Is this a photographer’s dream phone? Sony Xperia 1 V announced!

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Carl Wheezer



Damn, didn’t even know don’t made phones focused on cameras


Lmao I have 108megapixels on my s21 ultra from Samsung thats when my front facing cam is 40 or 48 mega pixels


    Even with the 12 mp main cam , SONY beats samsung .. But in this case SONY has made a dual layer pixel technology to the main cam ..whilst adding it with a 52 mp sensor…SONYs 1 v photo quality as a smartphone is far more superior to any smartphone out there..


    @MELOX my samsung is just as good If not better


You can buy it from PDA Canada and itll cost equivalent to 1000USD.

Which is a stunning deal.

Because the phone is awesome.


    Does PDA Canada do international shipping?


    @Rusty The site says worldwide shipping


I might know which phone you like…

Mohammad Pashootan

Will I buy it? No I don’t
Why should I pay for a flagship that only gets two OS upgrades when every other makers give us at least 4 years support
Someone should step up and question this
Sony seems to become so greedy and only think of money and nothing else

Flying Fox

The design 👌👌

Yash Kambli

No, at this price one can get canon M50 + any decent midrange phone or M50 + lenses.

Joel Conolly

heck yeah I’ll be buy it. This is a major improvements over previous few models


It’s a waste of money. For that amount of money. You could just buy a DSLR. Just want a decent camera and features. Features like the Sony Xperia does have like removable storage and headphone jacks. If we could get Android OS to respect removable storage The way it used to that would also be sick but you know I don’t expect literally the world. Just a lot.

Crazy Kiwi Gaming

I will not pay that 2200$nzd price tag not worth it


What about raw video? 🤔


But it doesn’t have the software to match… still going to be subpar vs Google, Samsung and Apple.

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