I Love Corporate Greed – WAN Show May 12, 2023

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Andrew :)

I love my ASUS board but I hope for others its resolved!

[0:00] *Start*
[0:17] *Topics*
[1:21] *Intro*
[1:49] *ASUS Controversy*
>1:50 Why people are mad at LTT
>5:46 ASUS BIOS explanation
>11:47 ASUS can suck at PR
>18:24 How LTT handles sponsors
>20:48 Has ASUS said anything publicly?
>25:25 ASUS can suck at PR pt 2
>31:40 Manufacturers’ reputations
[38:47] *LTT Store Update*
>39:13 Sticklocks
[47:29] *Merch Messages 1*
>47:30 LTT products in retail
>49:53 Floatplane update
>51:57 Dropping sponsors
[56:26] *Topic 2: Google IO*
>59:18 Product/Feature support
>1:05:12 LTT IO stream mishaps
>1:09:53 New phones
>1:14:07 Unintuitive phone design
[1:18:29] *Topic 3: YouTube AD Block*
>1:20:05 How do we approach this?
>1:25:18 The history of YouTube ADs
>1:28:29 Too much vs not enough ADs
[1:31:46] Sponsors ft Squarespace, Jumpcloud, Seasonic
[1:34:18] *Merch Messages 2*
>1:34:59 Dumb tech mistakes
>1:36:26 Power plants
>1:37:25 Virtual machines
>1:40:30 Basketball shorts
>1:40:53 LTX lineup
>1:41:36 LTX shopping update
>1:47:50 LTX volunteers
>1:48:07 Sticklocks on Steamdeck
[1:49:12] *Topic 4: Misfit Watches not updating*
>1:50:33 What the heck!
[1:53:29] *Topic 5: Badminton Woes*
>1:53:30 Industrial products
[2:07:20] *Topic 6: Chinese CPUs*
>2:08:03 Why?!? How?!? (feat Yvonne cameo)
[2:12:23] *Topic 6: Net Neutrality Fake Comments*
>2:14:57 White Collar crime
[2:17:11] *BOINC Update*

[2:18:12] *WAN Show: After Dark*

>2:18:40 How to WOW customers with a small business
>2:21:08 How to self-manage
>2:22:05 Do you delete videos?
>2:23:33 Build review video when?
>2:24:19 How to run your PC on your TV

[2:25:05] *Bonus Topic: UBER CSO sentence*

>2:26:22 ROG ALLY vs other handhelds
>2:27:59 LTT LAB logistics
>2:28:48 Sticklocks lifespan
>2:29:08 LLMs for home automation
>2:30:15 Linus’ at home trolling
>2:31:37 LTT LABs future
>2:34:57 Custom chip race
>2:36:26 Underage on YouTube
>2:37:57 Valve’s bad behaviors
>2:40:50 SysAdmin qualifications
>2:42:07 Impactful apps and features
>2:44:54 Small YouTubers’ growth
>2:49:25 Talor Swift concert
>2:53:04 How to treat your fans
>3:00:00 Enjoyment in work
>3:10:22 Streaming PC to Phone
>3:11:04 Merch memes
>3:19:08 Instant regret, turned out great
>3:26:14 Responsibility for products
>3:28:54 Tears of the Kingdom
>3:30:38 Newly weds
[3:31:14] *WAN Show: RapidFire*
[3:42:00] *Outro*

    Matthew Jalovick

    Thank you 🙂

    Aaron Fife

    You are the *fucking* GOAT, my dude.


    To be fair, having a functional motherboard is all you can ask from it.


    About the bonus topic, it was the Uber CSO, and he was sentenced to probation, not prison

Samuel Gomez Recuero

Asus should not only be replacing the motherboards under warranty but also any burnt CPU because of this.


    or AMD present them the bill for it’s replacements because it’s Asus’ fault.

    Grey Beard

    The board that should get replaced is the board of directors


    The losses would be catastrophic if they did that, ain’t happening.

    Butter Scott Pudding

    @5Andysalive I would hope this is what’s happening behind the scenes. AMD shouldn’t have to pay for chips burned by Asus. I have no idea how any of that works, but I hope.


