Google Pixel Fold: Samsung finally has competition

Google is finally giving Samsung some competition in the folding phone space with the Pixel Fold, a device that transforms between a standard smartphone and a small tablet by folding in half.

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The Verge

Does this new entrant in the folding phone market move the needle for you?


    Yeah, backwards. That interior bezel hurts to look at. lol

    Conversation and Technology

    It’s new and shiny…..I just wish it had stylus input. So my duo, and Fold 4 have no worries. Do want it just for the sake of wanting it though.

    toxic fpv

    not at all…. foldable phones have a long way to go before i will get back into that style of phone….. im literally unloading my fold 4 today to move to the s23 ultra


    Not at £1749

    Dominic Thomas

    Not yet, but this is definitely the form factor that I want to replace my iPhone and iPad mini at some point.


thank you for the side by side
the numbers are smaller but side by side bigger pretty cool

Tom S

I like the idea and in some cases the execution of foldable phones a lot – but. I fail to see how such a thing would work for me – in function, daily.


I will wait for this to go on sale like most other google phones usually do


    Finger crossed it drops in price to under $1000


    If it’s reduced by 80%, I’ll be interested😂


No stylus! Thats crazy for foldable phones.

Cameron Bosch

I had a Galaxy Fold 2, but I switched back to a standard S22 Ultra after a nightmare with customer support. For $2000, it shouldn’t be bad!

Though tbh, I dont think I’ll be buying another smartphone anytime soon. I’ll probably just root a Pixel if I need a smartphone after Samsung eventually ends OS updates for my phone.

Hanley Gibbons

Add Slim Pen support and this is what the Surface Duo should have been.


This at $1800 has the same processor as the $500 7a. Does that make the 7a a better deal or the Pixel Fold a worse deal?

    Josiah Slade

    Companies have been maintaining consistency across multiple products, ranging from the M2 processor in iPads to MacBooks, and the Snapdragon 800s across various devices. At this point, the price reflects the cost of research and development, as well as the experience you receive from the product. The processor is sufficiently good across the board.


    @Josiah Slade Sure, but there’s yet to be a gap of that size in relation to price. There’s a big question mark over battery performance of the G2 for the new fold.

    Hilario Sevilla

    I don’t see why people would want this phone with the inferior hardware at that price. As a fold 3 user and no way I would consider a pixel.

Akil Madan

The hinge, those bezels and that bumper case, I am getting heavy surface duo vibes 😘


Can’t wait for the siefert deep dives to come! Not into foldables, but intrigued by the possibilities.

Daemon Targaryen

The more I see the Pixel Fold, the more I like it. Would get it in white as I enjoyed the silver iPhone X I had before selling it after 2 months because battery life was so bad. I need to wait another 6 months to get the Pixel Fold at half the price or so. No way I’m paying $1,800 for this. I’m still paying off my Flip 3 from 2 years ago for another year.

Google needs to push for trade-in deals. The reason I like it is because it’s small when closed like a Find N and N2. The big bezels don’t really bother me. I’m hoping Zvelsiem makes a faux leather case for it. Covers the hinge completely. I really enjoy the feel of their cases. They’re usually out of stock with their Z Fold/Flip cases.

On AT&T, they’re very selective with which phones working on their 5G network. I can’t import an Oppo Find N2 or vivo X Flip. My only foldable choices are really from Samsung and maybe Motorola. At least Pixel Fold offers a different alternative for those who don’t want Samsung. This is really what the Surface Duo 1 and 2 should’ve been.

This Pixel Fold was delayed for nearly 2 years. It was supposed to come out in late-2021 but Google focused pushing the Pixel 6 series more. I guess it was worth the wait like Top Gun: Maverick.


    Pixel fold 2 should be better.

Minekey J

I’m an iPhone user for over 15 years now, first time i’ve been truly impressed by an Android phone.




I’ll wait until gen 2 before I decide if I’d get one. First gen seems impressive tho


Finally some competition!!


I want to see how the Pixel Fold will do against the Z Fold 5, Oppo N3, Vivo X Fold 2/2 Plus and Honor Magic V2 later at a very expensive price for the specs it carries


Great review.

Ron C

The new Pixel Fold looks similar to the Microsoft Duo 2 because of its dimensions.

Gabriel Moro

The difference to the Fold is huge. Looks much much better.

Anthony Gale

At $1800 they need to guarantee more than 3 years of major version updates.


Thanks for comparing thoroughly with the thickness of the Z Fold 4.

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