Who Would be Stupid Enough to Buy a $1000 Game Console on Aliexpress?

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We saw some questionable "game consoles" while browsing AliExpress, but when we found one that was being sold for about a thousand dollars, we knew we had to buy it. How many pirated games could it possibly hold, and just what do you get when you buy a Kinhank Super Console X G1?

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:05 Unboxing
2:20 Specs
3:15 Teardown
4:40 I/O and Marketing
6:25 Booting it Up
8:25 Batocera
11:21 Marble Madness
12:25 Jet Set Radio Future
14:00 Power Stone
15:30 Tekken 5
16:20 Conclusion
17:27 Outro




i like how proud plouffe was about finding something linus could not immediately open.



    MidWest Pimp



    ​@hank ok


    @hank ok




I would actually love to see some comparisons to other options. Like Plouffe said at 1-200$ it could be interesting




    That’s it’s price on the bezos site

    Jay Dee

    You got the worst one out there…. There’s better ones with the “same” amount of games out there 🤷‍♂️


    Miyoo Mini Plus is the best device I’ve ever bought, it’s just $80 bucks.


    Even better, just clone the entire Linux partition and you can have all the games in your own PC

DaLoveDonkey Drums and Gaming

I’d totally watch a complete live stream of poor couch companionship and a play-thru of a ton of these games.


    how old are u?


    @hank lol what does that have to do with anything they said.? I’d love to watch a play through of some of these games too.


    🍓 🍓

    DaLoveDonkey Drums and Gaming

    @hank Not gonna lie here Hank, kind of weird to ask that of a stranger especially when it doesn’t fit the context lmao. I’m around Linus’s age and happen to like emulators and retro games(ff3/6 is my favorite). So my comment seems pretty fitting on this video, your’s however 😅


    @DaLoveDonkey Drums and Gaming ok. Mike O’hearn is watching


I remember having one of those 99-games-in-1 handhelds back in the late 90s that was almost entirely just variations of Breakout, Space Invaders and Asteroids. The pirated fake console business has really improved since then.


    I find things like all in 1 consoles/handhelds fascinating. Like there’s a company out here making these with employees doing r&d, manufacturing etc.. All on the premise of emulated/pirated games.

    It’s just really interesting to me how shady some companies can be. A functional “legal” company that’s entire business model is not entirely legal. Granted it’s China.. but similar things go on in the US.


    ​@beeman4266 I don’t know how “shady” it really is to be “pirating” ZX Spectrum, Commodore and NES games in 2023. Risky perhaps in the case of the few companies (Nintendo, Sony) that still exist and care, but portraying retro games as a shady crime is like talking about jaywalking, or not using your signal when turning left from a left-turn-only lane as though it’s ‘criminal activity.’



    paz e amor

    @dgpx84 Very well put. I couldn’t agree with you more.


These seems to be spare Chatreey mini PCs they used to sell last year for 500-800 bucks equipped with either GTX 1650 or RTX 2060, pretty good value back then.


    these were sold under various names, I remember Nvisen for instance, all with the same design and GTX 1650, cpus were 8th gen i5/i7/i9… and yeah you could have found them “on sale” very frequently for less than 600 bucks… no way I would pay 1000 bucks for this one today


If anyone is seriously unaware, the retro gaming hardware coming out of China for the last several years has been insane. The massive competition has basically come to handhelds that can play almost every system if you get the right device.

    Rizqi H

    Any website that have recommended console from China?


    💀 💀

    Bob Smith

    Almost every system is a bold overstatement. You need something like the Aya Neo for that. The “cheap” handhelds all of limitations. And they’ve been stagnant for years now. They haven’t started using better CPUs and the Mail GPUs are pretty weak.


    @Rizqi H Watch videos from retro game corps, he delves into each console and its features so you can pick what fits you best 🙂


    @Bob Smith Yeah, that is totally my fault for making that claim. Not even counting my Steam Deck, I have multiple “retro” handhelds.

    I honestly wouldn’t try to emulate anything from XB360 or beyond.


Definitely feels like a “hey, we scored a couple cartons of gamer-y looking units from an HTPC company that went under for almost nothing, let’s just load them up with illegal software and see how much we can sell them for” situation. Not the worst plan ever, to be fair, and if a couple other content-creators get curious enough to bite then it might even turn a profit if they invested little enough in the packaging and such.

    Formidable Frank

    Definitely read this in Linusvoice.

    Spot on my man.


    I really don’t think Chinese companies are putting up random products onto AliExpress expecting _content creators_ to feature them, lol. Look at the price. They were going for some oblivious Westerner buying one of those once in a blue moon (for a special Western price) and already the other 99 in stock are made up for so they won’t lose any money. Each additional sale means big, fat profit.


    @Nitidus They also do dynamic pricing – Someone bought one? Put the price up 10%. If it sells again, repeat. If it doesn’t sell for a few days, drop the price back down again.
    If a few youtubers in a row buy these things with sponsor money they can very quickly get up to silly prices. Give it a month and this’ll be back at $500

    Randarr The Barbarian

    @Haral I mean you can buy them at that without the emulator OS, If you wanted to spend $1000 with more powerful hardware instead of 120k games it’s offered with an i9 10885H and an RTX 2060 at $1000 at the max config of 32gb of RAM and a 2tb SSD. I found same spec as their hardware for under $600


    @Randarr The Barbarian Yes, but I’m referring to individual listings, not these packaged emulator boxes as a category. This particular one is at $1000 because people bought it a few times. It’ll drop in price again once the youtubers stop buying them. Whoever listed it has a pallet of them, they’re not in any great hurry to sell and want the most profit per unit they can get, but they won’t hold at a price that doesn’t sell any units


Oh, I wanted to see Amiga games on it. Frontier Elite, Alien Breed 3D. Stuff that would be even greater on a fast CPU (relative to the Amiga).

