They sent me a MYSTERY laptop 🫣

Thanks to ASUS for sponsoring the video! Check out the Zenbook S 13 OLED here:

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this is the earliest I’ve ever been for an Austin video. Looking forward to what I know will be an amazing video by the team 🙂

Ari Martinez

Asus refused to warranty repair a tablet for me and I’ve been boycotting since. Am I being petty?


    No a lot of these companies suck In regards to warranty. Screw them.


    No not at all

    Vipul Vij

    absolutely the fk not!

    Miguel Ramalho

    not to defend the brand, but I sent a laptop 6 times for repair during the warranty years, and they always fix it, and they are usually fast, 7-8 days of repair


    Nope, same experience, probably the worst customer care Ive received. Havent bought an Asus product in 10 years because of that, and Ive bought a lot of stuff, so the joke is on them as I see it


They make really good monitors too

Kyle’s Mods

It is very nice. But sticking with my hp envy 13 over this


So you telling me that you can make an ultra portable laptop with no notches and multiple I/Os?

    Fat Thor

    Dear Apple,

    This! 👆🏻☝🏻



    Could you make a video about you comparing Amd and intel with all categories😢

    Blue berry

    always has been


    😲 shocked


This review must have been done by an imposter. Not once did he sniff the laptop…that or he is finally growing up to be responsible. Brings a tear to my eye.

Rich Conroy

That laptop is just about as thin as a blu ray case. That is absolutely bananas.


ASUS not being on top of my list right now… but it looks serviceable.


I just got the Asus Creator Q laptop, which is basically a reskinned Vivobook as a Best Buy exclusive. It’s cheaper than this laptop and has much better specs. Same screen as well.


No need to guess if those are Thunderbolt ports, there’s a thunderbolt icon next to them 😉

I wouldn’t mind a laptop being a little thicker just to have the ability to upgrade ram and ssd

    Do Do

    It’s not about thicker or not. Upgradeable ram in 13 inch laptop mean lower battery capacity and if it upgradeable it usualy mean one slot upgradeable the other one is soldered. If you do want full upgradeable laptop its usually start from 15 inch and sometimes 14 is also capable with only one slot of NVME.

Dan Simms

Though it’s not a product that i would get, it certainly looks to be one heck of a nice thin and light laptop.


For those who don’t know, Windows 11 now allows you to move the start menu BACK to the left! 👍


other then the cpu what was the other heat pipe going too?


I’d love one of these.


Yeah no …
My last ASUS laptop malfunctioned so badly I’m never buying anything Asus ever again.
Even when I took it in for a repair they took more than a month to try and fix it before eventually just giving up and giving me a refund.


If the battery life is good it’s a nice option.

Luis E. Pérez V.

As a chemistry teacher, I died a little inside when they said that Asus only used water and electricity and “no chemicals”. Water IS a chemical 😅


    do you cook

    Myke V

    Water. The universal solvent.

    Shocking Pikachu

    They obviously mean no *harsh* chemicals or environmentally impactful chemicals. But yeahhh. Gotta remember this is for the general public so chemistry knowledge isn’t super widespread.

Luke Glover

I thought he was going to say sniff test, when he said the first thing he always does with a new device. Haha

Mom Amanda

I don’t understand their RAM decision at all..

5200mhz? Is the CPU binned that badly?

Especially since its soldered to the motherboard and literally directly next to the CPU, it should be able to run MUCH faster. Then again, this is a business machine not a workstation or a gaming device. Understandable I guess. Probably also battery life.

But seriously tho, 6000mhz would be in there for sure if not way more

chris simmons

yeah eco friendly should mean upgradable ram . one of the reason laptops get tossed is low ram . the user exceeds the ram built in

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