Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Z Fold 4: Spec Breakdown

Samsung now has its first big foldables contender in the US. Here’s how the phones compare.

0:00 Intro
0:27 Displays
1:12 Cameras
2:41 Battery Life
2:58 Storage
3:10 Processor
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Gill V

Great video, I’ve used both but I prefer the software in the Pixels. I think it will come down to people preferring Google’s or Samsung’s software. But we do need more competition in foldable phones here.

    Peace & Love

    When did you use the Pixel Fold?


Ive had the fold 2,3 and 4 and I’m tired of waiting for them to add the Spen to the phone and give us top cameras, so I’m trading in my fold 4 for the pixel. I also like the pixel software but the pixel 6 pro was so buggy that I know I need to have a backup phone so I’ll keep my s23 ultra in case I have to get rid of the pixel and go to the fold 5. I wish Samsung would move forward on the fold, I think they’ve underestimated the other competitors.

Mellon Johns

I’d have to pick the pixel I like and would enjoy the wider outer screen

Ted Saydalavong

I’ve been using the Z Fold 2 and 4 the last few years but I’m switching to Pixel Fold once it’s available to purchase. I do love the Z Fold series but I can’t stand the narrow outer screen, the wider outer screen on the Pixel Fold is a major selling point for me.

    Matthew Licari

    Same exact situation for me , I have the Samsung fold 4 and am switching because of the screen size


    Mee 2


    I’d say wait for the reviews to come in, but it looks promising.


    The interior is soo ugly technology is much better on the zfold

    Ted Saydalavong

    @Jk2000 It looks fine to me. How do you know the technology is inferior to the Z Fold? Have you been using the Pixel Fold before anyone else?


I’ve come to love the narrow cover screen on my Z Fold2. Makes it easier to hold with one hand.

    LouRaX H.

    typing sucks and its too thick in my optionen


    @LouRaX H. It’s certainly chunky though I hardly have typing issues once I customized key size and spacing.

    Lord Commander

    I recently brought a very nice gold framed fold 2 case that’s come with a stylus and built in holder housed right on the hinge. So now when I need to scroll or type on the front screen, I simply slide out my stylus and viola. The front screen is now much more enjoyable. FYI, the case with the stylus makes my fold 2 look even more distinguished.

    Welcome Creator

    Totally agree. One handed is great. But iI’d be tempted by a wider screen…..

    Aaron Crawford

    Agree. Always opening it anyway so rarely use the outer screen. Is narrow and easy to carry one handed when walking etc. Pixel is way too wide

sascha henschel

Wow all specs in one video, that were no secret for the last months. I’m overwhelmed 😂.

Abraham J. Roberts

I have the Z Fold 4 and enjoying it. I just don’t like that the external screen is so narrow. I love screen ratios of the Pixel Fold – just wish it had stylus support. This is tough but I’m really wanting the Pixel Fold now.

    MsLady 4God

    That’s the crossroads I’m at. I want the stylus in the pixel


Finally I’ve found a suitable replacement for my Fold 2. I’ve owned it for a little more than 2 years now and I still can’t get used with the narrow outer screen. It’s damn unusable when you have a thick phone cover on it and use gestures to navigate. I just need to see the Pixel’s bezels face to face to see if I can deal with it.

Gareth Davidson

The hinge on my z fold 2 won’t open all the way, it’s misaligned inside in some way. So I think my next choice will be the pixel. I like the Android with no added budleware too, like Bixby and the galaxy store. I think options for a stock Android ROM are more likely with the pixel. But we’ll see when the time comes. If custom ROM support is there and multi-window support is as good as Samsung then I’m going Google next time


Good comparison video. I’ve got the ZFold 4 and now I won’t worry about it being outdated. The external display is sufficient and good for a phone and texting. When you need a bigger display, you simply open it up. Then, when you whip out the stylus and start writing on it, people’s jaws drop open 😮

Hưng Vũ

I’m using Z Fold 4 and have come to love with its external screen. It’s enough for easy typing and using by one hand. It is not so narrow like Z Fold 2 – 3


    Finally someone feels the same way as me the pixel fold outer screen is too wide


I thought the idea behind the foldable phone is to have a smaller, more holdable phone while still having a large screen, when folded, they’re either too tall or too wide 🙃

Tech Matt

I still think Samsung likely have the advantage right out the gate. It is nice to see Google giving them some competition though. The stylus support alone just makes so much sense honestly.

Buen Rose Queja

As I am completely in love with the z fold 4, im looking forward for the 2nd gen of pixel fold. As for now, the narrow screen of the zf is comfortable for me for 1 handed use. And also i use the dexmode. Thats hard to let go. Hoping the pixel fold will shorten the bezel next year. The software of the pixel is where I am interested.

Chris Silva

thanks for the comparison. I have the fold 4 and love it. I do agree with others that the thin front screen can be hard to type on..

Bronco DIY on a budget

I love my fold 4. As a photographer on the go. I can do quick edits in lightroom with the stylus. It makes masking and retouching so much easier. I upload straight from my camera to fold. Do some quick edits and send samples to client. The stylus is my selling point.

Mr. Scott

I feel that the narrower folded design of the Samsung Z Fold makes much more sense: it’s better for one-handed use as well as pocketability.


Pixel Fold for sure, I have Z Flip 4 right now and want to upgrade to a tablet style foldable device. My only issue with Google is their trade in process.

AZ Messing

Best comparison between foldables 👍

Tim S

I need to see what the Benchmark tests show for that processor the pixel fold has before i consider switching. My only concern is the speed and performance. Also each video i have seen for the pixel fold, i am noticing a crease.

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