Google Pixel Tablet Hands-On: The Android Tablet We’ve Been Waiting for

Fast, affordable and designed for the home, Google’s new tablet looks to make up for Android tablet mistakes of the past — but where’s the keyboard?

0:00 Intro
0:20 Google Pixel Tablet Speaker Dock
1:16 Pixel Tablet performance
1:54 Pixel Tablet design
2:04 How does it work for kids?

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Dana Bell

I’m gonna have to wait for more hands on reviews. It sound like it’ll be a decent tablet but I have no interest in a hub, shared tablet or using that huge base to charge it. Still more competition is better in the end.

    Nishant Srivastava

    Charge it off the USB-C then?

    Martin Jowsey

    I got a hub in a package when I bought my pixel 4 phone it’s great.

    Dana Bell

    @Nishant Srivastava Yeah. Like I said, I want to see more hands on reviews. I want to see what the options are and really want to see if the tablet can keep up with other $500 tablets given they sunk resources into the base unit.

Shane Walker

This is ideal for my needs


The magnet dock is pretty cool. But yeah buyers should always be cautious of Google’s first gen stuff, there is always something about them. Hopefully it’s solid I would consider one if it’s worth it.

    Martin Jowsey

    you can say that about any new produce/device, batch 1 is unlikely to be the best


    ​@Martin Jowsey they’re not new to tablets or phones… I’ve been unimpressed with Pixel phones, I used to use the Nexus Tabs and I wanna give this one a shot.


    not their first tablet


I wonder if they’ll release a keyboard accessory. It has the POGO pins. Google did nail the price though with the stand included.

    Matthew Burton

    Unfortunately the pricing means it’ll be a flop in the UK. Pixel 7a $499 -> £450, tablet $499 -> £600. Makes zero sense.

Asad Ullah

Google want it to succeed they should focus more of google home and introduce more AI features with that

Fabián Horta

Amazon needs to copy this format for an Echo show.

Liam Kennedy

It’s an extremely clever idea honestly, good on Google for doing something different and making a tablet with multiple functions

Illusionz Productions

Getting it for sure awesome job by Google.

Matthew Nealon

My question is a make or break buy for me. Does it have nest home monitoring on it when it’s docked like how the hub max has it? I haven’t seen any reports on it yet



Edis Delgado

I will describe it as a tablet that’s also a Home hub not the other way around

Delon Serino

This is what the regular ipad should do. There are 3 pins at the back that would do the same but isn’t used to its full potential.


I hope they have worked on the “Home” app for this. Currently on my Chromebook the app will not connect to my Google speakers a lot of times. I have 4 speakers and 3 groups. It will sometimes just connect to one speaker in a group of two. I would use this tablet as a hub to control music but if the Home app isn’t fixed, I won’t buy one.

Wilber Alemán

It would be great with an OLED screen. 😩

Nidhim Kochhar

Love my nest hub, I will most probably replace it with this.

Not that interested in taking my tablet with me out of the house but around the house could be nice

Amir Moradi

Two things I wanna know

1) does it have a camera cover?

2) does it have smart battery management? Ie does it always stay charged at 100% which strains the battery? Or does It offer an option to only charge to say… 80% and then just draw power form the dock?

Chris Johannsen

60hz is a dealbreaker. This combined with the pixel watch being way too small for my wrist and tensor falling way behind the competition on battery performance makes me wonder why I still want Google to succeed.


    60hz for a $500 tablet that doubles up as a speaker stand is fine. The iPad air is more expensive and also has 60hz

    Chris Johannsen

    @ThePostman it’s not fine, 60hz is ancient technology

Noud Ockeloen

Its looking slow to me! I hope it isnt. I look forward to a indept revieuw. How is it compared to the tab s8? And how are the speakerdock?

Michael Skinner

I really like the idea that their home hub is the centerpiece. Once you take it off the dock, you can use it like any other tablet.

Sooner or later they’re going to make folios and expandable keyboards that are more suited to it.

What I’m concerned about is how good it is in benchmark and gaming. With controllers and all that.
Google and Android have been doing gaming now for a while, i’d like to see how the keyboard and controller do well with games, specifically with games like Apex and Modern Warfare.

Samsung has already positioned themselves as the de facto in both CPU and GPU for android tablets. I’m Very curious how this stacks up, especially the Mali GPU and it’s architecture.

Michael Skinner

Can it support Nvidia’s, Valve’s, or any other game streaming?

Nizar Noor

Looks very nice! I just bought a Nest Hub Max a few months ago though!

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