Cave Crawler

Ever explore a cave to find the lost bodies of your fellow comrades but accidentally stumble upon an eldritch nightmare?

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Why did the “scary rocks”make me jump more than Lixian’s jumpscare 😅


    Haha now maybe I’ll get less scared by jumpscare im at 5 minutes in currently.

    M Ellis

    I thought it was just me 😂

    Mr. Glitch

    Wait what jumpscare?


    So it wasn’t just me? Ok good

    Isaiah Crayton

    I got an add as soon as lixian jumpscare appeared so it wasn’t scary cause the audio was delayed


So nice of Mark to play a game that perfectly represents the daily lives of his fans. We are all cave crawlers here, Mark.. and now you’ve experienced it first hand.




    Can confirm that I’m a cave crawler

    Merli Bou

    Too tall to be a cave crawler, im a mountaintop climber


    This is what I mean by, “I live under a rock.”


    Im hungry for more feeding teams

Cole Kiesler

Markiplier: searches the crystals

Also Mark: “Crystals it’s always crystals that are the true enemy.”

Alexander Quilty

The jumpscare didn’t really scare me because of an ad but the scary rocks made me jump 😂


    I started laughing cause the advertisement started playing like 3 frames after the jumpscare haha

    Kenneth Johnson

    Yeah, I’ve noticed the randomly added ads follow sudden changes in brightness. This makes sense on some levels as it denotes a scene change but it does not work for the suspense and horror genre as this will inevitably happen


    ​@Kenneth Johnson It’s wherever the video is at peak engagement that YouTube places the ad. Makes sense that the most watched moments are usually the jump scares.



    Michael Prost

    yeah it was kind of dumb to place that add right there


The morphing into a red crystalline blood mass bit gets me every time, Classic Carlos!

    Lux Aeterna Audio

    He sure put on a lot of weight after switching to that crystalline diet. Though he did say it’d “cure” some of his health problems, I guess he was technically right?


    such a hilarious move even William and Mario joined him!


    Turning into a red crystal was just my attempt at impersonating a metamorphic rock. But seeing now that I’m stuck in this form, you could say I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    Wild Artists

    ​@Carlos stop 😂

    Carlos The Flea

    I have been summoned?

Bella Dreams

How did Lixian’s jumpscare not phase me but the sudden fast forwarding made me jump 💀


    Same 😭

    Taylor Barnes

    SAME except the jumpscare also got me :/


    Makes me cry 😂


    @Emo07moguel bruh, the “scary rocks” got me.




Mark: “I have a keen sense of survival.”

Also Mark: “Aw man, I was gonna careen off the ledge!”

Good Golly Miss Molly

The whole crystal devouring biological material really reminded me of Don’t Escape 3. Good times.

Valiant Warrior

When Sir Lixian distorts Marks face, I always picture him actually making those expressions. 😅

Salty Kitsune

can’t wait to see “markiplier presents: cave crawler” in a couple years where markiplier plays a small robot

    Phased Cloak

    Tiny Bot Tim! He’s our lil robotic biscuit<3


    ​@Phased Cloak Judging by your pfp, seems like something a computer would think of their robots.

Claire Elise

This is the closest to a story like Mystery Flesh Pit national park ive seen! Would love to see bigger games based off it.

    Cole DiBiase

    Okay, what is Mystery Flesh Park and should I watch it?


    There is a video by YouTuber Wendigoon who explains it. It’s such a cool project


    Watch Gemini Home Entertainment!!! and also The Tangi Virus, both amazing analog horrors, but GHE is what this game was based on(i think).

    Genesis the Kitty

    @iipecacuanha This is what it reminded me of!!! thank you, i couldnt remember the name of this arg for the life of me!


    Its a fictional account of a place that’s a national park similar to yellowstone. The main difference being that instead of being located over a supervolcano, its located inside of a very large cavern made of biological matter. In other words its a giant cave system made up of the body of a buried amd still living super sized underground creature. Its similar to scp in that we don’t know much about it and what we DO know is shown through old posters and pictures as well as government files and stuff. Its not really a video, more like an online thing you can read. It’s definitely worth a look

Escaping Our Reality

I want an animation of Mark just walking through a mine finding bodies

    K H


    The Original Kirbi

    It has been quite a while since his last animation. I third this!


    I’d sign that petition

    csm rookie


    Robus WhiteWolf

    Yes please!


Mark: *scans rock*
Rock: Carlos
Mark: Understandable, have a nice day

    Carlos The Flea

    I am indeed the life of the party


    @Carlos The Flea he us indeed the life of the party


    this made me laugh, thank you

Michael Gravette

Lixian’s fast forward edit is so nice being able to see what happened instead of just skipping to the next interesting part


    Yes. That should be more done in cutted Youtube.

    demon in denim

    also helps being able to follow the game and maintain a sense of direction


    And it fits thematically with the whole robot recording stuff as well. Feels like we’re fast forwarding an old tape

Jisoo’s Wife

i missed him so bad. so glad he’s back to making videos again regularly


I often play Markiplier as background noise because I find him weirdly soothing. The double take I did at the quote, “really wish these tentacles would stop tickling my trundle.”

Alfred F. Jones

In a year and a half:
_Markiplier presents….Cave Crawler_


    Ayo write this down before it happens

Heretic [Stanlyhalo]

Markiplier got really personal with that “I don’t have a life, I’m a drone” statement.


    Hahah frrr


I can’t help but picture the drone doing this as Wall-E. It makes the game both more hilarious and twice as sad.

Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

all I ever imagine watching Marks videos is animated Lixian sitting in the corner of the screen eating popcorn and watching the video with us

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