Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard acquisition approved by EU regulators. #shorts

EU gave the green light to the biggest gaming deal in history, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft owns Activision/Blizzard just yet.

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How does that work? Shouldn’t they only have to buy it in its own jurisdiction? Both MS and Activision are in USA. Why shoes Saudi Arabia et al hey a say?

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    because when you are running a company you have to learn about global trade laws


    if you want to sell in x country, you have to follow x country’s rules. Otherwise, you’re not welcome.


    Why would you let a company do business in your country and not ask it to follow the laws of your country?


    Simply because they are international companies, and legally that means that they have daughter companies in many countries.
    So Microsoft USA buys Activision USA, but Microsoft USA doesn’t exist in Europe and therefore can’t buy Activision Europe, so Microsoft Europe does it and so on in every country.


    @Kælju that’s so bizarre. I really assumed it would have worked like this- that they do the merger in the jurisdiction they’re based in and then the right to do business in others must be contingent on whether they *would* have passed in jurisdictions that don’t actually get a say in the deal. Especially since they’ll often defer to an international branch for tax reasons. I didn’t think they wouldn’t/couldn’t for actual operations. Thanks for an actual response and not being like that guy ^^^

2 Many Remote Controllers

Money talks


They should just pull business out of the UK, if they don’t want the products that’s on them.

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