Folding iPhone: Apple May Bend to the Trend

There are signs Apple is working on a folding iPhone. CNET’s Bridget Carey looks at the clues to what this product could look like.

0:00 Will Apple Make a Folding iPhone?
0:37 Apple's Folding Competition: Google's Pixel Fold
1:27 Why Companies Make Foldable Phones
2:06 Folding iPhone Rumors Aren't New
3:48 Is Apple Serious About a Folding iPhone?
4:38 Reasons Why Apple Might Wait on Folding iPhone
5:49 Tell Us Your Feelings About a Folding iPhone

Read the CNET Article for more information:
Apple, Looks Like Google Might Have a Foldable Phone Before You

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Thank you for these videos. They’re a smart way to bring trends more in view to the casual non-tech person.

    R Collinge

    The problem with the reviews is that they LOVE anything cr-Apple and almost ignore the 80% world market called Android.
    CNET did a big announcement about The new IPhone 14 has a Yellow model. W O W Dbrand probably has a wrap skin that would make any cellphone yellow. No news worthy news.

Ted Saydalavong

I would love to see Apple come out with a foldable phone ASAP! I’ve been an iPhone user since the beginning but switched to Samsung back in 2020 for the Z Fold 2. I’m currently using Z Fold 4 but will switch to Pixel Fold.


    Same here. The fold 4 is the only reason I left apple after so many years. I’m just waiting for apple to make a folding phone so that I can go back.

Brett Domenick

I really don’t see apple entering the foldable space any time soon.
The clamshell design increases price and decreases specs, and I don’t see anyone really complaining about the shape of their current phones.
The fold out design I think makes more sense as a premium device targeted at power users, however apple has yet to prove they can design software that merges productivity and a simple touch design. IpadOS is looking to probably never pan out to the “laptop replacement” they were touting it as, and they have already backpedaled on the touchbar on MacBooks as a response to touch screen windows laptops.
Apple either runs out of ideas when they launch a folding phone, or they figure out a way to make folding device that completely changes the phone game which I don’t know if they have in them anymore.


I honestly don’t think Apple would consider anything folding until removing the crease can be perfected. Next. In addition to that I would see it a folding phone something to replace ipad mini, however a duel screen device like the Surface Duo is an Apple product I would buy ( if the price was reasonable) cause the only problem with the Duo was software and one thing about Apple is that software is where they excel. I don’t feel Apple will do anything folding until the crease issue is resolved, but as for folding phone I don’t see it happening, a pocketable table possibly


    Exactly. And then you have the issue of water proofing the whole thing. Hinges are weak points for this and Apple doesn’t like movable parts too much.


Yes, i want an ifold phone!!


I’d love to see a folding iPhone, but Apple seems to shy away from certain innovations in favor of not killing off existing products. For example, a touch screen Mac would likely kill larger iPad. Likewise, a folding iPhone would kill the smaller iPads… Today, Apple can sell iPhones, iPads, and Macs because key features don’t overlap.

If iPhone sells dropped, then they’d launch the folding iPhone, which they likely already have developed. Same is true of Mac books. If their sells dropped, then they’d launch touch screen Macs.

So IMHO, demand will drive innovation… right now, they have a good demand for their feature absent products.

Ed Hudley

So far foldable sound more gimmicky that useful functionality. For what they cost, I’m going to need more use case and not just ‘it’s cool’.


Dual screen phones could have been a really nice, cheaper way to achieve this. The screen surface area would have still been useful despite the visible separation.

    Frank D

    Except no one bought it. Even LG had their version of dual screen phones and no one bought it.


I just can’t get behind a squishy screen, it’s weird and unnatural. Playing around with friends foldables it’s a -“hmm, that’s neat but I don’t want it” – kinda feeling.
Idk, maybe it’s one of those things that once you get used to it, you can’t imagine life without it. But for me there’s just too many compromises for a slightly bigger screen.

Sam Suarez

I care the most about the camera, but if the z fold had the nice camera array, I would get it. I think apple should make a phablet foldable.

Matthew P

I thought they already released a foldable iPhone. The iPhone 6.

Peter B

I want a folding iPhone, but only if it’s in the clamshell format. That way I can clap it shut to finish a call. I miss that so much.

Louis Martini

Great video Bridget. I love all the research you do to prep for these videos. Just wish that your sources were more reliable than other press. Keep up the great work!


Took them long enough.. It’s time they invented the folding phone.

Daemon Targaryen

At first, I wanted the white (porcelain) color of the Pixel Fold. Get the one Michael Fisher is getting. But now I’m preferring the black (or obsidian) one. I know it looks boring but I prefer the matte back finish. And when it’s unfolded, it looks better. If it’s white, it looks odd when opened up contrasting to the black front.

My iPhone 7, Pixel 3, and Z Flip 3 are matte black. It’s a little boring but it never fails as black matches well with any other colored case. Considering I’m getting a case for it which is usually dark, getting it in either color wouldn’t matter. But I’m digging that obsidian more. I’m not getting that clear case any more. The obsidian is more uniformed to the black front when opened.

I was ok with the silver iPhone X and white backs. But for a book-style foldable, it just doesn’t look right when opened and the colors are so contrasting. The Pixel Fold is basically the Surface Duo 3 if Microsoft went foldable.

Adam M

Hear me out,  iPhone lineup should simplify to only a mini, pro, and a fold. Could release mini in the spring and other two in the fall.

Michael Latta

The google fold gives me hope. I would want the phone/tablet hybrid but only if it is not too much thicker than the existing iPhone.


i like the idea of folding phones i even tried the z flip 4 when it came out but in its current state its just too fragile and doesn’t last as long as a normal phone

The Zig

I’m Android but would switch to IOS if they release a fold. You know an Apple fold would be supremely designed.

Duane Locsin

1:31 “we know Apple is not in a hurry to jump into new uncertain territory…”

Yeah, like USB-C for their phones.

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