Google’s FIRST ANDROID TABLET in YEARS! – Pixel Tablet hands-on

In this video, C. Scott Brown gets his hands on Google's first Android tablet in years: the Pixel Tablet, which was just announced today during Google I/O 2023.

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Robert Ybarra

A shame the speaker dies after the tablet comes off.

    Tyler Youngman

    Deal breaker for many

    Lisa Boban

    It is a weird choice for Google to make. Seems like adding the ability to be an independent speaker would be rather simple engineering. Maybe nobody thought of it!

Vito Vizziato

I’m most likely going to get one

Paul T Sjordal

At this point, Google’s abandonment reputation is hurting them.

The Slate looked like a very interesting product, but before I could get around to buying it, Google pulled the plug and abandoned the whole product line.

I think that is going to hurt any attempt to convince the public to buy another Google tablet. No matter how good the hardware and software are (and it will probably be quite good), who wants to buy a tablet that won’t last longer than a year? If I buy a Samsung tablet, I know I am going to get 4 years of firmware updates, but we know this is going to be dropped by Google in one to two years.

    Lisa Boban

    Exactly. I would love to buy this. I have a Pixel 7pro and I love it. I loved my last Google tablet. But Google abandoned it. This looks like an excellent option, but I’m afraid to invest because I don’t trust it.

Jimmy Quach

i have 2 key questions:

– can the speaker dock be used as a smart speaker by itself
– can you have the tablet display the calendar when docked?

    Eduardo Garcia

    He literally answered your first question in the video

    Jimmy Quach

    @Eduardo Garcia ok I will watch the video now

Dylan Hunter

Holy smokes, get that man a micro fiber for that camera lens!

    Tim B

    Yeah, feels a little amateur hour.

    Phil Knall

    Looks like sensor dust to me. But yeah pretty terrible.

Ex Tra

Should’ve at least been 90hz damn

    Walter Olleroch

    Everyone wants a Ferrari for the cheapest price that will never happen so be contend

Jim Isaaca

This tablet would be rill nice with a higher refresh rate. Cant blv myself buying 60hz for that price while i can get the likes of xiaomi pad 6/6pro or Oneplus pad with much higher specs for lower the price. Its an early L for this tablet which looked promising.

Coco Loco

Looks great! Good price point too. For me, the only problem has to be a lack of stylus coming in box with it

Will Wunsche

I think they should make a Nexus 7 style successor. Good software, good dual front facing speakers, high refresh rate, good screen, soft touch plastic back, great price. I would really like that

I really love the charging dock concept (reminds me of Razer Viper Ultimate and Switch) but… in this price bracket it feels like a Wii U gamepad style gimick (which I love but a little too expensive portion of the budget that hurts the specs in comparisons) and a slightly underwhelming spec sheet.

The mid range android tablet with good stock-ish software is an unserved market I think some people would really be into if they put passion and marketing into it towards a budget helpful tool for customization and casual content consumption

Charles Wilder

Already ordered it 🎉

Kim Edora

The big turnoff is that it’s only 60hz


I think they should have used newer updated parts in the tablet. Having the same as the last tablet, I don’t think as many people are payout that much money for one that comes with a dock that is useless when the tablet is removed. Like the Galaxy S23 Ultra, many of the specs have been improved over the S22 Ultra. Can tablets make use of wireless charging? I know the ones I have don’t. I have the newer Kindle Fire that does not have that wheel but an actual table look.


Doesn’t anybody realize that having a white frame around the screen has an effect on your eyes ability to see detail in the image because your pupil will contract slightly.


can you connect this to a monitor or tv?

Dr. Riyaj Jayaprakash

Would love to see the dock feature on pixel fold


60hz Display.. wtf?
I literally had every pixel device except the 3, and I wanted a pixel tablet so bad. But coming from 120hz P7P, having an 144hz Monitor at home and work, 60hz feels like 2015..
Even 90hz should be enough, but 60 really is a deal breaker.

Mike A

If it could just be a Google speaker when you pull it off it would be a no brainer! So if you are playing music/ listening to a podcast through it and undock it just turns off?? Bummer

wait wait wait now does “chromecast built-in” potentially mean that we might be able to use that “chromecast built-in server” on other android devices too? because that’d be really cool

Marty Yu

You don’t need to take off the knobs to open it. Just the side screws.


that’s why it’s important to wipe your lens before shoot

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