$70 vs $1,200 Samsung!

It’s Time to Become Naturally Lean!


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The Worm

When the fake box has more stuff than the real one

    Instagram User

    I love eating at fast food restaurants and dieing of overweight, because my content is better!! 😂👌


    Very funny 😂👌


    @Instagram User sure bot


    Goes to show how much companies are trying to milk you off nowadays

    Fify Kaqiqi Pain


    6% the price of the real one


For 70$ it is really good


I’d buy the copy for the sole purpose of experiencing a good unboxing experience

Fify Kaqiqi Pain

“Wait, sir, you said it has a headp-”
*_Immediately gets the fake Samsung_*

Fify Kaqiqi Pain

You know that the world you’re living is crazy when fake things give you more stuff

Aneil_ 4 Cam click Me

70$ for any phone is insane

And this one comes with a charger too


    An apple charger though

    White head subs Nice mc

    @Cyanzone ok but the user your replying is xxx again


For that cheap price, the phone actually pays off


Apple would charge $70 for everything inside the fake phones box except for the phone itself 😂


Did Arun buy a new s23 ultra just to give us a proper unboxing sight…I think might have…Thanks so much Arun😇

Tenenen tenenew tenenenew new new new tenenen

70$ takes the win here.

Good Stuff From China

The guy from China gave you evrything for only 70 while Samsung will give you only the phone for 700

Danica 4S_ex Party Live join fast

I missed the days where you got all the accessories you need in the phone


    Ye even earphones

Mariya Rose

The fake workers really worked hard. Hats off.

    Zayeed Baksh


    mido mayadoo

    ​@Zayeed Baksh is that a cap(lie)or hats off ?

Aahil Mohideen

Arun bought a 1200 dollar phone for a short ,which barely makes any money What a man!!

Clara -My New SAX Video Vlog

And the irony is that the cheaper one have more stuff in the box 💀


They did a good job tbh, it works and came with accessories despite being 17 times cheaper


No matter the camera, Arun always looks good in any pic and I don’t know how he pulls this of😂

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