MOST FUN I’VE EVER HAD | Tears of the Kingdom – Part 2

It’s Time to Become Naturally Lean!


More Tears of the Kingdom. This game is something special and it’s incredibly fun
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System Overload

I didn’t wanna spoil the game for myself, but when Jacksepticeye uploads, I can’t resist.


    Brother, I’m right there with you

    Kyle McCrory

    I’m in the same boat! I can’t afford the game yet but I’m enjoying seeing bits of it here and there!

    Phantom Myst

    4:10 sounding more like Sonic


    @Phantom Myst fr


    Bro same

Pop Culture Data

Here comes a 2 hour and a half video from jacksepticeye! It’s gonna be fun.


    Yeah, I was hoping he would do this as I remember back in the day he would play these kinds of series a lot in 2 hour spans. So this is so much nostalgia for me.


    do do DO DO DO

    Triscuit Gonzalez

    A 2 and a half hour Zelda stream is just the universe telling me to do nothing but watch YouTube for 2 and a half hours

    jacalynne puder

    Didn’t realize it until I looked at your comment lol

    Bryce Strife

    Two days in a row!


“I want my paraglider !” Runs directly away from the main objective.

    The Mustached Villager

    i know right


    @The Mustached Villager look at saul goodman over here

    David Ephrat

    How would he know that’s how he gets it? He went into it blind, and when I did the same thing, I also had no clue how or when I’d get it.


    @David Ephrat …Cause it’s the main game path? And the paraglider is an integral part of the game?


    @ZereWasTaken my man really replied to my comment like I was attacking jack. I understand not going to the Main objective the ADHD in this game is real but it’s not like they’re gonna hide the paraglider in a random cave…

Daltimus Prime

Nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning and watching your favorite Irishman make every imaginable sound known to man.

Darkos Beast63

Jack seeing the arm that does 22 damage and then saying “yeah i’m not taking these” hurted my soul

    Snep Babon

    good choice. thing as fragile as your soul


    ​​@Snep Babonthose arms fused together does 40 damages and I’m pretty sure they are intended to use for sneak strikes lol (it does a whopping 80 damages)


    they break in like 3 hits

    Rylan Horne

    @Goldwasp sneakstrike weapon. one shot most enemies with two fused arms and a sneak strike


    @Rylan Horne not using up a slot just for the possibility of sneak striking an enemy. The early enemies aren’t strong anyway


Sean I’m begging for a full playthrough. I would love to see you play this and see your reactions

Cristian wears headphones

Who else thought jack rage quit while fighting the electric wizzrobe 😂


    Lol I was like man just said I’m down



Cancer & Tourmaline

Jack: I don’t ever use those stamina things!
Jack climbing a giant root, losing stamina: gee, wish I had something to give me stamina!


    I was screaming at the screen when he just walked away


    LETSSSS GOOOOO! Another episode


    The last straw for me was President Hudson. He couldn’t “pin the sign to the ground” and immediately assumed there was nothing he could do and ran and I lost my goddamn mind. I have since resigned to simply allowing myself to be unreasonably enraged for the rest of this series.

KayOttic VA

I really hope this becomes a series. I wanna play this game so bad but can’t afford the system so this makes me so happy


    If you’re strapped for cash, a Switch Lite can save you 100-150$ dollars! Though probably have to order online, haven’t seen it in many stores.
    Hope you can get it eventually!


    Same here, never had any consoles asides from a DSI that I got gifted in 2018 which I’m very fond of so watching this is enough for me.


    I have the system just don’t have money for the game 🤦🏻‍♀️


The bathroom break has returned and blessed us with another random minute and a half

    Mae WingIt

    Lol I was literally scrolling through the comments trying to see if someone else commented on it! (Its at 43:00 in case anyone missed it)


    Thought I was the only one 😂😂


    The grand return


    Ah. The return of a classic.

    Lil’DevilWednesday Audio



Playing this alongside Jack feels like two buds playing the game and exploring different parts. I absolutely love it

Sylver Platinuim

I’m really hoping this will be a full series. Watching Sean play games makes my day! ❤

Dragon Tamer 84

I’m loving watching you play Tears of the Kingdom, Sean. This was such a pleasant surprise. 💖


Every time Jack goes “Doo Doo DooDoo Dooooooo” it gives me the strength to do anything


    whats the name of the music?
    I wanna listen to it again but idk what to search lmao

    Raffy Dibansa

    ​@Nodenn literally just search ddu duu ddu duu

Father and Son Games

Jack: doesn’t register horse

Also Jack: “why won’t my horse come when I call it?”

Martin Moores

That silence after the bathroom break felt real peaceful

Max Evans

Spending my 18th birthday watching a 2 hour Jacksepticeye playthrough of Tears of the Kingdom, this is the life

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