Vanoss Crew’s drinking escapade #shorts

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Frost Mage



As a Victor, i can confirm i drink vodka right out of the bottle.

Carlos Morales

On delirious we are trying to find beer


Hell yeah!! 😌


I’m yo 100th like lets goooooo 🫡

Planet Dawson

Victor!! He is awesome


bringing back the memories


delirious are you a Yuri on ice fan? because when vanoss said victor, victor from Yuri on ice popped up


Waiting for H20 delirious the walking dead season 3 big fan

tomkins jeff

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I think i stopped watching h2o when he decided to go family friendly

    I rember to switch to my alt account

    And I had rice for lunch. What does that have to do with the comment? Well they’re similar, in a sense that nobody asked



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