Sony Xperia 1 V Review

The new Sony Xperia 1 V retains all the best features of previous Xperia 1 phones, like a 4K high refresh rate display, expandable storage, cutting edge cameras with eye tracking autofocus, a 5,000-mAh battery, a dedicated hardware shutter button and a headphone jack; all wrapped in Sony's lovely mundane and utilitarian design.

0:00 Intro
1:10 The XPERIA 1 V
1:42 The Cameras
2:55 New 52MP Main Camera and Sensor
4:04 Photo Comparisons
6:06 Night Mode
6:58 Video
8:16 Conclusion

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Did you not try the S-Cinetone?

Farhan Tajuddin

I’ve been holding off Sony’s 2021 and 2022 flagship phone because of the thermal-inefficient SoC. Now that Qualcomm finally got things right again with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 alongside Sony themselves giving bigger heat dissipation, this is definitely my next phone.


    I’ll wait for the Xperia 5 v to upgrade from my OG Xperia 1. I had an Xperia 5 iv for a month, but I ran into issues losing connection to mobile network and the phone did get hot during heavy use.

    Jay Kalinka

    @I_THE_ME I have the feeling that i will move to Xperia 1 IV instead from my OG Xperia 1. Its right now $800 while the 5 V is probaby $1000

    Konstantin Dyatlov

    5G is hot and low signal

The SONY Technology Enthusiast


    Recep Metin Erdem

    Lol with a 1/3.5″ sensor on the zoom? 2 years ago they used a bigger sensor


    โ€‹@Recep Metin ErdemThe range has improved, obviously to maintain the same footprint as before, they had to make some hardware compromises to enable it.
    At the very least, when you ask Sony to shoot 4K 60fps videos, then it will shoot 4K 60fps videos right from the start until the end, and not drop the frame rate from 40 to 45 fps like what Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and others are doing.

    Justin E

    No they didn’t. Sony’s smartphones are just weak clones of Samsung.

Joel Conolly

Dude you should definitely get it and try it out daily. Maybe some things will surprise you ๐Ÿ˜


Very underrated phone sony really create masterpiece


I read the review on Cnet. You seem to worry about the price of the phone, but you barely talked about how the phone has strong capability as a field monitor for your alpha camera. That alone would justify the price over iPhone and Galaxy S23. Seems like you reviewed the phone without taking into account its use case for the intended audience.


    That’s probably even less useful as the Samsung Knights always saying “but it has DEX.” It’s just not a practical feature for the 99% of average consumers. And if you were really a dedicated videographer, I’d rather fork up for an actual Atomos or whatever.


    That and no mention of 4K 120 FPS recording on all rear cameras


    @thatsalamebro Average consumers don’t buy this phone, nor should they. The top device seller in android land is the A series from Samsung,a mid-range phone. Also, an atomos ninja V brand new costs over 500 dollars and only last for a few hours on battery. Never mind the fact the Xperia can also save the footage while streaming. Neither the iPhone or Galaxy can do that, assuming they can even be hooked up to an atomos. Your statement proves my point.


Another YouTuber on here mentioned that they were still on a preproduction model and couldn’t give a full review just yet. Is it the same with your copy?

It does have the new Artistic Styles that you can customize, as well.


    He said it’s a pre-production model. 1:17
    Did you even watch the video?


7:18 HDR in videos is set to off by default. I know, it should be on by default, just Sony being Sony I guess.

    Farhan Tajuddin

    I was thinking of the same. There’s no way HDR ON will produce such overblown highlights.


Love the ridgy grippy sides and back. Others should absolutely follow.

Sean Hsiao

Does the main camera actually output 48mp still photos? or still just 12mp?


    12 only like pixel 7 pro


I like everything. I’m only interested in optical video stabilization in practice


Nice review, and honestly you forgot some of the main features of the phone … like the headphone jack, the screen with NO notch and no hole punch, the micro SD card support, tool-free sim swapping …. the fact that the device supports DUAL SIMs! And so much more makes it worth the extra $200 over the S23 Ultra …. This is where I think this review fails, it is only comparing cameras …. but the Sony has WAAAAY more cutting edge features than just cameras …. The free headset with the pre-order are worth $200, so really the phone is $1200 …. anyways!

    Happy Atheists!

    heck yeah.just need charger in da box and good quality wire earphones ๐Ÿ˜Š


    @Happy Atheists! agreed, but its damn near perfect!

Jason Mason

8:46 yea but 14 pro isnt in the same screen size category therefore this comparison is not accurate. The Xperia 1 V comes to the US probably with 512 gig. When you compare it to the iphone 14 pro max 512 gig it is also 1399$. High price indeed but a better comparison here.


how is the quality of the cellular connection to the network because in their last models it was almost tragic and after how many seconds the phone overheats when recording higher than fullhd hmm?


Yap it’s more expensive basically but do not forget you can put external SD card up to 1TB.

    James Company

    Yes, that’s the selling part. Having an SD card solidifies future proofing

Ewan Zolkarnain

We hope the Sony can give us 5 years of OS update and security update.. sure this phone will be popular


Incredible camera phone โค


I think Sony would do better in the cellphone market if their phones were widely available.

    Jay Kalinka

    I think Sony doesnt want to be put in the “mainstream” market like Samsung, Huawei, etc. because they follow the wishes of Sony customers: Headphone jack, OLED-4K Display, high pixel density, High-Res sound quality, LDAC and AptX HD support, pro camera support for Regisseur Content Creators, etc.
    Those are the points why i still didnt grab the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, because Sony is still better in those aspects.

Redstoneinvente Game Studio

Did you use S Cinetone or HDR when shooting video? By default it’s sdr

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