Google Pixel Tablet Impressions: A New Bargain?

We haven't had a hit Google tablet since Nexus 7. Does this one have the DNA to do it again?

The $1800 folding Pixel tablet:

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Ah, the Nexus 7. Brings back a lot of happy memories.


    the real ones know it


    It was a great small tablet

    Darius Andrei

    miss my nexus 7, such a good device


    Google should revive the Nexus brand.


    The Nexus 7 2012 had great specs for the low price and at first was really fast but sadly became really slow after updates.


This is actually genius. Considered how many magnetic stands there are for iPads I’m surprised Apple didn’t thought about this — would love it for podcasts with the better speaker, as alarm stand etc.


    As an iPhone user, apple home kit and AI assistant is so far behind they shouldn’t even bother with this.

    As a former pixel user, this product puts a smile on my face.

    Howard Vangorder

    give it a few years they will do it and it will be “groundbreaking and new”

    No name Character

    Hasn’t there been rumors and patents for three years that Apple had an IPad doc they were working on?

    curry ninja

    They will and also it will be sold separately

    Sam Lui

    Give it three years and may come to iPad more refined.

Peter Parker

Nexus 7 was exactly what I was thinking of. It was cheap, pure Android experience, and absolutely awesome.


    No way!!! this latest Google tablet made you think of a previous Google tablet? 😅

    Curious Airlines

    I had a nexus 7 in middleschool…good times

    Awesome GMG

    Until the deadly booting loops


    Nexus 7 was the first and only tablet I bought then it died, now the iPad mini 6 is the perfect replacement…

    Eric Penner

    Loved my Nexus 7, still have it somewhere. I carried that thing around in my back pocket, always wished for a 7-inch screen just like that with no bezels.

Cole Maxwell

Yeah the dock idea might actually be the killer app moment for tablets and smart assistant devices. Love the thought of having this in the kitchen for recipes, but then being able to detach it for a kid or some light reading.

    Sinus Lebastian

    yeah that’s how they always advertise the echo show devices, but the screen being detachable and being a usable tablet as well takes it to a whole other level. Wouldn’t be surprised if within the year, amazon comes out with a similar device that merges their fire tablets and the echo shows.

    Christian Baumann

    well – it’s two ways right – i wouldn’t mind to detach my echo in the kitchen sometimes, but I’d freak out if someone left it somewhere and I can’t just use it when walking in … so not sure yet

    Ruben Hernandez

    That’s what I’m thinking. My 6 yr old has a fire kids tablet but it’s already 3 yrs old and he needs a newer device. But the docking feature is awesome. Just don’t know if I trust him yet lol


    @sarthak jain Magnetic wireless charging (MagSafe) came with iPhone 12. Google is the copycat, not Apple. In fact Android is a almost 1:1 copy of iOS. Every new Apple feature is one or two years later in Android. – Just not FaceID, seems not easy to copy without violating patenrs.

David Liimatta

This is a great alternative to wireless charging, I’d love to see this in more devices

    Daniel Starling

    I foresee USB-C/lightning disappearing and being replaced by these pins, as long as data transfer works well.

    Jeremy Wong

    iPad Magic Keyboard does the same, charging wise. But of course, it’s not included in the box!

    harry flander

    So MagSafe?


    @harry flander magsafe is just wireless charging


    @harry flander no

James Carter

Can’t wait for the full review. I’d love to see how well the USI support works for note taking and sketching. Not expecting Apple Pencil performance, but hoping the Pixel Tablet could function as a digital notepad.

G Four Gadget

Rather than a tablet, this is literally a detachable home dock. Not that it’s bad, but it’s really unique! It differentiates so much from other Android tablets and even iPad. Kudos to Google! 🎉


    For $500 though?

    J F

    It’s also literally a tablet.


    Trouble is without the tablet attached the dock becomes a $130 block of nothing. It’s not a nest speaker so can’t respond to voice input or casting. That is a real disappointment.