    In there latest video on this Steve from Gamers Nexus advised he reach out to AMD about this and AMD advised him that a CPU failuer cause by this Mobo issue is covered under the CPU’s warrenty.


The entire reason I use adblock is because I don’t want to see “Hot singles in your area” ads, ads that contain viruses, ads that embed a million trackers, or have a million ads slowing down my browsing experience. If all of these issues were fixed, then sure, I’d turn off my adblock, but as it stands these ads are far too invasive, mature, extreme, and such for my tastes. I’m fine with watching your car commercial, I’m not fine with you collecting my data to sell to a broker, or giving me a virus. I’m fine with you playing a banner or two, I’m not fine with so many ads that my internet or browser performance is impacted, or the video only fits onto a 10 by 20 window.

As it stands, adblockers will be forced to evolve. Like everything, this is just an arms race. Youtube updates their scripts, adblockers become less detectable. Youtube increases detection algorithms, adblockers become something not tied to the browser. So on and so forth ad infinitum. And if Youtube thinks this is going to increase profits, they’re wrong. It just means pirates will rip videos off Youtube and repost them elsewhere. I know there have been instances where Lets Plays were posted to the Hub in years prior.

    Сергей Валиуллин

    Don’t forget crypto scam ads, phishing ads, ads that treat women like objects, shock content and gore ads. As VPNs and adblockers don’t go together, I had the misfortune of seeing all of those in a span of the last 1.25 years on top of what you’ve mentioned. Also, a lot of ads for CP, but mostly in the comments. probably the most disturbing thing.


    Hey do you have that “Hot singles in your area” link?


    And if YouTube shuts down due to lack of revenue I won’t be thanking your use of AdBlock. But hey like you didn’t have to watch ads so who cares if YouTube can’t make a profit.

    Image Ingredients

    ​@AstroBlaster until YouTube stops running actual scams as ads, your over-dramatic words ring hollow.


I remember when EVGA sent me replacement thermal pads on a GPU that I bought pre owned without original receipt, *for free* like 4 years after the product was released.

Damn I wish they were still in the market 😢

    Aleksandr Trohhatsov

    I wish they made more motherboards. Like more budget ones. I would buy them in a heartbeat


    Maybe the reason why 😂

    Jan Marius

    Same with my old EVGA 1070, bought used, called them and got them for free a few days later


    And they are gone too 😂

    Jonatan Rullman

    Hauppage sent me a new ir reciever for a tv card that was years old and that I bought used. I emailed them on a friday and this sbsolute legend put one in an envelope and dropped it off on his way home.

    Also Koss. I bought these diry cheap Porta Pro in like 2002 or something and they were great for my basic needs. Several years later I emailed them and said that if you care I’m so impressed with these holding up for four years before the padding started to break and I will certainly buy more Koss products. And they replied that padding is covered by lifetime warranty and askefd if I wanted new ones.


Getting an RMA for a 9 year old PSU from Corsair was breezy. They were great. Got a brand new HX1000(i?) for my AX750i by word alone; they sent it even before they received my return. I’m going to be switching between EVGA and Corsair for my PSU needs for sure.

    Janis Rocans

    I could not buy the new LG ultra wide OLED monitor, as it was impossible to order from them to ship to other country and I got ping-ponged between german and latvian support teams. At the end I just ordered Corsair Flex OLED monitor on Corsairs home page and it was shipped quickly and safely to my doors. I used to look at Corsair carefully but now they are a solid choice for me.

    Jonatan Rullman

    That’s pretty cool. Like this segue. To our sponsor. Seasonic.

Kaling Tekseng

In my time seeing Linus, he actually criticises his sponsors more than most popular youtubers.

    Janis Rocans

    Against ASUS it seems like he is getting soft. How many ASUS sponsored videos they have and compare to other brands, except dbrand. Is it just me or most builds lately are sponsored by ASUS?


    @SaphricPCGaming ah I see, you’re a man of culture as well.

