design.

0:00 Intro
0:43 Screens
0:55 Cameras
1:05 The Design
2:30 Software
4:43 Conclusion

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Slim max

My 7 year old self would freak out 😅


$1799 is way too high… anyone who buys it on day one, you better like it because I can see the price dropping like a rock in a month or two. Also, curious about battery since last couple of Pixel series haven’t been the greatest, paired with probably one of the slowest charging on the market.


    I can trade my S22 Ultra for it down to 1,200. lol


    @selw0nk like I said, you better like that phone because it’ll be near worthless for trade in if you don’t like it 😂😂. $1200 after trade in is still expensive considering if it was priced appropriately, it would be about $800-$900 after trade in


    The Pixel 7 trade in value only goes to show how fast their own hardware loses value. I bet this will be 1299 by black Friday, and a 699 trade for the Fold 2.


    At least u get a $400 LTE Pixel watch for free. Ppl are forgetting this. This drastically helps. Even if you don’t want the watch, you can still sell it brand new and recoup the money for it


    I bet eBay will be flooded with watches soon and lucky to get 250

Emanuel Carmona

I don’t mind the bezels on inside. It’s still a bigger screen. I have the food 4 but the wider screen on the outside might have me switch.

    Lord Commander

    You have the “food” 4?. Is that a new edible device?😅

Choo Choo MotherTrucker

Until a foldable is around $1000 or less, it won’t be accessible to everyone.

    duy man

    That’s not happening as regular phone is getting more expensive😅

Javier Bobyn

The camera thing that “sets it appart” its already implementod on Samsung since the Fold 3

    Brett Domenick

    That’s what I came here to say! I used to have a flip phone that did it too. Pretty sure the LG foldable phones also have this feature

    The King

    With inferior cameras that are rated worse than 4 year old phones.


    🤣😂 I stopped watching after she made that comment. Lost all credibility💔

Danner Banks

Your example at 3:33 is already a feature of the Galaxy Z Fold phones


    Exactly!! LOL


😂 Watching this via my Duo 2 and I chuckle when she said the wider screen is “more useable” in daily use.

I was going to say I suppose I could settle on this if my Duo 2 ever dies until I heard the price…


Thought Google phones were supposed to be budget friendly.


1499 for the phone, 300 for PixelOS. That’s how I’m trying to rationalize it

Brett Domenick

Kind of interesting that you think that the wider display is “more usable” but the phone looked so awkwardly large in your hand. I suppose they’re both two handed devices for the most part but the Galaxy fold looks like it could be used on handed if you have to. Also I’m pretty sure that camera flip feature is also on every other foldable device. I used to have a flip phone that did that back in the 2000s.

Christian Valentin

if they were able to somehow release this at 1499 instead, this would be an instant buy for me.

    Hang Nguyen

    Just sell the Pixel watch for $300.😅


    ​@Hang NguyenI think Pixel watch for 300$ is an extremely tough sell. If I were to buy one, I wouldn’t spend a dime more than 150$.

Chris S

Google needed to make this a deal. The price is YIKES!

Aaron Crawford

Google wins the bezel size wars. Wow


Doesn’t literally every folding phone let you use rear camera for selfies 🤔

Holy crap IM BATMAN

I don’t see why everyone is so concerned about pricing? Galaxy fold 4 was the same price when it launched. For all I care this phone has better Camera system than the Fold 4, better front display and I actually prefer bezels. It’s easier to hold the phone without smudging the screen. The only thing I’m concerned about is the battery life considering the average battery life of Pixel 7 Pro.

Sandi Hermana

Still waiting for Z fold 5 for sure🔥

Mark H

I think Google took a step back on the inner display design with the bezels.. it reminds me of the old portable DVD players or the old flat screen TV with the bezels.. I will stick with Samsung or go with the Xiamoi Mix fold 3..


The camera thing is on the z fold as well.

Nom Tiger

I think the pricing where they could have hit a homerun here – they missed a golden opportunity especially since the G2 chip is almost 10 months old. The sell point for people is that aspect ratio but for those who have used a folding phone before, Google didn’t announce anything that doesn’t exist on other phones. Including the selfie using the main camera (that’s on a fold too). If this phone had stylus support that would have been killer.


No competition for galaxy in the UK as Google seem to have forgotten how exchange rates work so it means the z fold is over £100 cheaper than the pixel fold

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