    K a R i

    @Kardo Now that ur saying that, it also could at least have bluetooth so u can listen to music from ur phone or smth

Matt Cy

If I didn’t already own Google nest hubs, I would totally love this. I’m kind of blown away how long it took for this idea to materialize. They were like 50% of the way there with the Nexus 7 with the stand with the Pogo pins

    Allison Hendricks

    Do your hubs work well? Our nest hub max is so glitchy. Replacing it with this is tempting.

Camille Boomer

I was never in the market for a tablet until now. I love my Google Nest and use it daily, I can see myself adding this tablet to my home office. Truly awesome


I think that dock is an incredible idea and it being included in the box is massive, and the whole docking system gas got me thinking of other ways it could be used, i doubt it could happen but maybe like a car mount could be a thing? Like you set it up in your car, then you take your tablet, attach it to this dock and enable “car mode” or something which then turns it into an android auto display

    Michael _Vevo

    That’s a great idea.

    Oliver Stahl

    Good idea, but the magnets (probably on the dock-side) are not strong enough to hold it in place when driving.


    A new Nexus 7 would be perfect for this

Dominic Cellini

I dig it. I had a 2012 Nexus 7 and this gives me similar vibes in some ways, especially in terms of the value. It’s nice to see Google actually optimizing apps for tablets again because ultimately that stands to benefit the rest of the Android tablet market as well.

    lesley haan

    The fact that google hasn’t optimized there apps for 10 years says enough meanwhile
    on the iPad google was optimizing there apps

    Dominic Cellini

    @lesley haan True that. They saw a lot more purpose in catering to the iPad because it has been the de facto tablet choice since the days of the Nexus 7.


The color temperature sensor on the Nest Hub is a really neat feature, so I hope the tablet has it too. I’d also like to know what the minimum screen brightness is. The Nest Hub display gets shockingly dark when it’s in a room with no light.

carlos A

The docking of this tablet is genius! Pretty good value overall! People should see this as detachable Nest Hub instead of a tablet. Will highly consider it in the near future

Chris B

Pre-ordered instantly being very pleased the dock was included. It’s going to replace an older 5″ hub and an old macbook, I’ve never liked multi-monitor gaming setups, so it’s going to be mostly used for looking up stuff while gaming, and also music while working I think. Hopefully the concept works, as they *could* later release a high-end tablet that’s still compatible with the dock.

Yevhen Kifiak

I use my tablet exactly how they described. It’s always at my dinner table and from time to time we take it as a e-reader to the bed/around the house. And it’s annoying to charge it every time, but with the dock it’s not gonna be a problem, also speakers upgrade, why not? Thanks Marques for the quick introduction and Google for the clever idea!


Honestly think this is awesome. I have a standard Nest Hub which works great, and I’ve wanted a tablet for ages but don’t see myself using one all the time. If I had the spare cash I’d definitely get the tablet, especially as the dock is included – great idea. Allows me to use the tablet when I want, and have a nest hub when I don’t need to use the tablet.

Zach Baumbarger

Another great video! Been watching you since 2014 and each video just keeps getting better! It’s been an honor to watch this channel go from from 1M subs to nearly 17M!

Shawn Chen

I like the idea. I would love to see a smaller version for home automation control. Like a small tablet to control home devices and then you can toss it back on the dock when not in use. I would get one if I needed one but got a nest 2 last Christmas so the needs have been met. I would have loved an alternative to android apps when my phone is charging though lol


I literally have no real use for tablets, but if more tablets started doing this sort of thing where you could dock it and use it as a hub and use it as a speaker/control for your smart home, then i’d start to be interested. I’d love to see more company’s implement this idea

Bas Stooker

Would be nice if they develop more mounting options, like a wall mount, a car mount (dashboard and/or chair) and more…🤩

    Matthew Brash

    Hopefully third-party manufacturers are able to provide these options. At the very least there’s going to be some great DIY / 3D print stuff created. 🤞

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