Garten of BanBan 2

We’re back inside the wonderful world of Garten of Banban! What new surprises are waiting for us in this hellscape of a children’s school!

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Mark has played almost every horror game, he is the horror game now.

    Joseph #Biden2024

    Mark said my content is better.

    Goofy Ohio Dude

    ​@Joseph #Biden2024 lie


    He ain’t play Trenches yet, but I’m pretty sure he has it on his horror game playlist.

Razzy 18126

Today is a good day. Thank you, Mark. And an early Happy Mother’s Day to Momiplier!


    Love Garten of Banban 🥰💝


    Well here in germany it already is mothersday


    I didn’t read the early and got so scared

    Unknown F00L

    ​@StarsIlluminate I did that earlier. Lol i was making a gift for my mother and I thought today was Mothersday. We got spooked.


    Same here too you, garten of banban is good game


“Its like if Chuckecheese was a prison, but also very drably decorated and not fun at all.”
That is the best description someone can come up with for this game. Well done.

    The Piano Man

    A po*r bot stole your comment 🙁


    @The Piano Man bruuuhhhh


    Better description: sesame street on crack and cocaine while animated on microsoft paint 3d and with basement actors.

    Matthew Yeldig

    ​@e Bruh indeed…

    Logan’s Random Videos

    The not fun at all part isn’t wrong


Love how Jack took like 30 minutes brute forcing the desk puzzle and mark understands it in like 10 seconds


    Love Garten of Banban 💝

    senor espada ٩(●ö●)۶

    ​@SuperSonic04 tis a guilty pleasure of mine


    To be fair, its obtuse for some of us. I was right there with Jack tbh

    Jennifer Lawrence

    I was just thinking to myself that it’s interesting watching him and Sean’s very contrasting experiences playing this, lol.

    Dude dé Dice

    Also Mark: Forgets why he was here a minute in.


42:44 For those curious about what happen to Mark when he died as the bird stared at him. He backed up against the side wall so much, AFTER completing the Bird Nest segment, he activated the Slow Seline segment. Mark either moved ever so slightly or Seline “caught up” to him and killed him through the wall. Funky interactions like that make me laugh.

    potato salad

    what was supposed to happen though?


    @potato salad The bird was supposed to hear the baby birds chirping and head toward the nest, leaving the player free to step out into the hallway where Seline is waiting (the point where Mark was dropped into after dying there).


    Yet another classic case of Mark encountering another glitch in a game, which is a little less surprising since this game doesn’t seem all that well made.

    Jacob H

    @Thrawn526 this game is super hated on, but they deserve some amount of respect because it’s just a couple of guys working on this game, and they’re still in college. They don’t have a full team of people working on this game. So this is a good game for only having 2 guys working on it.

    RobbLl y

    @Jacob H they also immediately sold merchandise for the game, kinda solidifying it into everyone’s minds they’re a cash-grab.
    as unfortunate it is that they specifically received this infamy, it’s nonetheless sad this has become the pinnacle of mascot horror

gold hev suit

i love mark’s constructive criticism. he’s never here to hate, he’s always here to give indie devs a spotlight and a fair review.


    @Mr.Black-Glove -Black-Bloody-Glove there’s a reason people do it. “Let people enjoy things” is nice until it starts worsening the reputation of unrelated things.


    ​@MorimoriZutto Wdym?

    Mr.Black-Glove -Black-Bloody-Glove

    @MorimoriZutto you said it yourself it is “ unrelated “ things … so it can’t ruin any reputation if it unrelated …


Mark: “I am the perfect specimen.” Realizes he’s going to be undergoing unwanted surgery “I’m not for stealing.” 😂


I love how Mark immediately understood the desk puzzle (I still don’t get it), and yet at other parts I’m wanting to yell at him to just read the signs on the walls that tell him what to do lol


    The desks are arranged where the top half of the chart is on the left side and the bottom half of the chart is on the right side. The way you can tell is on the floor next to the desks has the corresponding color. Example would be the first desk in the line on the left side is the first name on the chart. Then down the row is the next names.


