I’m not sure whether to be more traumatized by Amanda or Mark trying to kill the doll

Edit: for those who are interested it starts at 1:16:43

    Paul Negrean

    XD it was a fun watch,good hanging


    ​@Paul NegreanFCC


    That doll scream was definitely traumatizing


    ​@Don’t Read My Profile Picture don’t worry, we wont

    Geo empire

    Your mom

Almost Awesome

Mark is one of the best YouTubers I’ve ever seen. He’s just so kind and humble. Thanks for being great, Mark!


    Yup, he came a long way from the himbo banshee he once was 😍


    @Don’t Read My Profile Picture Bro you’re like 11 years late this gag is old af




    I read this as mark started to scream at chat 🤣 Love it when two thing happens at the right time.


The way the stream ended was honestly hilarious, it’s literally just mark dying

    Anissa Morrison

    For me it was just him coughing on loop for like 5 minutes

    Mystic Lightning

    I thought he genuinely was being attacked lol


    Lol it was funny

    Frogg Water

    may he rest in peace lmao


    I thought he was having a heart attack

Soapie !

Lets all appreciate how amazing mark is for everything he has done for us and how he was just completely clueless the whole time he was playing the game lol
(Also I’m honestly worried about the fact he literally cut the dolls head off like that 😭)

    Ahiru The ugly duckling



    Honestly same

    Yashiros legs



    Why do you comment like a bot is that on purpose just why


That one part when mark was trying to find the doll when he was given the scissors was genuinely…. terrifying. Never give this man scissors.


I love how Mark kept talking at the end of the stream instead of ending it like he was going to lol. He always has something interesting to talk about!

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С


    Don’t Read My Profile Picture

    Don’t read my name!.


There’s nothing more ‘Markiplier’ than ending his stream whilst trashing on a camera company about how crazy the prices are 😂

    shoebill with a glock

    Market plier

    Jeremiah Tablet

    @shoebill with a glock Economy curve


    He’s markiplier, that’s why we love him

    Joe Man

    Markiplier I’m the biggest fan in history😊❤❤❤

    shoebill with a glock

    @Joe Man nice bot

Scarlett Baltazar

I really appreciate how you talked about your experience with ADHD, and just your advice in general. I’ve been struggling mentally and it really helps, thanks Mark 🙂


    He has better advice than any doctor I’ve been to

    shoebill with a glock

    Market pliier

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С


    Samantha Rolfson


    Samantha Rolfson

    Kyujikiky lntnknuy

White Tanook

Still laughing at “Full Farquad look” hope you’re doing well mark

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С


The Pumpkin King

2:26:57 Mark literally dying at the end saying their coming for him is absolutely hilarious and the lag is making mine play over and over again


    dude what

    The Pumpkin King

    @ShadowFortress at the end of the live stream it kept playing over as over again saying he was dying


    @The Pumpkin King how did you know i was here? i never liked or commented lol


    @The Pumpkin King wait nvm am dumb af


    never realized i did comment -_-

Sammie Lee Pope

Mark has never failed to put a smile on my face, no matter what kind of mood I’m in. Thank you Mark for helping me through my depression all these years!!! I truly appreciate you ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    shoebill with a glock

    Market plier

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    Hii ĝuys

ollie!! :]

This was so funny! I may have gotten on a bit late, but the way he ended the stream with him literally being struck down by the camera company gods was pure comedy


    I don’t get why the top member comment has to be a spoiler for the end of the stream smh


    ​@eefstiddyBro I promise you it’s not that serious​


I think it’s funny that Mark is a chronic milk drinker but constantly breaks his bones

    Kyth Wilde

    Milk drinker from Skyrim?

    likeAboss Gaming

    “Oh You silly cow… you have all the milk, don’t you?”


    The calcium is not for making the bones stronger, but to mend his fragmented skeletal structure.

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С



    I know I’m going to be crucified for being that guy but I feel like I have to point out that the nose is made of cartilage, not bone. Not too sure if calcium still helps tho

Big Man

I love how mark is just unfazed almost the entire time while old markiplier would be screaming his lungs out


man I feel Mark’s demand to have explicitly clear instructions. it is so frustrating if instructions aren’t crystal clear to me 🤣

    Roan T

    Same here thanks to my ADHD. I also hate when more than one person is giving me instructions that conflict with each other. Then I’m just like “which way do I do it then huh??? Why don’t you guys figure that out first and just get back to me later because my god!”

    I also get annoyed by vague instructions too. For example,

    Person A: “do some dishes”

    Person B: *cleans the small stuff like cutlery and cups*

    Person A: *still sees sink full of bigger dishes (i.e pots, bowls, plates)* “why didn’t you do any of these I need them to serve dinner later?”

    Person B: “you only said to do some of them so I did the small ones. If you wanted some specific dishes cleaned you should’ve told me.” 😑

Caspian Odinsson

I love how every Markiplier stream starts with his wild indignation and unwarranted agression to chat.

    Welsh Lout

    Oh, but it’s completely warranted and they know it


mark yelling at us for not knowing anything about wether iron lung is a feature film or a short film is hilarious


    The game was short, but with Mark and the game dev with all of the lore at their minds, the movie might answer some questions but then ask more

    Blake Braswell

    Well, there is a trailer, and like ten other videos where he explains it, so I can understand his exasperation.


Mark saying he got his ADD meds and then proceeding to forget questions because it won’t repeat is such a mood

    Gecko Brah


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