This Smartphone Has A Trick Up Its Sleeve…

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the one you dont see

uv sensitive finish is a real new idea. when the last real idea was folding devices this is “so cool!”.

John Doe

Wow they really hit it out of the park with that design on the back of the phone. Love the look.


So the white back that would keep it cool if left in sunlight will turn a dark blue and make your phone overheat. Great idea.

Suyama cole

Lews house and his YouTube studio must be filled with amazing futuristic tech

Dan Olson

Considering the effectiveness of these cameras, these come in at an amazing price point.

Randolf Delos Reyes

bought the non pro version for my wife and she loves it! we actually waited for the poco F5 to come out but decided on the vivo v27 for the premium feel and durability, the chipset although not as good as the poco F5 but its still powerfull enough for everything, plus it doesn’t overheat.

Daniel Gomes

Former tech reviewer becomes pro Marketer. Great work if you can get it, right Lou?


I got this phone yesterday and the screen looks beautiful, OIS is not as great as pixel 6a or 7a but the design is beautiful and premium looking.
It is slippery so you should use a case.

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