Why Apple Might Reveal a 15-inch MacBook Air at WWDC

New screen size options could give you more display for less money. Will this be the year that Apple gives us a new 15-inch MacBook Air?

0:00 WWDC Rumors Are Swirling
0:17 The State of the MacBook Air
1:07 Apple Doesn't Have a 15-inch Laptop Today
1:46 The Benefits of a 15-inch MacBook Air
2:29 More Screen for Less Money
3:17 15-inch MacBook Air Is Not a New Idea

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Great video! Can鈥檛 wait for a 15 inch MBA 馃帀馃帀馃帀

Jordi van Selm

DON’T say “might” because Apple must reveal this laptop. If not, I have saved for nothing…


    It better have an M3 chip

Girish vardhan sheshagiri

I would like to request CNET to stop covering leaks content cause there are literally a gizzillion channels out there doing it and even a little more regular.
we’d rather like to see tech documentaries and videos on the tech landscape

    Atta Ur Rehman


King Mannar

15 or 13 inch MacBook Air with pro 120hz display with m3, I’m buying it .

    David Jacobs

    It won鈥檛 have 120hz as it is not a Pro model.Also,it won鈥檛 have the M3 chip,at least not this year anyway.

Shahar Rozenbloom

15.8 驻转专转讬.

Shahar Rozenbloom

讟讬诐 讗驻诇 转讜爪讬讗 诪拽讘讜拽 16.4 讘诪讬讜讞讚 诇注讜专讻讬 讜讬讚讗讜 讜诪讜住讬拽讛 讘诪拽讜诐 16.2 讘拽讬诇专 专注讬讜谉. 注诐 专诪拽讜诇讬诐 讙讚讜诇讬诐 讬讜转专 讜驻讚 讙讚讜诇 讬讜转专 讘讗讜转讜 诪讞讬专.


Talking about inch.. After M2 chip, where are the new big Apple inventions ???

prince jaiswal

Please apple release MacBook in 16 inch with Miniled or Micro-led with pricing under 1500 $

JC Denton

When you start adding decent ram + decent storage the 15 inch air will most likely be a 2000+ dollar laptop.
M2 13 inch macbook air customized with 16gig of ram and 1TB of storage is 1800 bucks.

Rodney Dangerfield

FINALLY!…Apple is realizing that a 15″ MacBook Air will be both more appealing and portable to the majority of laptop users along with the HUGE benefit of more battery life!


MacBook air 15鈥 better have the M3 if not there is no point on upgrading

Art Russo

Will we ever see a 12鈥 MacBook again? – loved that size and still using mine although need a new one sometime soon

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