Google Pixel Fold, Tablet, and 7a are finally here! – Google I/O 2023 recap

In this video, we go over all the product announcements from Google I/O 2023, including the Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet.

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00:00 Another year, another I/O!
00:12 AI announcements
01:45 Google Pixel 7a
04:50 Google Pixel Fold
08:17 Google Pixel Tablet

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Luis F. G. Toro Sanoguet

im oddly interested in switching my s22 to the pixel 7, tho the 7a seems like a great deal imo


Yes I’ve been waiting for a pixel tablet….I got the old nexus 10 tablet which I love…but I’ve been waiting for a pixel tablet


after pixel 6 pro, I’ve learned my lesson, NEVER be google’s guinea pig for new products.

    Steve king

    Yep! Always wait for at least a year before you purchase the software experience will be much better.

    Skyy M

    I have discovered this having swapped to a P7. I really enjoyed the battery life upgrade from my S22. But yeah I miss One UI

    Joel Conolly

    But why? How else will we know if it’s better or not 🙂

    Matt Klein

    Unless it’s the Pixel Watch. I seriously love it, it’s my favorite wearable ever.

    Andrew Smith

    The pixel 6 is a solid phone the problem and android 12 not p6

Indi Vids

was interested in the fold but not for that price point

Blake Bush

Well, leave it to google… I’d have pre-ordered if they had stylus support 😢 guess I’m waiting on the fold 5


ordered the tablet. any idea what the refresh rate is?



I want to see how the Pixel Fold will do against the Z Fold 5, Oppo N3, Vivo X Fold 2/2 Plus and Honor Magic V2 later at a very expensive price for the specs it carries

Steve king

The pixel fold is a beautiful device even with the bezels but that price…YIKES!!!

    Christopher Poitras

    That’s just how much folds are going for now. You may see lite versions in the coming years that go for cheaper when the technology matures more and production costs are down.


Most likely I’m going to wait 6 months for price of fold also this will be my first fold lol

Kim Edora

The fact that we didn’t get a Pixel 8 teaser is both odd and sad.

    Christian Segarra Rios

    The pixel 8 will have a superior chipsets to the $1799 foldable, so it’s probably best to not mention that a few months after the fold release you can get a better performing device for half the price (even if we all know it’s coming).

Lisa Boban

Good roundup.

Daemon Targaryen

I’ll be very fascinated how Michael Fisher will feel when he gets this Pixel Fold and reviews it. He’s been using foldables since January 1, 2020. For this entire decade. But he’s only been using Samsung for the last 3.5 years. Those other ones are test units. Be curious how he’ll feel going to a non-Samsung foldable as a daily driver for the first time in this decade.

I actually really dig it because the Z Fold design never really made sense to me. It’s too narrow when closed which makes typing from the front a nightmare. Sure, it’s easier to grip but typing sucks. Then it’s also too tall even when closed. I think Google really nailed the dimensions to this. Short enough that it won’t stick out of your pocket. Wide enough to type from the outside. And it packs a bigger inner display even with all those bezels.

I do believe the Z Fold 5 will have better scores than this Pixel Fold. We’re comparing a Gen 5 product to a Gen 1. You would think Samsung would figure it out by now after 4 years of foldables. Their software experience should be more refined. Add the fact it has Dex. But I never understood the dimensions for them. Very , very few new smartphones excites me the last few years but this seems like one of them.

The Pixel Fold 1 is if the Surface Duo and Oppo Find N had a baby. I think this is going to be my favorite smartphone of the year even if it carries more flaws as the Z Fold 5 being that’s it’s a Gen 1 product without enough years of refinement. Looks way more pocketable and I love the fingerprint scanner is on the power button and not an in-display like the Pixel 6 and 7 which I hate. Too slow. Side button is way more instant.

Looks like a winner, Michael Fisher. Can’t wait for you to review it. I’ll get it in white too and put a clear case on it like my iPhone X. Looks fire with a clear case and the silver chromey sides.

*139.7* x 79.5 x 12.1 mm (when closed)

Nearly the same height as the HTC One M7 and Nexus 5. Hell yeah! Hell naw to the price.


    I miss the days of the HTC One M7 and Nexus 5

Daemon Targaryen

People are saying, just wait for V2 or V3. Maybe I will. First generation products do usually suck. And you pay the most for them that might be filled with bugs. Let them refine it a couple more times.

My biggest concern is if I wait…What if it gets bigger and bigger like the Z Folds? I’ve read last year that the Oppo Find N3 to be released this year will only get bigger. Oppo may never return to the size of the first two gens.

Maybe I’ll wait for V2 or V3. I felt Pixel peaked at Pixel 2 XL and 3 any way. But I do hope they maintain this size for a couple more generations. I think that would be cool if Google offered us free Google Photos uploaded in OG quality for life like they did to Gen 1 Pixel owners.

I think first gen owners deserves a perk like that again and not be used as guinea pigs for Google’s beta products. They’re paying so much upfront when Pixels are known to hit rock bottom prices in 6 months since they have terrible resale value.

Can pick up a Pixel Fold for $800 in perfect condition from OfferUp by December. I saw a Pixel 7 go for $300 only a few months after release. That’s half of its MSRP. Pixels are the cheapest to buy from sites like OfferUp since nobody really wants them like people who want Apple or Samsung.

Josef Torkelsen

What do people rate as one of the top priority features on phones, battery life. Why do all manufacturers continue to give us less when people wouldn’t mind thicker phones especially when camera bumps stick out.

MLBB Gameplays

The hindi attempt was pretty good and fun


Good for people wanting the Pixel Fold. It’s gonna be a great phone. I do need my S-Pen tho. Sorry Google.

Edit: WAIT $1799 for a new product? Have fun rich people lol.


You can buy the 7a and the pixel tablet for less than the fold 🤡

Sai Sibi

That Hindi was not actually bad. It did not feel like a foreign person speaking a new language. Pretty good job mate.

ᴛʜᴇ ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ

Why get the 7a when you could just get the 7 for cheaper or 7pro for the same amount. These phones value drop so fast, the budget option makes no sense sines they all become budget. I got the 7 pro new for 495. Great phone but I switched to a competitor phone that holds its value.

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