Why so expensive? Google Pixel 7a Review

The Google Pixel 7a is finally here and we've been testing it out. The Pixel 7a features the same Tensor G2 processor at the Pixel flagship, but is it as good? Read our full review here:

00:30 – Comparing Pixel Prices
00:45 – Pixel 7a Key Features
01:30 – Pixel 7a Battery
02:50 – How does the Pixel 7a Benchmark?
03:29 – Pixel 7a Camera Performance
04:38 – Pixel 6a Price has dropped!
05:08 – Has Google stepped up their budget phone?
05:26 – Pixel 7a Overall Review
05:48 – Would you buy the Pixel 7a? Let us know!

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That’s 50$ too much! With all the sales the pixel 7 gets, I dont see how they will convince buyers to get this over other similarly prices phones or the 7.

    Android Authority

    As you know from my thoughts in the video, I totally agree. It’s a cool phone.


    But hadnt the pixel 7 camera crack problems?

Jose Reyes

Posting this on my 6a. It maybe better in some ways but honestly not significantly better.

Dana Bell

I’m glad I got the 6a. The price is too close to the Pixel 7 imo. If I were in the market for a Pixel phone at the moment, it’d be hard for me to buy it when another $100 would get me a much better phone.

Of course the 7a may exist for just that reason at this point. For the old $450 price point, the downgrades just make more sense to me.

Android Authority

Update: The Google Pixel 7a will be getting 5 years of OS and Security updates which they call “Pixel Updates.” does that change your mind at all or sway your opinion of this phone?

Thanks for watching guys!


    Rohit Rodrigues

    5 years of OS updates? Do we have that confirmation? I see the standard 3 years for OS and 5 years for security.


    It probably will to be fair. I still like the Pixel 5 but OS updates are coming to an end.

    Android Authority

    @Rohit Rodrigues The section of their specs sheet is playing cute with the term Security and OS Updates. What it really is, is guaranteed 5 years of “Pixel Updates” which could include, feature drops, camera updates, OS, Security, but they don’t really guarantee what is covered up until when. Thanks for asking that important question though, It actually had all of us shaking our head a bit at first too.



    Gerard Grywacheski

    @AndroidAuthority  Okay, so it is still only three years of OS updates and five years of security updates for the Pixel, correct?


    @Android Authority I suspect it will be 4 years of OS updates as the 7a comes with Android 13 that will be updated in 2-3 months to Android 14. I expect that to be the case with the Pixel Fold as well.

Nigel Teixeira

Actually looking to buy my first pixel phone. Is the 7 flagship really that better than the 7a budget? Like, worth the extra 100€? What would I be missing out if I’d get the 7a over the 7?


    In my opinion 7a is very close to 7.
    Only significant differences, which may not be important. 7a differs:

    -Smaller screen and slightly thicker bezels
    -Different camera, but similar results
    -18w wired charging vs 20w
    -slower wireless charging and no reverse wireless charge
    -Plastic back

    Importantly for me. It is a bit smaller and still gets 90hz and wireless charge, which were missing on the 6a.

    IMO, 7a is a great option over 7 if you want a smaller phone and can get it for cheaper.

Rajeev Verma

Is there a desktop mode or like Samsung DEX?


    Unfortunately not. Same as 7 Software wise.


I think this phone will really come in to its own when we inevitably start seeing discounts down to $299 – $349.
Must be patient….. 😂


The 7a in UK is too much. Wait 6mths will be on offer from £449 to £349. The 6a currently £399 and has been down low as £299. Question is why buy pixel 7a full price when you can have pixel 7 when it’s offer at a price equal to the current 7a price? If you can wait 6 months as the Pixel 8 nears that the time to buy a 7. Also if you wait a while 7a price will drop and any software bugs will have be sorted. Owner of Pixel 3aXL & 4a5g

G Four Gadget

Pixel 7a? More like Pixel 7- 😂

    Android Authority

    I was thinking it was the Google Pixel 7 EH? #CanadianEdition

Gerard Grywacheski

Excellent video!! While I like what Pixel has done with its a series phones, it seems like I will be sticking with the Pixel 7 or wait until the Pixel 8 or 8 Pro get announced!! As always keep up the great work as I always enjoy watching your informative videos

    Android Authority

    and we enjoy your comments, Gerard! keep em coming!


Going to get a 7a from a pixel 4a. The price in Japan is big enough difference to warrent the pixel 7a.

Steve Good

Google Fi customers can get $250 back in billing credits over 24 months on the 7A, effectively cutting the price in half. They are also offering the 6A for $199, but for me the 7A is more than worth the extra $50. The other option is to wait for the 7 to go on sale to clear the inventory for the 8 release later this year. Fi is also offering me a trade in of $137 for my Pixel 5, dropping my net price down to $113. Sounds like a crazy good deal, a no-brainer.

Donny 3 Wahyudi

why so expensive?here,in indonesia this cost much more than samsung s23 …sad

Michael Livote

Already Google is offering a deal on the 7a: buy the phone, get Pixel Buds for free, or Buds Pro for half off ($99) and they’re throwing in a limited edition case to boot. Plus if anyone was paying attention to two very large YT channels live streams today, they included another $50 off to sweeten the aforementioned deal even more. I paid $498 out the door, tax included, for the 7a, standard Pixel Buds, got a sweet case and honestly feel like I got a great deal out of it. Such deals are why Pixel phones are so great, and waiting for them is the way to go. Nice I didn’t have to wait this time out though!

Power Max

0:57 that screen background gives me anxiety, it looks like the screen got smashed and the panel has vertical lines in it now 😨😨😨

    Android Authority

    It’s a wallpaper wednesday special! make sure you check out our website for some great wallpapers and submit your own for a chance to be featured!


My pixel 4a just died (charging port issues) and so I was thinking of getting the pixel 7a. The only issue I have is that Best Buy currently has the Pixel 7 on sale for $500. You do get a case and buds (I already own a pair of samsung buds) with the 7a but for the speed of wireless charging which I want to switch to using I have decided to go with the 7 instead of the 7a.

Hare krishna

I recently saw Pixel 7 in $549 in BestBuy, I don’t see any sense in purchasing Pixel 7a for $499.

Aviral Srivastava

In India, its just a 20 dollar difference between 7a and 7 right now.😂


Google uses Apple sales techniques when pricing new devices. So they start off quite close to previous phones but having room with time to be discounted. Like the Pixel 6a, the Pixel 7a will be sold for two cycles. In the second year it will be sold for less. This is a sensible business model and techies should understand that not all upgrade their phone on day 1 of release. If you want it cheaper, wait.

I am still unsure that the Pixel “X” should exit. I think Google should have going forward a Pixel 8 Pro and a Pixel 8 Ultra with the Pixel 8a released later with the previous year’s SoC.

As for the Pixel 7a, wait for the deals, or get the Pixel 7 on discount. In Europe there are, of course, many more choices so the Pixel 7a faces heavy competition in the markets it retails in.

Tom Degreorio

I’ll just keep the 6a

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