In this DanTDM gaming video, I play the brand new Minecraft game, Minecraft Legends.

Edited by: DanTDM





Dan posting a video alone immediately makes my day

EvanCraft GC

The colors tell which horde, not which mob orignally had the land. Red is Horde of the Hunt, Green is Horde of the Spore, and Yellow is Horde of the Bastion


    Ok nerd 🤓👆, but it’s true


    At this point, nerd isn’t really that much an insult (though i don’t think you were trying to)

the creeper King

Thank you for saving our kind dan

Blueberrypie 157

Dan, you definitely continue the series… It is very much enjoyable

Yoav Kamer

6:26 Dan, it isn’t boring! It good to watch when I’m eating or multitasking or even before I go to sleep! Thanks dan


People won’t under stand the amount of nostalgic content this guy has once a legend always a legend


    Hence the name, minecraft legends


Dan still doesn’t realize that the colors correspond to the piglin hordes 😂

Callum McMahon

Thank you Dan for the ten years you have made our lives better than ever


Let’s just appreciate how much a lot of time he puts in these awesome videos to make our day, huge respect! 😍


    fr he’s awsome


I really enjoy watching this series! I get excited when I see that youve posted a new video! Its definitely not boring to watch. Kinda reminds me of your old lets play videos.

Random Sh!t

I’m really enjoying this series! I’ve been waiting for this episode to come out, I’d say keep the series going Dan, I love your videos ever since my child hood 😊

Smol Sylveon

Keeping the full uncut video is just fine with me honestly!! Keep doin’ what you do Dan~

Kaleb Clem

Hey, i have some recommendations for making it easier for the other piglin bases, upgrade your resource inventory, use redstone launchers to essentially make a hole to the portal with a spy glass, also creeper are op toward portals. I also recommend going out and exploring the whole map to find the other gods/the firsts. And I really recommend to deconstruct your outpost tower, to get the resources back. And use those resources to make a mobile base that you can take from portal to portal.

Edit: walls are useless, only use arrow tower with a masonry. You can also spam allays to make curring nether faster, also use the cure netherack to dig into the piglin bases.

    The Capybara Cult

    Yeah and… il add to that the bases which say “YouR NOt StRONg EnoUgh” don’t matter I completed minecraft legends quite quick that way❤ hope it helps😂


There is nothing you could upload that would be boring… your content is ALWAYS entertaining ❤

Jaden Homes

im really enjoying this series, i genuinely look forward to this one specially, please continue posting this dan especially since u enjoy playing it!


Dan you raised me from 4 to 13 man it’s been a journey I just want to say you made who I am today I am grateful Dan thank you man for the laughs over the years ❤


Hey Dan, just for the record, I personally love this series! It makes for a nice chill watch, I don’t find it boring! Sometimes it’s nice to have some more casual gameplay series, and if you’re enjoying yourself, then I’m sure all us fans are too! <3




This isn’t boring at all Dan. I love watching this series. Please continue!

Mahdi Sarower

man love the series, was waiting for it for so long and at last he uploaded the video
thnx dan for making the day more fun

Heidi Heather

This series is amazing! I can’t remember the last time I binged something so intensely, you’re doing a fantastic job Dan 🩷

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