    Isaac Rifkin

    ​@Janis Rocans dunno for sure, but a lot of times a company will pay for multiple sponsored videos at once, instead of just a single ad spot or one video only.

    That may not be what’s happening, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it thins out in a few weeks

    Jiminy Snicket

    ​@Janis Rocans is he? Must not have watched the Ally review

    Janis Rocans

    @Isaac Rifkin but ASUS quality issues are known for years, but nobody speaks about it. They just claim that they don’t review motherboards or wifi routers, phones and so on, but their sponsored videos contain these products, that have issues. Linus claimed, he won’t say anything he does not believe even in sponsored videos, but he puts these products. I believe he believes in long term big cash deals. Would be nice to know, how much each sponsor has spent on LMG lately.
    I would love to see them being independent from sponsors and being able to say whatever they want.

Cbad Cruiser

Can confirm that Logitech has great customer support, I have their G915 low profile keyboard and a few months ago some of the keys stopped working. After support walked me through several troubleshooting steps, they sent me a new one free shipping and everything. Long story short, it was a bug in their current software build that corrected itself when I updated right before the new board arrived so now I have a new unopened keyboard when my current one does actually go out


Valve has incredible customer service for rma on the steam deck. Even when user related damage. It’s insane

    C K

    Alternatively. A close friend had HORRIBLE customer service with their Valve Index.


    @C K I’ve had great experiences with support with my index.. Cords, controls, face gasket etc

    William Owyong

    Steam deck is still not officially available in many countries


Here’s the thing – YouTube is a social platform, much like an MMO is a social game. I’m reminded of an episode of Extra Credits where he mentioned being asked by a developer “How many players who aren’t spending money do you expect me to pay for server capacity for?” The answer was “As many as you can get,” because while features are cool, the community is what gets people to stick around. Even if you can’t convert them all to paying customers (you can’t), their presence encourages paying customers to stick around. Nobody wants to pay to play around on a dead platform.


I use to use one of those big industrial floor scrubbers at my old job. From what I remember for a model very similar to what they pulled up was $6-$8k USD. Would probably take a lot to automate. They spin quite fast and require a fair amount of strength and manpower to operate so you would need a fairly robust system to move it around efficiently.

    Clark Wallace

    I see them automated in stores near me.


Clowning on Linus about warranty is a holy thing to do, always


    If I was reading comments till I found something gay, this woulda been where I had to stop reading comments


I can’t believe they won’t allow us to adjust the clock on our watches. Man, these are really messed up times.


    “messed up times” couldn’t have said it better in this context




    get out



Sergey Martikainen

4 Hours of WAN show is enough to cover the whole week of driving to work and back home, listening to it in the car.

    Сергей Валиуллин

    4 hours of commute a week? Lucky you! When I had to commute it was like 12+ a week.


    My commute is 15-20hours per week


    ​@issamkholoud2009 lol, you should move closer to work or get a new job 😮

    Jordan Bourns

    @shak1ification you cant math can you?


Speaking of good customer service, shout out to Oscar at Ice Giant support for sending a replacement TR4 bracket for a second hand ProSiphon. Not only did he send one, it was posted free of charge! Love you dude! <3


