A day in the life at Google I/O with The Verge’s David Pierce. #shorts

A day in the life at Google I/O with The Verge’s David Pierce.

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Saul Goodman

How much does Google pay people to clap?

    Captain Picard

    Lmao ☠️


Curious that Google did not mention Chromebooks nor ChromeOS in the keynote right? Did i just miss it?

    Lucas Carvalho

    Mkbhd mentioned in his last video (at 0:28) that he is using a Google product that we probably haven’t seen before, so….

Paa Kwesi Gyan Turkson

This is so cool❤

Pancake Legend

That big screen is crazy. High brightness in outdoor conditions and filleted corners. I assumed it was just compositied in the videos. The Verge should review it.


damn that was a good loop

Vinoth Ragunathan

David with that iPhone at a Google event 😉😂



    Vinoth Ragunathan

    @B45i nothing. I’m just pointing it out


Wait are the press booths first come first serve, not assigned?? Seems wild to me I’d be racing and fighting for that middle spot 🤛🤜💺😎

Grow YouTube Views | Gain Fame

Your video was so motivational. I’m inspired to take action. 💪


Imagine if there was a train going there. The wait time would be cut in half!


Must be nice.

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