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João Oliveira

Faster than google to announce the phone

    Fullweezy 35

    They showed it at Google io a few hours ago


    Google has announced it weeks ago, i saw it on their Instagram.

    Billy ray Lorenz

    Except they released info on it like a week ago, and showcased it at io earlier today. Not to mention Google sent him this phone to show off and review. So him being able to show it, is because Google allowed him to do so


    Except Front Page Tech announced it 7 months ago LMAO

    Adeesha Nimsara

    Please sir give me a phone

Prince Revolver

Absolutely love the design and aspect ratio.

Siegbert schnösel

Google nailed with the form factor. Kinda like a throwback to those old 16:9 ratios, which comes in very handy in “smartphone mode”. With Google doing the software work Im quite confident the Pixel Fold will take the foldable experience to another level.(at least for their formfactor). Bezels are a bit big on the interior screen but otherwise I love it. Also looking forward to Android 14 as it will bring major improvements for all foldable users(to some extent).


    I kind of appreciate the bezels


    @BJNM why?


    @Swift sometimes I wonder if we need all of the screening for the contents and gets lost when you’re watching YouTube or Netflix or any kind of media watching that we do which is gonna be black bars anyways

    Thomas Biers

    Samsung Foldables are much cleaner because they have astronomically thinning bezels


    I think the big bezels were designed so your thumbs don’t rest on the screen when watching content. Looks similar to the Windows phone in form factor

The Digital Lens

The pricetag is a big disappointment. Only 3 countries get the pixel watch bundled with the phone in this price tag. Other countries where their currency is already weak due to rising $, other brands won’t be worried as their prices are lower. Hopefully Google can slash their prices quickly in coming months.


    At those prices you’re paying for both… Google has the worst watch of the big smartwatch companies anyway.

    The Digital Lens

    @TheRealist1 yes but its limited to 3 countries. For the rest the price tag is same


    @The Digital Lens I’m just saying you aren’t missing out on anything. I understand the point you made.

Raffi Melkonian

Guessing they saved the thinner bezels for Pixel Fold 2.

    Smurf Xuesheng

    Hoping so!


    We need Bezles to not touch the screen


    And a new processor lol


    @A42yearoldARAB do we need a new processor lol

Capy Landeta

I miss the time when he actually made an “Unboxing”

    Saad Jameel

    Realized halfway through the video that there is no unboxing 😂
    I agree with you, this channel isn’t the same anymore.

    Fajar Kurniawan

    for this video
    it’s an early review product. no retail box yet
    maybe they send the phone in an envelope with a bubble wrap

    I rarely watched this channel, so I have no idea that he skipped the unboxing lately

    Saad Jameel

    @Fajar Kurniawan It’s definitely an early review unit.
    Used to love his take on latest tech, but his channel’s direction has changed.
    Also, the title says “unboxing” and there’s no box in the video, I think it was misleading.

Damon Alfero

Looks like what the duo should have been. Shame Microsoft pretty much abandoned the device. But I always loved the form factor. I’ve used a fold forever, but these dimensions are what I loved about duo. So this is a day one purchase for me. Easy choice. Just hope that the kindle app automatically defaults to the two column (two page) mode like the duo did. That’s going to be an IMMEDIATE buy if it does. Can’t wait for more reviews.😊

    Liam Featherstone

    The Microsoft duo dis get a duo 2 did they not or didn’t that come I to fruition

Thomas Biers

Samsung’s Z Fold 5 is what I’ll be waiting for 🥰


They should have the on-screen keyboard switch to a regular-ish keyboard (without the thumbs split) when in easel mode, so it’s basically a laptop.

Becky Huskey

I am so excited about this. It is like the size of my old note phones that I have missed so much!!



Seems like a very solid entry into the folding space, well done Google. I really like that they made it thinner than everyone else, it’s an absolute must! My only big-ish concerns are battery life and price point. Crossing my fingers for black friday deals!

    Let’s be honest, I’m a Prat

    This person gets it 😂

Scott Casner

I’d order that right now if I was able. FAR BETTER form factor than the Z Fold 5… and much better looking. Nice work, Google!

    Dert Eater


    Scott Casner

    I’m not worried about the price


I’ve been using the Z fold 3 for a quite a long time now. I skipped the Z fold 4 because it just didn’t seem like it was worth the upgrade. The chinese (or where ever) foldables have that very inticing wide fold over samsungs thinner fold, and I’ve always wanted that on a phone based out of the U.S. I’ll probably pick this up when (if) the price ever drops.

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