Pixel 7A Review: Google’s Budget Phone Gets an Upgrade

Of Google’s phones, the Pixel 7A feels like the right choice for most people given its similarities to the Pixel 7.

0:00 Pixel 7A unboxing
0:12 Intro
0:27 Pixel 7A Price
1:27 Comparing Pixel Phones
2:20 Pixel 7A screen
2:53 Pixel 7A camera
4:30 Processor and performance
5:28 Pixel 7A battery life
6:22 Conclusion

Read the CNET Review for more information:
Pixel 7A Review: Basically Google's Pixel 7 for $100 Less

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Phoenix Grey


Shankar Kandregula


Stanford King Jr

Man these budget phones are really getting good.


its sad when 500 dollars now is considered “budget” that used to be flagship price not that long ago. i for one will never spend more than 300 bucks for a new phone. i learned my lesson from the last couple of flagships that didnt even last 3 years due to the battery having issues.

    The Engineer

    I agree. $500 is still a lot of money.

    Partha Bhattacharya

    Black Friday


It looks pretty chunky

Rayan Moideenkutty

500 views in 18 mins



The Engineer

You save 100% when you don’t spend more money on a a phone you don’t need.

Michael Moran

Is this phone overheating.


I found myself looking at her uneven nails throughout the whole video than the phone.😵‍💫… surely cnet has to pay enough to invest in a nail file or clippers.🤔

Darren Dyson

Solid review if not a brief review at that. Slight thing I’m confused on is why not mention the camera specs just a little bit?

Keshawn Cross

Pixel 7a looks quite nice tbh and didnt expect a camera upgrade on this series which shocked me

Michael Livote

I jumped on this one simply because Google is bundling it with a free set of their Buds plus a free limited edition case, both would cost well over $100 bucks making this a $400 phone with something to show for the lower cost. If you watched either the LTT live stream or Unbox Therapy’s live stream you could have nailed an additional $50 bucks off making all of the deals combined a no brainer over the standard 7. Even without that last deal, it’s still an amazing deal. Nice review!

chinmoy s

Love CNET ❤️


Does this have expandable storage or a 256gb option?

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