    It’s pretty straightforward. Each name has a number and a color.
    The color refers to their desk color and the number is the order in which each desk should be interacted with in ascending order (as per the instructions given on the side)


    The desks are gradient colors, so they match how light or dark the corresponding name and numbers are.
    The sign above the thermostat-looking thing said they went from lowest to greatest, so lowest number to the highest.

    Then you find the desk that matches where it is on the gradient scale. (However, this – like a few other puzzles in the BanBan games – could really benefit from an accessibility option, since the gradient’s subtle enough that someone who has trouble differentiating colors could have a lot of trouble with it.)

    Markiplier isn’t the first person I’ve watched play this game where I wanted to yell at them to just read the signs on the walls for explanations 😂

    Paul Sde

    Nobody seems to have noticed that there’s a cut in the video during that puzzle..

Lapis Lazuli

I hope Mark plays the 3rd one, I’d love to see his reaction, that one is…something…😅

    Gabriel Hagedorn

    If he does his pancreas will be stolen


    same lol, the only reason i love garten of banban is because of how dumb and how much of a fever dream it is.


    ​@Gabriel Hagedorn no more pacreas

    fat cat

    How do u have that emoji?


I love how the wall in the bird area was so thin when Mark got on it the snail somehow detected him and he respawned in that area. Mark is really finding speedrun strats without trying


    I think jay from the kubzscouts gaming had a similar experience

    Don’t Read My Profile Picture

    Don’t read my name❤.!


    I’m pretty sure it’s because Seline has a line trigger right in front of her that causes her to detect the player and jumpscare them, no matter what, and the Euphoric Bros somehow made that line trigger extend into the baby bird room without noticing


    i think is a radius around the snail
    and the limit just passes the wall

User Name

I like how Jack was loosing his mind with the birds and Mark here did it right, died somehow (I didnt even understood what happened) and reincarnated right at the snail. Like, how Mark is so lucky to not do the birds again hahaha XD


    he died to the snail throught the wall, so the game put it back there because if you most likely where in the corridor

Morgan Williams

While I think the Poppy Playtime vibes are pretty unmistakable with this series, it also weirdly reminds me of that weird little game where Mark kept shooting Greaser Ernie and his puppet pals with a Rolodex. It hits the same kind of “these things would be weirdly adorable if they weren’t trying to fucking murder you” vibe. Can’t wait to see part three!


    mannnn what are you talking about

    Morgan Williams

    @dkskcjfjswwwwwws If memory serves, it was a game called “My Friendly Neighborhood” or something like that. You go around fighting little Sesame-street rip-off puppets and it’s all kind of surreal.

    Brodie Morris

    i loved they play through it was so funny

Mae Worthington

The way Matpat and Sean STRUGGLED with this game and then Mark shows up months late and just strolls thru it is HILARIOUS


    It’s nothing gamer of the year can’t handle😂

    Moriah Polkie

    Mark got big brain

    Brandon Malartre

    probably didn’t look it up before or anything, totally impossible 😛


    Why did you do this to your self its a bad franchise Mark :((((


    Mark What happened to you and yamimash?

Captain Cameo

It’s kinda incredible how Mark was able to figure out those puzzles so quickly when everyone else struggled with this chapter for an embarrassingly long time.


    he does look around a lot
    since the game dont have much indication what should be done next, this is a good thing to progress

Brianna Abrego

I’m laughing so hard at Mark seeing an “N” and a “I” and immediately saying “I don’t like where this spelling is going” 😂


    dude i was waiting to see this comment.. ik he thought about it as soon as he saw “”n””. as soon as??? that doesn t sound right lmao


    Idk if this is intentional or not by the devs sinxe pyrocynical also got this


    He thought about the word “Nice” right?

    Don’t Read My Profile Picture

    Don’t read my name.!❤

    𝕹𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙𝖘’𝖘 3𝕯𝕲𝕰

    @I_AM_MONKEY probably after the “i”


Banban really hit mark with the “if you’re reading this it’s too late” *BONK*

Cole Kiesler

Markiplier: “It’s time to get absolutely scared.”

Also Mark: “It’s also time to say that I am going to explain everything single criticism in BanBan.”

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