World’s Most Powerful Handheld vs Nintendo Switch

ROG Ally vs Nintendo Switch! Which do YOU think is better?
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The day Rog does not make a good device for gaming . That’s the day Rog headquarters will be on fire

    Average Son Stan

    Or it blew up


    Remember, No Taiwanese 💀

    lunch meat

    Usually at a bad price…

    Devon McKinley

    You mean Asus?

    Mo Satar

    Better hope it doesn’t use armoury crate


Keep Up The Great Work Arun! Quality Video as always❤


That whipping cream part was so creative man 👏

Cat animations

I love how much you do to entertain us😊

Jumento que anima :)

The switch might not be as powerfull today, but it’s really fun and in 2017…… Man, an HD handheld was just game changer!

Fuh Sho

This man spends months planning videos to entertain us, respect


If you could only pick one of these for the rest of your life….which would it be? 🧐
To see me test EVERY Nintendo Handheld ever:


    1st comment here

    Crimer Surfer



    I would pick Nintendo, I can’t live without Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, and other classics.

    Gabriel Davidson

    Probably one that runs windows or something else like Linux. The ROG handheld or the Logitech handheld would be good. If I didn’t have to pay for it I would definitely get the steam deck.


    Rog ally fr

Vishal jyoti

the editing and the effort like the whipcream animation is just amazing

    Obot Davis

    I was like,
    Now this is real entertainment😅


For the quality of the display I’d like to have seen the viewing angles. Because the switch has to have better ones, cause of the 2 player support


This man never fails to entertain us. Two videos in one day. Such a legend


Asus ROG just dropping Bangers as Always!!! 💙🔥

Tracie P

I live in Ireland and I would say only a small amount of people have even heard of ROG ally, so even though ROG maybe better it’s not marketed there is no consumer awareness of it whereas Nintendo is a household name and marketed very well, you can’t walk in to GameStop over here and buy ROG ally, all of this will play into
ROG ally downfall, personally I think ROG is amazing but the company needs to market it better or watch it fall 👍🏻


13:53 “you’re in your gaming cave, im in my gaming cave, lets play together” is 110% scientifically accurate description of gaming


8:22 is a Forza Horizon 5 bug which is not necessarily a ROG Ally keypress issue.
It happens to me on PC with same game occasionally.


ETA Prime has his new review up too for this new ROG handheld competition. I prefer thr way Arun does everything but always nice to have s 2nd opinion.


For the Price I’m absolutely buying this 🔥, Thank You for the review as Always Arun!


Arun you are the only tech youtuber who has more variations in bringing different tech reviews.

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