This is the Dumbest Product I’ve Ever Reviewed

This thing blows

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So ready for a Dyson-Escobar collab right now.


    Hi rob



    random person



    Headphones that deliver… “products” directly to your nose?

Doctor Mike

Glad we were able to team up on this one 😂 Well done sir!

    R Subedi

    Glad we got your input on this. It was definitely needed to get a further understanding of why the product is flawed. 🫡



    Neel B

    W Mike

    Peanut – INTP

    Oh, hey, you’re that guy from the YouTubes (who I don’t follow because a little too zany but have learned several things from here and there) 👍


    Nice theory about masks, unfortunately in real RCTs even in trained individuals they offer no significant protection against viruses.

Anschel Schaffer-Cohen

I have grudging respect for the person who decided to take noise cancelling headphones and attach tiny white noise machines to them

    kiran muralee krishnan

    this need to be pinned.!


    I’ve got minor tinnitus, and that actually sounds pretty sick


    Beep bop… I’m the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:

    “Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god”
    ~ Aristotle


If the fans cooled my ears, I’d be enticed.


    Wait till you find out about air and wind

    Lil Cancer

    ​@T2112 I think he means while wearing the headphones because they cover your ears and honestly make your ears warm after a while


    Seems like an easy enough mod. You can see light through the ear cup, all you would have to do is block the vent hole, perforate the chamber between the fans and the earcups and remove the filters for extra airflow. Filter not needed cause ears don’t breathe.

    Mariano Vidal Melendez

    Keep that idea to yourself, you could easily become a billionaire

    Gabriel Alcala

    @Mariano Vidal Melendez I just patented this!

Luka Likar

This was a very fun video to watch. Also I really appreciate you called an expert to explain the product from medical point of view. Great video as always.

G Four Gadget

And this is the most professional and detailed review video I’ve ever seen. MKBHD 1:0 Dyson 🏆

    Gary Lai



Calling Dyson a “weird” company as opposed to unconventional, bold, or daring, was hilarious

    Radhinka Bagaskara

    By definition, “unconventional, bold, or daring” is called “weird”


    I ain’t got no respect for Dyson. They make overpriced products, and Mr Dyson himself is a Brexit scam artist.

    Alex Petrov

    @GRiM Also a patent troll.


    ​@GRiM Supporting Brexit has nothing to do with this whatsoever

R. H.

The loss leader idea is very true. I went straight to dyson and considered getting a vacuum.

    Disguised cat

    Wow 😮


    Those things get a solid recommendation from me. My office has had one that’s lasted for over 10 years at this point and has worked basically flawlessly the whole time.


Marques is the kind of YT reviewer that actually calls in an actual doctor to check out a product. A+ man xD


    I think its gonna become like pawn stars where they call different experts every time as MKBHD ventures into different fields….


    @TANISHQ VASHISTHA that’d be awesome actually! 😂👍


So if it were coming with a sealing silicone face mask I would be intrigued. I dabble in carpentry sometimes and a nice noise cancelling headphone that plays nice with proper masks is nice.

    Attila TheHUN

    Those filters would be clogged in a matter of hours in an environment with wood dust.

Jack Maclain

Dr Mike hit the physics on the head, great explanation of filter efficiency.

    Mehdi Zaidi

    Filter efficacy~


I studied industrial design at uni…if I’d presented this design at a critique, I’d have been laughed out the room! But it’s Dyson, so it must be iconic and groundbreaking design, right? 😅

    Mitchell Steindler

    Doesn’t mean it’s good


    @Mitchell Steindler that’s the point I was trying to make

Setup One

I guess Dyson never googled “Respirator Masks” 😀 Not only do they actually save lives by working properly but some of them even look hella cool when worn.


    Respirator Masks might actually be the inspiration behind this product because of their earcups-looking filters.

    Joy L

    My doctor suggested I get one from Respro for allergies, and they look really sci-fi. But they were our of my budget so I went with Vogmask, which is also one a lot of doctors suggest. They are to smells what noise cancelling headphones are to sound. I can walk through stores without getting migraines from scented products, and that means it’s a good seal.

Ryan Greenaway

16:14, a moment to appreciate how happy your air purifying headphones look when laid out like that.


    Nice observation bro

Rex Fc

I personally think that if the air purifier part was designed as mask that attached to the headphones then I think it would work better and look cooler too. It would give the 2095 future vibe

Lars Lidgren

I’d would like to see you wear this product for the rest of year as a long term review. Thanks in advance, Marques!

Daniel Shih

Some of the concepts of the headphones are really neat and I hope they show up on other headphones!! Like that button for usage and the comfort pads


Is this product created by AI? My team works on Tammy AIand i can tell you from experience AI is sometimes unbelievably dumb and unpredictable! It will take some time before the bots take over.

Darius Scott

My boy turned a product review into a business lesson😂 well played

Francisco Orea

The team up we didn’t know we needed! i love all the facts he drops!!

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