A non

Bought a CD in a former soviet country as a kid that claimed to have 1250 games. It was full of demos. Still hurts not knowing what happened to it. Missed the bubble bobble demo where the dragons get fire breath, something you get a chance at trying as the credits rolled. I don’t know if brain is playing tricks on me, or if that demo really did look as amazing as I remember. Wasn’t able to find any version of bubble bobble that clean looking…

    ben wu

    Ah Bubble Bobble bring back many memories of the arcades, and Amiga. and now I have the theme song stuck in my head.


    My dad used to get shareware 5.25″ floppies in the mail when I was a kid. A new one every month or something. They all came on colored disks and when I got my first hand me down PC it was fun going through all the disks and finding games that worked. There was a pretty fun Tetris one called Double Blocks. I wanted a color monitor to play that one.

Ghomer Hust

i kinda dig this. it’s legit decent hardware, has a decent looking package, and is pre-set-up for plug and play.

    Doctor Nemmo

    But not for $1000.

    Admiral Kaede

    lol legit


A lot of these consoles were purpose built for emulation but the pamphlet has to say otherwise. I bought a Miyoo Mini Plus for around CA$75 and it’s not the best built, but it’s a nice console. Can play most retro consoles up to PS1. Well worth the money imo, considering the community CFW that is made for these devices. Single Board Computer Gaming (e.g. retro emulation handhelds) is something worth looking into. The competition in this space is insane.


Not only do PS2 controllers have analog face buttons, they have inbuilt calibration firmware for the joysticks. They almost never got stick drift because any drift was calibrated for every time the controller powers on.

That’s why sometimes you would have to wiggle the sticks around for them to be centered properly.


    looks like that one video about stick drift was on a ton of peoples front pages/suggestions


    @Knaeckebrotsaege I find it odd Linus didn’t mention anything about it specifically because I remember him explaining it in a video. I think the one about the replacement hall effect joysticks for the steamdeck.

    David Goodnow

    Nice info!

    Charlie Ricker

    I had no idea they were analog. I owned a PS2 for years too.

    Andrew N

    @Charlie Ricker it was a big thing on launch that the buttons was analog, but I think all buttons were analog (or rather pressure sensitive)? also the x o square etc. not just the front facing ones


The fact that Linus is having fun is a testament


    A testament to RetroArch, NHL 94′, Marble Madness, Power Stone, JSRF, and Tekken.

None Yet

Excellent timing on this considering Nintendo is on the war path right now due to emulation and piracy. I’m sure you’re on their naughty list now.

    Kristoffer Egilmar

    even emulation? lol


    @Kristoffer Egilmar these days you only need to look at your switch with impure thoughts and Nintendo will send the Pinkertons to break your kneecaps


For those who’s wandering, the first game is name “game of life”, a cool and well known 0 player game. It simulate surviving where a square name cell need to have an other one next to it to survive. You can create some really good pattern with it up to recreating the game inside himself

    Chaos Corner

    Nah, it’s 2D Labyrinth. It shows it on the screen when they quit out of it. Life looks a bit different and there were implementations of it for the ZX81.


    not all those who wander are lost


The only thing actually bad about it is the price IMHO. HW seems decent, plus you could replace things like the miniscule RAM and junk tier SSD. Could’ve been all soldered and non-replaceable but they gave you actual slots


    It looks like a Chatreey Mini Pc wich cost about half of this thing.

    Yuri Torres

    Actually they got scammed. I found the same pc with 10th gen and 2060 for 600 bucks. For u guys living in america or Europe is not a good deal but for the rest of the world in countries with inflation and costumers losing they financial power with this is a hidden gem.


    @Yuri Torres You’re saying that as if inflation and everything getting more expensive in general wasn’t a thing here lol

    Sedi xMrBoss

    @Knaeckebrotsaege I think it’s worse where he is from. Inflation is deff. a thing, but we haven’t lost much buying power. (from Ro, it can’t be worse in the Euro space…)

    Randarr The Barbarian

    @Sedi xMrBoss Yeah we only lose buying power on things that are necessary to live like food, shelter, and medical care, but if you want consumer electronics you’re in luck.

    And as Yuri said, the same PC is offered at a wide variety of price points with the $1000 price tag you could get a 10th gen i9, a 2060, 32gb RAM, and a 2tb SSD. I’d almost accuse them of looking for the worst possible price on the machine, because when I look up gaming PC this thing is on the list at $1k but with much better specs, and if I look for Mini PC the first one of these that comes up is like $500 (no storage or RAM)

Kyle Kennedy

It actually having that many games on one of these preloaded rom stations is the biggest plot twist of all time.


Linus’ strategy of not “endorsing” piracy but showing off stuff like this is amazing.

ᗩRᗰү P5

I’m blessed to be in an era where Linus and his team is working……..Much appreciated.

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