Chapters (Powered by ChapterMe)
00:00:00 – The Beginning
00:01:13 – Intro
00:01:51 Topic #1: ASUS Controversy
00:02:59 Sponsoring ASUS
00:03:37 Why we don’t review motherboards?
00:06:33 Takeaways from calls with ASUS
00:16:04 Dismissing the legal team
00:18:22 Round 1 of secret shopping: Sponsors
00:30:27 Rating ASUS customer service
00:32:36 Logitech’s reputation
00:36:13 SSD increased failures rates
00:38:47 LTT store updates
00:39:27 Stick locks
00:47:30 Merch messages
00:47:38 WAN desk pad retail release
00:49:56 Challenges Floatplane dev team overcome this week?
00:52:08 Previous relationships with sponsors
00:56:20 Topic #2: Google developer conference
01:00:15 Google Tablet
01:03:04 Google products
01:10:10 Pixel 7A build and features
01:12:58 New phone
01:18:30 Topic #3: YouTube ad blockers experiment
01:19:02 Better way to convince people to pay for YouTube content?
01:23:18 YouTube premium subscription
01:31:41 Sponsors
01:34:17 Merch messages
01:34:58 Dumb tech mistake
01:36:24 Tech behind power plants
01:40:24 Basketball shorts on the menu
01:41:38 Buying products and picking up at LTX?
01:43:12 How to pre-purchase your merch at LTX
01:45:17 What about second badminton unit?
01:46:51 How to be profitable in Your gym
01:47:37 LTX Volunteers
01:48:31 Bag stick protection
01:49:18 Topic #4: Fossil discontinues support for Misfit watches
01:50:54 Drop support for a product and open source it
01:51:46 Fossil Star Wars Collaboration
01:53:01 Topic #5: Badminton Center
01:56:02 Vision handle and map update
01:56:51 Re-configuring the sensor through the cloud.
02:00:12 How would an Auto Scrubber Work?
02:07:03 Topic #6: Chinese company releases new CPU
02:08:01 Power leader rebranding millions of chips
02:11:34 Topic #7: Net neutrality
02:14:21 Net neutrality violations
02:15:35 Money at stake in net neutrality case
02:17:46 WAN Show: After Dark
02:18:45 Have any stories from the 1970s?
02:18:51 How to wow Customers
02:21:15 Advice for adjusting to change
02:23:12 How hard is it to find LTT videos?
02:23:28 Build of the Week
02:24:16 How to use my PC on my TV 20 foot HDMI cable
02:25:40 Did Uber withhold information about ex-security chief?
02:26:18 How do you compare the WinGPD4 to the Ally?
02:26:42 What’s the difference between the Ally and the Steam Deck?
02:29:16 Would you trust an LLM AI with keys to your home automation?
02:30:48 What is the next big step in the lab?
02:33:10 Faraday cage and Wi-fi router
02:34:42 Why did OPPO leave the custom chip race?
02:35:21 How do you take into account users that lie about their age?
02:40:19 Systems administrator certifications
02:42:05 How to Change Your Daily Routine for the Better?
02:43:20 Why have we not made pizza in the last six months?
02:44:45 Flowplane Zero Subscribers
02:46:29 Is it worth my time to start and maintain a Patreon?
02:49:18 What’s it like to go to a Taylor Swift concert?
02:56:05 The lab’s goal is to make a database that you can trust
02:56:45 How to Start a Developer Job
02:59:23 Under new management
02:59:50 How to Deny Warranty Requests
03:01:50 The Trust Me Bro Guarantee
03:02:54 What aspects of your job feel like work vs fun?


    Only 20 minutes into the video but this is surprisingly accurate. 😮

    Joacim Davidsson

    Thank you so much! Was going crazy trying to find a specific part

    Ryan Akers

    The nuclear power plant in my town gives tours.


I wonder if it’s been mentioned before but what would be LTTLabs retesting policy? Like with the Intel ARC graphics cards, there was (allegedly) significant performance uplift with some of their driver updates so for their databases to be “accurate”, they would have to retest and retest, at which point does the results get dropped for no longer being relevant or updated due to new circumstances/conditions. What would be their quality control control tests to determine if it’s “golden sample” or other outliers? How will their tests account for different configurations or implementations as performance may wildly differ when paired with different concomitant devices?

Samuli Lipponen

When a tech company has their lawyers doing more than their engineers when a problem emerges, you’ve got a potentially irreparable problem with the company’s priorities.


    Gotta protect their investors over their customers

cfq. TuFaNuF

I like to have my watch 10 minutes fast so I’m always on time.
It’s also good to watch people run away from you after they’ve asked you for the time because they think they’re late 😂


    Lmaoooo that’s evil


I flipping love the “Let’s see how we can summon Nick again” challenge, flipping made me LOL nicely done 😂


Really want to listen to this but saving it for work on Monday while I’m installing air flow systems in hospitals you will keep me entertained and up to date who else waits for work lol

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