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It’s Time to Become Naturally Lean!


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Chapter Titles:
0:00 Trust the Process
2:46 YouTuber Merch
4:32 YouTube Camera for YouTubers
5:36 Funny iPhone Case
6:09 Affordable Over Ear Headphones
7:21 Cheap 5G Smartphone
9:04 Weird Electronics
10:05 Cheap Tech Gadgets
11:20 Cheap Mac
14:06 Best Budget Gaming Keyboard
15:09 High Quality Tech Bag
15:53 Cute Gaming Controller



GamerReborn Plays

Finally got to meet MKBHDs elder brother MKB8K

Can’t wait to meet Dave3D, Mriamtheboss, Your Rare consumer, and Unbox Trauma, JerryRigNothing.


    Don’t forget LinusTechShaft

    just some guy



    I kinda prefer MKBSD tbh



Andrew M562

6:55 I think the active noise cancelling feature is more expensive than good audio to implement relative to a performance per dollar


Austin, the whole studio just plausibly confirmed you might be color blind in a certain hue 😂

    Acepilot8 gaming

    Just letting everyone know, I was the person that ruined the 69 likes by making it 70 likes. But its worth it fir how valid this comment is.

    John Neisler



    How so? The color of the phone is a light teal color. Teal is literally a mixture of green and blue. He said it was a blue-green color, which it is.

    John Neisler

    @Wairgald  It’s not teal its blue


    @John Neisler he’s also color blind

William Subroto

I am extremely disappointed the projector didn’t show up

    K Ratcliffe

    Not ordered more like….

Jesus Pantoja

Let’s all ignore the fact that the $5000 item wasn’t in the video 😂

    Oh My

    was waiting for that 😂


    We did get a Rick roll though…


    he’s still skinny 😮


    Was thinking the same thing!

    Daniel Brown

    I was wondering where it was lol


I use similar cheapo sleep headphones and they’re great. I’m a little bit more of a night owl than my partner and I like to fall asleep to audiobooks, so they’re a great solution

    no no

    i used there headband i never knew that exited!

Svevo Fuser

I don’t know if I misunderstood it, but the “state of charge” in the macbook system report shows the current percentage of charge of the battery. If plugged in, it will go to 100%. It does not report the actual capacity of the battery. 🙂

    Assault Pig

    Yeah I think he mixed SoC with SoH.

Jared Recatto

New video let’s go! Austin I really enjoy watching your content especially when I’m sick and have a cold right now! Keep up the high quality content!

    clay mcguire

    Yo same


Man secretly removed the 5k$ projector thinking no one would notice📽️

Andrew Wolfenstein

The budget 4k camera actually had good color accuracy for a cheap sensor.


    a better color accuracy then austin

Mathew Xiong

I’ve bought the mint version of the controller. It works great, it’s just for people with small hands or kids. Very easy to set up.


I’ve had those headphones. The high-pitched noise is definitely a design flaw and not a defect. It’s the main reason I ended up replacing them with some Soundcore headphones, which ended up being amazing. About the same price, and they’re still working flawlessly almost 2 years later.

Luis c240

I bought that same tech bag in black about a year ago and I will say it was a good purchase has help me carry my tech around, while still being organized.


I have a hot swap Magee keyboard. I swapped out the switches and lubed the stabilizers and it sounds pretty good for the price.

Gethin Jones

Interesting how Austin used the A13 with the headphones, before unboxing it. Also no projector, disappointing. Although we did get the pig butt phone case so I’m happy 🤣


Austin: Searches for “high quality tech pouch”
Amazon: Suggests tech pouch
Austin: why no tech bag???

Red’s Stuff

I used to work in refurbishing and that refurbished Mac was almost certainly listed in “Poor cosmetic condition” because the bar for cosmetic condition on refurbished products usually set super high by any refurbishing company. Any minor scratches will usually take something immediately down to a “Fair” condition, and any evidence of a drop/dent/deep scratch automatically brings it down to a “Poor” condition. The only way for something to be listed as “Good” or “Excellent” is either if the company has less-than-stellar conditions for what classifies as “Good” or the device has been coddled its entire life and never dropped, dented, scratched, etc.

Super MadChip

The most egregious part of the video is the way Austin holds his books

GoStorm Plays

Austin needs to do a skit series where he pretends to be specific youtubers. I would watch twice

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